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Microsoft Yammer Review: "Free Version of Yammer"

4.5 out of 0 - 5

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Nonprofit uses Yammer for internal communications and chat, and also as a platform to teach employees about social media. Product is very easy to use and provides real value, but continued access to a free version is important.

Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Yammer

Overall Microsoft Yammer Rating : 9 of 10

Microsoft Yammer Average: 8.1
Great tool, wish they had alternate pricing structures. 

Microsoft Yammer Pros

  • Chat feature.
  • Integrate with other programs.
  • Serve as a platform to teach new users how to use social media.
  • Make communications less formal than email.

Microsoft Yammer Cons

  • No longer connects to gchat or outlook
  • Makes management more difficult in the free version

ROI on Microsoft Yammer purchase

  • Improving communications
  • maximizing our internal power to promote intiatives

Likelihood to Renew Microsoft Yammer : 8 of 10

Microsoft Yammer Average: 7.3
As long as they have a free version -- we'll use it-- and if they change the way they charge we would probably upgrade.

Using Microsoft Yammer

Microsoft Yammer Users and Roles

150 - Marketing to program staff- but only about 20 people use it every day. 

Microsoft Yammer Support Headcount Required

0 - N/a

Key Microsoft Yammer Use Cases

  • Internal Communications.
  • Chat for coworkers.
  • Backend Organizing.

Evaluating Microsoft Yammer and Competitors

Products Replaced by Microsoft Yammer

n/a just the web version and what's available through the free version. 

Microsoft Yammer Implementation

Microsoft Yammer Implementation Rating and Lessons : 8 of 10

Microsoft Yammer Average: 8.0
We organically implemented the product

Microsoft Yammer Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

Don't know

Microsoft Yammer Training

Methods Used for Microsoft Yammer Training


Ease of Microsoft Yammer Training


Microsoft Yammer Support

Overall Support Rating for Microsoft Yammer : 7 of 10

Microsoft Yammer Average: 7.0
They are very eager to get us to pay. 

Microsoft Yammer Premium Support

No - We haven't implemented the paid version.

Using Microsoft Yammer

Microsoft Yammer Usability Rating : 10 of 10

Microsoft Yammer Average: 9.0
Very easy to use and integrate

Microsoft Yammer Reliability

Microsoft Yammer Availability Rating : 8 of 10

Microsoft Yammer Average: 8.0
Very available

Microsoft Yammer Performance Rating : 9 of 10

Microsoft Yammer Average: 9.0
It's a simple product but it does provide value.

Integrating Microsoft Yammer

Future Microsoft Yammer Integration Plans


Relationship with Microsoft

Key Negotiation Points

They won't negotiate their pricing structure so it makes it unlikely for us to purchase.
This review was published on September 4, 2013

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