MongoDB: A tale of both cleverness AND substance
Updated March 18, 2015

MongoDB: A tale of both cleverness AND substance

Michael Plunkett | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with MongoDB

I used MongoDB for a CRUD application that was used in specific train yard types throughout our system. The application runs 24/7 in multiple locations (2+) with database transactions happening probably once every 20 minutes at each location. The use of MongoDB addressed both getting me used to dealing with new technologies, as I was a new employee, and allowing me to easily manage JSON structures within a database (this applies since objects are stored in MongoDB in a similar fashion called BSON).
  • Since the bulk of our data structures were utilizing the JSON format, MongoDB was very easy to utilize.
  • Due to MongoDB's large presence in the software development industry, I was easily able to find a module for the framework (Play! 1.2.x) I was using on my specific project. The MongoDB plugin, Morphia, enabled me to seamlessly interface between my application and database with little to no complication.
  • The MongoDB tutorials are very well made, and simple to understand. This thorough documentation, in combination with their intuitive API, made dealing with any potential database modifications I had to make an absolute breeze to execute.
  • I was not personally able to find any means to automatically duplicate my MongoDB databases (after so many days, etc.) within the MongoDB API at the time I was using the product.
  • Since a MongoDB database takes very little time to install/create, the return on investment is very great when you are working on applications that must be up fairly quickly.
  • It saves time in development, if objects are JSON, as it does not require any object to table-friendly data structure conversions.
Due to me only being in the software industry 2 years, I have not had the opportunity to deal with any no-SQL databases other than MongoDB.
For me, it highly depends on the type of data structures you are dealing with. If your data is structured as JSON, or very similar, your project would likely benefit from the use of MongoDB. If you think of your data in terms of SQL tables, then I would not recommend the use of MongoDB. Using an object database demands a certain kind of design that I feel doesn't mesh perfectly with the SQL-oriented data.

Using MongoDB

Due to ease of use, and the prevalence of JSON data structures within my team and other teams that I'm familiar with, I could definitely see myself using MongoDB again. I have heard positive reactions from my colleagues who have also used the software and I've seen that it has grown in use throughout the IT industry. The combination of those two things gives me a good amount of faith in not just the reliability of MongoDB, but also in those who are developing current and future versions of the software.

Using MongoDB

The querying system is really intuitive and takes much less time to understand, as opposed to the standard SQL query.