Mozy- Feature rich but be wary of price plan changes
September 21, 2016

Mozy- Feature rich but be wary of price plan changes

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Overall Satisfaction with Mozy Pro

Our organization utilizes Mozy for cloud backup and DR. Mozy is simple to install, easy to set up, use and administer. Storage volume is managed at the organizational level so individual machines can store as much as they require. Backups can be scheduled to run in the background with various options to determine performance implications.

When dealing with Mozy enterprise there are two perspectives, user and administrator. For the user Mozy presents the user a nice console that allows them to access backup sets (your files grouped together, like music or pictures), file system, backup history (stats on each backup including number of files added to the set), and restore.

From the administration perspective Mozy integrates with AD making user provisioning and management fairly simple (for example with integrated login users do not need separate passwords).

Restoration is very easy for the end user. It can be done based on backup sets (e.g. restore all photos) or file system. Additionally files can be restored from their latest version or an older version.

  • Performance Settings: Mozy can be configured to run very smoothly in the background with minimal performance degradation. It provides network bandwidth throttling, backup speed, and backing up only when idle option. From my own experience I usually do not notice any performance degradation when Mozy is running. Of course a good network or Internet connection is vital.
  • Restore: file restoration is simple and intuitive. The user can restore logical backup sets (e.g. all photos) or file based (select the folder or file you want restored). Files and folders can be restored with the latest version or earlier version. Rename and overwrite options provide further flexibility.
  • Sync: with Mozy you can sync file across multiple devices including mobile. Access to your corporate files via smart phone is a secure manner is very useful.
  • While overall file restoration is easy to do, obtaining earlier versions is not as user friendly as it could be. You need to enter a date and click search to bring up the latest versions as of the date entered. That’s fine, but what is missing is the ability to see all versions of an individual file. If I am looking for a past file version I want to be able to view the file history as a subset of that file (in other words I should be able to click a + sign and expand to see past versions of the file). Otherwise I am just guessing which dates the file was changed in the past. Sometimes that’s OK, but Mozy needs to build in this enhanced, but necessary feature.
  • A couple of years ago, for non enterprise users, Mozy made radical storage and pricing changes forcing myself and many users off their system, as the price for the same storage was going up significantly. So be careful when using Mozy as past experience has shown they are willing to make major changes regardless of the negative impact on their users.
  • Mozy has reduced the cost of implementing a DR plan while providing a high quality product that we can count on to perform.
Mozy provides more enterprise features such as AD integration, but CrashPlan has better plans when backing up large amounts of data. Additionally when restoring data, CrashPlan displays file versions as a drill down on each file making it easy to find a specific version you are looking for. They offer similar security, performance, and restoration configurations. Mozy makes it easier to see stats on each individual backup.
As described earlier I would warn prospective users of their past behavior in terms of changing plan structures regardless of impact to their customers. But they did provide an expedited method to migrate your data to other backup service providers, and their product is high quality so it balances out somewhat. With that in mind Mozy has positioned itself well for both the individual and the corporate markets, and works well in both environments. Their integration with AD and administrative features do make them attractive as a corporate tool (enterprise version). In the end though, especially for the individual or small business, it may come down to how much data you need backed up. Mozy is definitely not the cheapest option on the market.