Traps for Enterprise is now relity

Overall Satisfaction with Palo Alto Networks Traps

Traps is being used with Palo Alto Wildfire and host AV to add layers of protection to hosts to assist in finding unknown and 0 day malware. Traps is also used on servers to help provide advanced malware protection. Traps is in pilot across the server infrastructure and production for user workstations. We have evaluated several advanced endpoint protection applications and because of Wildfire integration, it was the product chosen for deployment.
  • Great tool to help analyze and identify unknown malicious software on workstations, servers, and mobile devices.
  • Integration with Panorama help to quickly and efficiently identify potential malicious files.
  • Integration with Wildfire helps to quickly deploy signatures not only to endpoints but to firewalls as well.
  • Every advanced endpoint protection, including Traps, needs to grow in the machine learning/baseline of a machine portion of their protection.
  • Palo Alto needs to work more with vendors and their updates to help reduce exclusion lists.
  • Traps is best for IT environments where COTS is used. Where homegrown software and applications are used, Traps requires a lot of customization.
  • Reduction of malware spreading
  • Increased workload on endpoint protection teams
  • Great log chain for event investigation
Traps and its integration with central management tools by Palo Alto and wildfire was a better fit for our environment. Others provided similar levels of protection but in some cases did not live up to expectations as traps did. Palo Alto also worked with us to better Traps, its management tool, and deployment issues. Other vendors were not as forthcoming with support.
Traps is best for business IT environments, it integrates well with Windows workstations and servers but lacks the ability to wok well in control environments.