Qualtrics 360 used as a 180
March 01, 2014

Qualtrics 360 used as a 180

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Modules Used

  • Qualtrics 360

Overall Satisfaction

I use Qualtrics 360 at a large hospital system in Northern California. It is being used by the entire organization as a tool to rate the customer service abilities of key leaders. While we don't use it the traditional sense of a full 360, I call it more of a 180 approach, it has been a challenge to use. The system is not intuitive and has very little forgiveness for any errors. I would often find myself doing the exact same steps multiple times until it would actually process and work in the system. Lists of names are not able to be alphabetized and there is no real order to how they are presented, they don't even match the order on the spreadsheet upload. Reporting is also challenging, and I found myself struggling not to just give up because I could only get the reports to look "okay" instead of "perfect" as I expect of any deliverable I produce. In the end, Qualtrics 360 will do the job and their help and support staff is amazing to work with, but the actual software just doesn't seem like it is completely ready for public use. I felt like I was using a beta version instead of a polished final version.
  • When they work properly, the graphs and reporting look nice
  • Easily set up an online system for collecting data
  • Customer support is top notch
  • Reporting is challenging to use to get it "just as you want it"
  • Needing to repeat steps a number of times
  • The system's email system is challenging to use
  • Better customer service though feedback received from this process
  • Reduced amount of time needed to collect the data
I was not involved in the selection of this product, so I did not get to evaluate any of the competitor systems. I have not used any others in the past, so I can only rate my experience of Qualtrics as I would have expected it, not how it ranked against another system.
Once the system is set up for the first round of data collection, future set ups are much easier. I'd be hard pressed to switch to a different system after having set up Qualtrics once unless there was an essential feature in another system that I could not get through Qualtrics.
It would be best to use this for small 360s that follow a traditional structure and that require a very simple reporting plan.

Evaluation and Selection

  • Price
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
  • Third-party Reviews
Product support being available was the most important factor for this decision. As a new process being set up, it was essential that we had access to Qualtrics Help Staff to ensure that we were able to get the system set up properly to gather the data we needed in a timely manner.
I would have been present in this process. I was not involved with the organization until after the system was already purchased, so I was not able to evaluate the system prior to being asked to use it. Knowing what I know now, I would have brought a number of key technical questions to the table.