QuickBase is doing great but has huge improvement opportunity
Updated May 10, 2022

QuickBase is doing great but has huge improvement opportunity

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Overall Satisfaction with Quickbase

It is used across departments. It solves distributed a data collection problem.
  • Archive documents.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Data collection.
  • More API on the front end and backend.
  • More control on data connection and link table feature
  • Need modern bootstrap mobile interface.
  • More user-friendly form rule editing interface, more control on form rule, like copy rules to another form.
  • More flexible data type/schema, which allows using any kind of fields in filter or joins.
  • Auto increasing index field which duplicates records but editable. Editable duplicate built-in fields to allow better recovery function.
  • Customized pages which allow a non-login visit[or] to collect data.
I think our organization has achieved this benefit. It is faster to build and kind of easy to maintain.
Upon request of our users, most applications are more complex than default features and functions. Therefore supporting and maintaining them is no longer that easy. Hope QuickBase will provide more tools for more advanced developers.
I do not have authority to make this decision, but I would choose QuickBase for quick and simple tasks.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
It is really easy to build, but not that easy to build it right. For a large organization, functional and powerful applications require cross department design collaboration.
It is not hard to implement. However, it is a little hard to keep track of changes. Since lots of control are done by text field and formula field, due to a lack of work flow control in QuickBase, it is not easy to keep pace of changing demand when changing control fields.
Quickbase will provide a very quick and powerful solution:
  • When having daily log type data to collect
  • When having user profile type of data to build with a daily log
  • When having users from different locations, and using different devices, and systems

Integrations and Governance

It is fairly easy since QB provides good API on operating data layer.

Using Quickbase

all different functions
all different types from analysts to developers
  • data collection
  • work flow control
  • real-time analytics
  • work flow control
  • notification setup
  • customized interface
  • use as documentary
  • manage master data
  • build data pipeline among departments
It enables lots of impossible to possible. Development pace is fast and deployment speed is hyper.
  • It glues people together with very low cost
  • data management becomes another challenge due to limit on quickbase
  • train people use modern browser is a key

Evaluating Quickbase and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
It opens to both citizen developers and more advanced development.
Platform improvements plan and response to customers' voice.

Quickbase Implementation

Input and output are the key. users do not appreciate the work in middleware.
Change management was a major issue with the implementation - Working with the customer of the process deep enough and engage as early as possible.
  • Culture challenge
  • Migration cost
  • Training users to use proper device and browser.

Quickbase Training

Yes it is easy to learn. Just takes some practice and learn from mistakes.
I would recommend learn online first then jump to the hole yourself later. This can save you a lot of time.
I started when there was no training material available.

Configuring Quickbase

It should be better with more flexibility and control. better a data driven not a feature controlled.
Allow user to add customized variables to users
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - That is not easy. QB should give more power to the ones who do coding.
Yes - we have added extensive custom code - it is not that hard, but still, wish QB give more APIs on UI.
I uses JQuery, VueJS,Bootstrap in QB. Applied Image Onload Technic to forms and pages.
They help solve a lot of business problems.

Quickbase Support

daily support is great just the system itself could not provide all we want.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Usually it is not that hurry.
I have my data accidentally deleted and QB helped recovered very very quickly within the same afternoon.

Using Quickbase

Almost everything works fine, with some weird limitation but somehow you can find a way around it.
Considering the prices and easiness to develop, this is an awesome system to build my business apps on.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • build a table and a form
  • make report
  • manager user
  • form rule, it becomes monster when you want to do something complex, very hard to use
  • customized page, using CDN is the only way, very hard to load local supporting libs
  • control the UI. Homepage and forms are hard to control since there is no API nor function provided.
Yes - Not a very decent one though. QB should invested more on that and make a new one. However, it just works for simple app.

Quickbase Reliability

Too many shutdown and offline
Too many offline and loading performance on a poor connection is not very good.
When data set is large, you can feel the speed is slowing down significantly.

Integrating Quickbase

It is easy to have data in and out, but control and sync them is not that easy.
  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
  • Javascript widgets
  • ETL tools
I don't know how can we make it easier but maybe QB can provide more tools?

Relationship with Quickbase

it is easy to access, though not a lots of options on the market. QB has a long way to go.
It really depends. Sometimes is the customers' fault which means they should not even go to the vendors but build it themselves.
If you are going to work with vendor, you better know what you want , just do not know how to do it.

Upgrading Quickbase

  • Usually it doesn't show value that quick until the next iteration of the app is developed.
  • UI API
  • More tools
  • Control on SAVE button