Selenium with Python makes a great combo for your web automation and testings!
April 10, 2019

Selenium with Python makes a great combo for your web automation and testings!

Shivani Sharma | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Selenium

Selenium is used within our team of R and D analysts. We use Selenium with Python 3 for web automation. Selenium web driver for Chrome on Linux machines is a very smooth experience. The Web Driver API is available for most popular web browsers. Most of our marketing forms are filled up by Selenium automation. Data scraping using BeautifulSoup 4 with web automation makes it simpler to extract data from websites. We first trigger a website using Selenium, and then use BeautifulSoup for data scraping from that website.
  • Web browser integrations and support. It has a large community so as to debug your code easily.
  • Python and Selenium make a perfect match.
  • Better web scraping in Python with Selenium, Beautiful Soup, and Pandas; it's very easy to scrape data in key-value pairs that are converted from HTML tags.
  • Selenium is not as fast as some industry tools. Not good for large scale production.
  • Mismatch with tools. There are cases when some websites are not Selenium ready, and the content is dynamic.
  • HTML tags and DOM.
  • Selenium requires good programming skills. There are tools in the market already which do all the automation and data scraping using drag and drop options.
  • Fast and automated testing of a website can be done without any human workforce behind it.
  • Sometimes programming is an easy and faster method than drag and drop. For this, Selenium happens to be a great open source tool with no cost.
  • A person with a Python background is all needed for Selenium; no other skill is needed. The Selenium WebDriver API is easily understandable.
Selenium is best suited for Python and Linux machines. With Python and the Selenium web-driver, it works very smoothly. Following are the use cases of Selenium which we use:
1. Testing websites.
2. Data Scraping.
3. Form filling.