Great value for cost on network monitoring
Updated October 06, 2022

Great value for cost on network monitoring

Manuel Ayala | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ThousandEyes

It is used widely by the internal Telecom Support team for all sites (900+) and regions in the company. Is used mainly in two ways:
  • Proactive identification of incidents.
  • T-shooting active incidents.
  • Good synthetic monitoring capabilities.
  • Test multiple protocols and network ports emulating as close as possible the behaviors of real applications in production environments.
  • The number of possible tests and reports are very good.
  • API integration is very good to integrate with analytics.
  • The EndPoint agent (client installed on the user's PC) has very limited functionality, mostly only to monitor web (HTTP/HTTPS) transactions.
  • Synthetic monitoring only emulates connections to the respective server or other ThousandEyes agents. It does NOT emulate actual end-user transactions.
  • Much faster t-shooting on active incidents.
  • Has helped with overall network performance and capacity analysis beyond incidents.
  • Leadership and customer visibility to network performance.
The cost-benefit rate is good in ThousandEyes compared to some other applications.

ThousandEyes is very oriented to network performance: hop-by-hop network analysis, latency, jitter, packet loss, MOS, QoS mismatch identification, etc. Other applications are more oriented to app performance and the network analysis might not be as deep as with ThousandEyes. They are good in their own area though.

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Good scenarios: Mainly used to measure network performance, not applications. Very strong with visual reports that aim to easily find pinpoint issues or simply abnormal behaviors to keep an eye on. Standard alerting capabilities and integration with other tools through KPIs. The new integration allows it to be deployed on Cisco 9K switches. Good to monitor Intranet and access to your applications from the Internet.

Bad scenarios: Not good to do deep-dive analysis on application performance (although it can do some basics on web transactions). It only does synthetic monitoring (emulates user transactions sending/receiving its own packets), doesn't analyze real user/server network packets or transactions (packet analysis). At the time of this review, it doesn't include specific wireless network monitoring capabilities.

ThousandEyes Feature Ratings

Cisco Hybrid Work

  • ThousandEyes
  • Cisco DNA Center
  • Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • Cisco Aironet and Catalyst Access Points
  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Working from anywhere (e.g., coffee shop, airport)
  • Working from an office or other company space
  • Working from home
We have all of the selected technologies totally deployed with the exception of ThousandEyes where we're still about 60%-70% of the rollout (2nd round post Cisco acquisition). I wish some of these deployments were as simple as advertised by the vendor. Of course these may be as complex as the environment where these are deployed. However, once they are deployed they are rock solid and it's pretty straight forward to maintain it. Cisco is trying to keep up with modern technologies but it looks like their broad family of products delays the modernization of some of those platforms. For instance, DNA Center has great functionality to manage large infrastructure environments but there's many simple tasks still missing such as a reliable "patch management" to keep all Cisco products at the right OS level and reporting vulnerabilities based on real IOS version AND configuration of the device as opposed to just the installed OS. Another example is providing an easy to use APIs to integrate with other tools. From a sales perspective we have found occasions where something is confirmed and after the purchase the story changes. I'd suggest always getting the roadmaps, licensing and warranty/support agreements in writing when it's not officially announced yet. Fortunately I can't say that this has happened often.
- IT infrastructure did not have the required capacity for a massive percentage of the population working remotely.- Not all the applications and services were designed to be used remotely.- Not all employees or departments were prepared to work in a hybrid mode, specially where part of the team is on-site and part is remote.- Different regulations for remote workers in different countries.
Cisco solutions have certainly helped us to enable remote connectivity for every employee in the company while securing the environment. It's also helped us to provide the wireless coverage we need in the majority of our sites. With ThousandEyes we have been able to create monitoring rules and patterns to alert us of significant issues depending on how many monitoring endpoints present the same problem simultaneously and the locations where these happen.
Additional productivity that is translated to more revenue. Better work-life balance for employees resulting in reduced attrition. All of that while increasing security for the company. Business units are less concerned now about where the work is being done and they can focus on the quality of the work. Remote collaboration is now natural across the organization as opposed to just an option for "techies" that many would prefer not to take or know much about.
Cisco brand provides a very robust set of services if you're looking for a stable environment. Granted, I'm not sure that it innovates as fast as some of their competitors or even as they used to do years ago but they are not followers either in the Telecom industry, like other tech giant companies. Their focus on SDN (Software Defined Networks) has allowed them to remain as one of the top Tech companies in the market.

ThousandEyes Support

You have online support from the tool itself 24/7 and they are very responsive. We also have a specific account manager and specific engineer assigned to help us with very specific questions for our environment. The level of response to our requirements is always super high. We have requested specific features to be added and these have been developed and introduced very quick tot he product (within weeks). Their DevOps and agile approach seems to pay off.