Communications Outsourcing Services

Communications Outsourcing Services Overview

What are Communications Outsourcing Services?

Primarily to help companies cut the cost of providing service or to fill a project-based service need, some professional services companies offer hosted communications. Also, they may present a potential partner for outsourcing a variety of IT management services such as help desk and product support, technology consulting, operational services, development and integration, expense management and other services.

Communications Outsourcing Products

(1-25 of 32) Sorted by Most Reviews Live Website Chat
2 ratings
14 reviews Live Website Chat is presented by the vendor as a fast & friendly way to capture, screen & convert website leads. The live chat agents answer questions, screen leads & schedule appointments 24/7. Custom AI chatbots can assist with screening basic questions to maximize m…
3 ratings
1 review
Masergy provides managed communications and contact center (powered by Cisco Webex), managed SD-WAN (powered by Fortinet), as well as managed security services.
Cisco Communications Outsourcing
10 ratings
1 review
Cisco offers communications outsourcing.
T-Systems Communications Outsourcing
German headquartered T-Systems offers communications outsourcing.
Verizon Communications Outsourcing
Verizon offers communications outsourcing.
Atos Communications Outsourcing
Global company Atos, headquartered in France, offers communications outsourcing.
BT Communications Outsourcing
BT Global headquartered in London offers communications outsourcing.
Insight Communications Outsourcing
Insight headquartered in Tempe, Arizona offers communications outsourcing.
Accenture Communications Outsourcing
Global company Accenture, headquartered in Ireland, offers communications outsourcing.
Bell Communications Outsourcing
Canadian company Bell offers communications outsourcing.
Getronics Communications Outsourcing
Getronics headquartered in the UK offers communications outsourcing.
CenturyLink Communications Outsourcing
CenturyLink headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana offers communications outsourcing.
Telefonica Communications Outsourcing
Spanish company Telefonica offers communications outsourcing.
Presidio Communications Outsourcing
Presidio headquartered in New York offers communications outsourcing.
DXC Communications Outsourcing Services
DXC Technologies (formerly CSC) offers their communications outsourcing services.
Vodafone Communications Outsourcing
Vodafone headquartered in the UK offers communications outsourcing.
Orange Business Services Communications Outsourcing
Orange Business Services headquartered in France offers communications outsourcing.
Unify Communications Outsourcing
Siemens Enterprise Communications is now Unify.
IBM Global Technology Services
IBM offers communications outsourcing.
HP Communications Outsourcing
Hewlett-Packard offers communications outsourcing.
NEC Communications Outsourcing
NEC offers communications outsourcing.
CenturyLink Wavelength Services
CenturyLink® Wavelength service delivers dedicated bandwidth and the full network transparency your enterprise requires. Available in 1 GigE, 10 GigE or 100 GigE speeds — protected and unprotected — CenturyLink Wavelength service is the ideal choice for network backbones between high-traffic locatio…
CenturyLink Ethernet Services
CenturyLink® Ethernet services power secure, high-availability network solutions that enable high-performance voice, video and data applications. CenturyLink Ethernet’s private connectivity, scalable bandwidth and configuration options make it ideal for high-speed connections among corporate headqua…
CenturyLink SD-WAN Solutions
CenturyLink® SD-WAN with hybrid connectivity is a complete WAN solution supporting scalable networks across a range of connectivity types. They integrate disparate connectivity types into seamless hybrid software-defined WAN.Gain complete visibility through a centralized customer portal. Branches c…
CenturyLink MPLS / IP VPN Service
CenturyLink® MPLS allows you to make the most efficient use of your network resources and enables improved management of traffic flows across the network to minimize the risk of congestion. Using the latest MPLS technology, CenturyLink provides you with carrier-grade Quality of Service (QoS) over ou…