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Cisco Communications Outsourcing, AT&T Communications Outsourcing, Masergy, Dimension Data Managed Customer Experience (CX) Services, Accenture Communications Outsourcing, Black Box Communications Outsourcing, Ruby Virtual Receptionist Services, Bell Communications Outsourcing, AnswerConnect and BT Communications Outsourcing.

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1 Live Website Chat Live Website Chat is presented by the vendor as a fast & friendly way to capture, screen & convert website leads. The live chat agents answer questions, screen leads & schedule appointments 24/7. Custom AI chatbots can assist with screening basic questions…


Masergy provides managed communications and contact center (powered by Cisco Webex), managed SD-WAN (powered by Fortinet), as well as managed security services.

Cisco Communications Outsourcing

Cisco offers communications outsourcing.


24/7 Answering Service with CRM Integration, HVAC Answering Service, Plumbing Answering Service, Contractor Answering Service, Small business answering service, Live Phone Support, Virtual Office Solution, Inbound Call Center Solutions, Live Web Chat Service, Lead Capturing/E-Commerce,…

Lumen Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki

Lumen Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki (replacing the former CenturyLink WiFi service) is a secure, simple Wi-Fi and networking solution with enhanced reporting, as a managed service for businesses.


Directly’s crowd platform harnesses thousands of independent experts and AI technology to automate common customer questions and deliver customer service that consumers love. The vendor states companies like Airbnb, Microsoft, and Samsung partner with Directly to improve the customer…

LEX Reception

LEX Reception is a virtual receptionist services firm headquartered in Portland. LEX Reception includes virtual call reception, lead capture, and appointment scheduling for law firms, and boasts a suite of integrations to provide CRM upkeep and lead entering services as well.

Ruby Virtual Receptionist Services

Ruby, or Ruby Receptionists headquartered in Portland, boasts supporting more than 10,000 businesses with live virtual receptionists and 24/7 available chat services. Users set their preferences to have Ruby answer the phone part-time, full-time, or after hours, and Ruby deploys…

The Nest by Webhelp

The Nest by Webhelp is the outsourcing partner of startups and scale-ups, supporting them to build a better customer experience. The solution includes customer care, community management, technical support, helpdesk & IT services.

Conectys - Customer Experience Outsourcing

Conectys is a global BPO specializing in digital-first Customer Experience (CX) and Trust & Safety (Content moderation) solutions that aims to reduce costs and increase speed to market for its clients. The company combines multilingual teams with processes and technology to deliver…

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Helpware builds customized teams in Customer Service and Back Office for startups and modern companies, offering custom built inbound and outbound call center teams. Helpware invests in people and culture to better serve their customers, with technology-enabled and engaged teams…

InterVision Managed Communications

InterVision builds collaboration solutions that unify a company's communications, conferencing, video and offer contact center support so deployed architecture can support a high quality experience that the end user can depend on no matter their location. Services include an analysis…

Matrix Networks

Matrix Networks headquartered in Portland offers implementation and managed UCaaS, phone, network connectivity, and infrastructure.

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LANtelligence headquartered in Encinitas offers their suite of UCaaS and contact center implementation services.

Star2Star StarBand

To provide a one-stop shop for all business technology needs, Star2Star offers StarBand. StarBand is presented by the vendor as a total package in managed services, Internet access, and data security. When combined with other Star2Star services, StarBand allows users to get voice,…

CenturyLink Wavelength Services

CenturyLink® Wavelength service delivers dedicated bandwidth and the full network transparency your enterprise requires. Available in 1 GigE, 10 GigE or 100 GigE speeds — protected and unprotected — CenturyLink Wavelength service is the ideal choice for network backbones between…

Vertical Communications Services

Vertical Communications headquartered in Santa Clara offers product implementation services for 8x8, Mitel, and iPECS Cloud (an Ericsson-LG Enteprise solution), as well as a range of UC support services including remote support for failures and outages, product replacement, 24/7…

Claranet Managed Networks and MPLS

Claranet Managed Networks and MPLS aims to ensure users get the right technical and commercial solution.

Verizon Communications Outsourcing

Verizon offers communications outsourcing.

DXC Communications Outsourcing Services

DXC Technologies (formerly CSC) offers their communications outsourcing services.

Presidio Communications Outsourcing

Presidio headquartered in New York offers communications outsourcing.

Getronics Communications Outsourcing

Getronics headquartered in the UK offers communications outsourcing.

Orange Business Services Communications Outsourcing

Orange Business Services headquartered in France offers communications outsourcing.

T-Systems Communications Outsourcing

German headquartered T-Systems offers communications outsourcing.

Telefonica Communications Outsourcing

Spanish company Telefonica offers communications outsourcing.

Learn More About Communications Outsourcing Services

What are Communications Outsourcing Services?

With the growing demand for different products and services as well as businesses turning to hire freelancers over full-time employees, outsourcing has become a common practice. Communications outsourcing services assist businesses with hosted communications between them and their customers.

Communications outsourcing services help companies cut the cost of providing the service themselves or to fill a project-based service need. Additionally, they may present a potential partner for outsourcing a variety of other IT management services such as help desk and product support, technology consulting, operational services, development and integration, expense management, and more.

Some outsourced communications services are primarily virtual receptionists, while others offer more complex business-critical services such as analytics, insights, and automation that help optimize performance and alleviate risks. They may also add strategic and innovative solutions that can build a more sustainable organization. Communication outsourcing can be effective for all business sizes and across industries. These services are similar to service desk outsourcing, with more of an emphasis on hosted communications communication rather than customer service.

Communications Outsourcing Services Features

Some useful features when using communications outsourcing services include:

  • Answering service
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Integrations
  • SMS services
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Managed services
  • Email integration
  • System updates

Communications Outsourcing Services Comparison

Some of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the right communications outsourcing service include:

  • Industry type. Some outsourcing companies are designed to assist specific industries. LEX Reception, for example, is specialized in serving law firms. Be sure that the service provider is best suited to meet the needs of your industry. This can be done by reading reviews from other customers and contacting the service provider directly.

  • Flexibility. When looking for the right communication outsourcing company, it’s important they will have the right amount of flexibility. This includes being able to handle two or more methods of communication, such as voice, instant messaging, email, and/or SMS services.

  • Type of services. Communication outsourcing services offer different types of services, ranging from a virtual assistant/receptionist to answer calls and manage online chat, to offering data-driven analytics and expertise in the latest technologies to help you achieve goals faster and more efficiently. The latter will be more expensive, and therefore it is important to evaluate the complexity of services you are seeking and making sure it is aligned with your budget.

Pricing Information

Pricing for communications outsourcing services varies for each business depending on their communication needs. Certain services charge per receptionist minutes. Additionally, products that are mainly designed to be call answering services will be less expensive than products that offer complex outsourced solutions such as automation and analytics.

Starting prices will usually be around $100 to $400 per month. For more advanced services that include more minutes and offer advanced services that extend beyond being a virtual receptionist, expect to pay between $600 to $2,000. Some providers will offer a free demo of their service before purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do communications outsourcing services do?

Communication outsourcing services offer businesses an alternative to hiring full-time employees by providing outsourced work usually on a project basis. Choosing to outsource work may cut costs for businesses and lets organizations that are specialized within a specific area do the job usually on a temporary basis.

Though some products are designed to perform call answering services such as appointment setting, others offer advanced services such as advisory support, hardware & software support, planning, designing, and innovative approaches to reach goals faster.

What are the benefits of using communications outsourcing services?

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing communication needs includes cutting costs and efficiently managing time by not having to hire more employees or paying employees to handle business communications. It can also provide greater communication flexibility according to your company's needs.

What are the best communications outsourcing software products?

How much does communications outsourcing software cost?

Pricing for communications outsourcing services varies for each business according to their needs. Certain providers charge per receptionist minutes, which start around $100 to $400 per month. Prices can increase up to $2,000 per month depending on the number of minutes you’re looking for.