OSS/BSS (Operations Support/Business Support) Systems

Best OSS/BSS (Operations Support/Business Support) Systems include:

Nokia Operations Support Systems (OSS), Huawei OSS, Optiva Revenue Management Suite, and Cisco Prime OSS.

OSS/BSS (Operations Support/Business Support) Systems Overview

OSS/BSS stands for Operations Support / Business Support Systems, platforms that aid telecommunications service providers in managing networks and the service order experience for customers, with functions from service provisioning, network configuration, fault management, inventory management, and order management.

OSS/BSS (Operations Support/Business Support) Products

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Aptean Service Gateway
Aptean Service Gateway Device Management is a device management solution built specifically for telecommunications, cable, and wireless broadband internet providers to manage connected devices such as modems, routers, set-top boxes, and home gateways.
Comarch OSS
Comarch offers their operations support suite for telecommunications.
Netcracker OSS
Netcracker offers operations support systems for telecoms.
Hewlett Packard offers operations support and network automation for telecommunication service providers.
IBM offers operational support systems for telecommunications companies.
Optiva Revenue Management Suite
Canadian company Optiva (formerly Redknee) offers an OSS/ BSS solution via the Optiva Revenue Management Suite. Through integration with digital channels, order management, service fulfillment, and product creation, it delivers a robust environment, empowering the user to create appealing campaigns …
Prodapt OSS
Prodapt headquartered in Irvington offers operations support systems (OSS) to telecoms.
JeraSoft Billing
JeraSoft VCS is a robust billing platform designed and developed for Mobile & Business Telecoms (Retail VoIP, Mobile VoIP, Business Telephony, MVNO/MNO, OTT, Wholesale VoIP, and SMS). It is created for billing of practically all sorts of services and enables providers to efficiently handle all a…
Cisco Prime OSS
Cisco Prime OSS promotes efficient coordination of business and operational processes for service design, creation, and delivery across multiple network domains. It includes Cisco Prime Order Fulfillment Offered an automated, flexible, catalog-oriented service fulfillment solution. It is offered as …
Cerillion Enterprise OSS/BSS
Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS Suite is a pre-integrated end-to-end CRM and billing solution for mobile, fixed, cable and multi-service communications providers.
Cortex Intelligent Automation
Cortex Intelligent Automation, from Innovise company Cortex, is a single software platform that allows the user to rapidly deploy, scale and manage autonomous environments. It can be configured as an OSS solution, and also for insurance claims process automation and management.
IntegraTouch Symphony
Symphony from IntegraTouch headquartered in East Rochester is a complete telecom billing solution (OSS/BSS).
Enxoo for Communications
Enxoo for Communications is a CPQ & eCommerce for Communications, fully Salesforce native and lightning ready. Together with Enxoo for Communications solution form a full suite for Telcoms end-to-end digitalization. The solution is designed especially for B2B and wholesales Telecoms, using our i…
WANDL IP/MPLSView is a multivendor, multiprotocol, and multilayer operations support systems (OSS) traffic management and traffic engineering solution for IP and/or MPLS networks, from Juniper Networks. IP/MPLSView boasts attention to detailed routing protocol behavior, an extensive multivendor libr…
Alcatel-Lucent OSS
Alcatel-Lucent offers Operational support systems for telecommunications.
Huawei OSS
Huawei OSS supports telecom service providers.
Ciena Blue Planet Intelligent Automation Portfolio
Blue Planet, now a Ciena company, offers an open intelligent automation portfolio, that aims to let service providers use deep knowledge about the network to power adaptive optimization of the network and services. It facilitates the evolution toward more efficient and modernized operations by bring…
Ericsson OSS
Ericson offers operations support systems.
Nokia Operations Support Systems (OSS)
Nokia’s OSS portfolio together with 5G X network architecture with digital value platforms and Nokia’s end-to-end service is designed to put CSPs in a position to demonstrate digital-native behavior and more autonomous decision-making. Nokia OSS allows moving from independent processes to a living a…