Library Management Systems

Library Management Systems Overview

What are Library Management Systems?

Library management systems provide an online interface to allow visitors to view or reserve library resources. Additionally library software provides back-end administrative features to support management of library collections and assets. Library management software may be deployed at universities and schools, or in corporations. Some library management systems are also designed to support public libraries.

Features of Library Management Systems

Library management systems offer the following features:
  • Library web page, content management system
  • Library visitor portal, student portal, etc.
  • Online library resource search & discovery tool
  • Content index with relevance ranking
  • Collection management
  • Resource license & subscription management
  • Integration with authentication for subscriber or private collection access
  • Library room booking & asset management
  • Fees and late dues management
  • Resource usage data analytics, subscription analytics

Library Management Products

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Follett Destiny Library Manager

Follett offers the Destiny suite, including Destiny Library Manager, a library management system which also includes Destiny Analytics collections management and analytics, and Destiny Discover resource search tool. Destiny Resource Manager extends the suite to manage school resources…

EBSCONET Subscription Management

EBSCONET Subscription Management allows corporations, institutions of higher education, and other entities can manage their journal subscriptions and renewals. With EBSCO Analytics (a service contained in EBSCONET Subscription Management), entities can analyze subscription cost versus…


Springshare headquartered in Miami offers a suite of library management applications, including LibGuides CMS, LibAnswers + Social, LibCal, LibCRM, and other apps.


ProQuest headquartered in Ann Arbor offers Intota, a library management tool supporting library material discovery and search, and electronic collections.

Polaris ILS

Innovative Interfaces headquartered in Emeryville offers Polaris ILS, a library management system.

OpenText Library and Collections Management

OpenText offers a library management system via the OpenText Library Management platform.

Ex Libris Alma

ProQuest company Ex Libris offers Alma, a library management system.

Ex Libris Aleph

ProQuest company Ex Libris offers Aleph, a library management system.

Ex Libris Voyager

ProQuest company Ex Libris offers Voyager, a library management system.

Sierra ILS

Innovative Interfaces headquartered in Emeryville offers Sierra LSP, a library management system.

Innovative Inspire Discovery

Innovative Interfaces headquartered in Emeryville nomw offers Inspire Discovery, the company's new (2019) library management system replacing Millennium ILS. Discovery represents the first product available on the company's new experience platform, Innovative Inspire. Each Inspire…

Worldshare Management Services

OCLC headquartered in Dublin, Ohio offers WorldShare Management Services, a suite of library management applications.

Axiell Quria

Axiell Quria is a cloud-based, digital-first Library Services Platform designed for the modern public library. The system supports library staff, making daily work routines more efficient, dramatically reducing the number of systems that staff need access to, and providing a complete…

Book Systems

Book Systems in Huntsville provides library management software.


The Library Corporation (TLC) headquartered in West Virginia offers CARL Connect and CARL X, library automation systems.

Apollo ILS (Integrated Library System)

Apollo is an integrated library system from Biblionix headquartered in Austin.

Axiell WeLib

Axiell WeLib delivers a complete digital school library system with educational functionality at the forefront. It provides a platform for digital collaboration between teachers, librarians and students which can be accessed wherever they are. WeLib enables school libraries to gather…


Surpass Software headquartered in Calhoun offers the Surpass suite of hosted library management solution, available for smaller or larger libraries, and churches.


Surpass Software in Calhoun offers Centriva, a suite of applications supporting library management.

Alexandria Library Software

Alexandria Library Software is a complete library automation system from COMPanion Corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City.

TLC Library.Solution

The Library Corporation (TLC) headquartered in West Virginia offers Library.Solution, a hosted library management and automation system for schools, higher ed, and public libraries.

Textbook Tracker

Textbook Tracker from COMPanion Corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City is a solution for libraries.


Libib offers a library management system for small companie and orgs, as well as a free plan for individuals looking to catalog a collection.

Axiell EMu

The EMu Collections Management Systems from Axiell has been present in musem and speciality collections management for more than three decades. Offered by the vendor as comprehensive and flexible, EMu can accommodate the requirements of any collecting institution.

Liblime Koha

Liblime Koha is an open source library management system.