Employee Onboarding Software

Best Employee Onboarding Software include:

SilkRoad Onboarding (RedCarpet), NEOGOV Onboard, Enboarder, Sapling HR, and HR Cloud Onboard.

Employee Onboarding Software Overview

What is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software helps HR managers manage the onboarding process to get employees the right resources and information to become productive quickly. In its simplest form, employee onboarding software is a tracker of all the steps and processes that new employees need to take, or a business needs to take for the employee, to be successfully onboarded.

Modernizing Employee Onboarding

Modern onboarding solutions have become much more advanced, offering deeper integrations with the rest of the employee lifecycle and drastically improving the onboarding experience itself. For instance, onboarding software’s workflow functionality has become more automated, ensuring that all necessary onboarding steps are completed. There are some core capabilities that onboarding software should possess:

  • Enable businesses to coordinate with new employees before their first day, to improve their time-to-productivity

  • Ensure employees are provisioned the necessary resources, such as software licenses, computers, office materials, or other hardware

  • Ensure that HR has all the necessary personnel information, such as addresses, direct deposit information, and even benefits administration setup in some cases

  • Provide employees early access to preliminary trainings or orientation materials

Onboarding software, like most HR software, has also been shifting to improve employees’ experience in the platform. These improvements have led to features like welcome portals and new employee engagement processes like making 1x1 introductions with colleagues throughout the company.

Employee Onboarding and HR Software

There’s a lot of overlap between different categories of HR software. HR processes are really more of a lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding to management to development to offboarding. Some platforms claim to serve all steps of this cycle, while others are more focused on specific processes, such as onboarding.

Employee onboarding capabilities are most likely to be heavily integrated with the software that serves the processes adjacent to onboarding. Specifically, onboarding point solutions should integrate with the applicant tracking system and core HR management system that the business uses. These onboarding-adjacent products may even offer onboarding capabilities, which could eliminate the need for a separate system for each step of the HR process in some cases.

Employee Onboarding Software Comparison

When comparing employee onboarding software, consider these factors:

  1. Standalone Platform vs. HR Suite: Some vendors specialize in supporting onboarding specifically, while others including onboarding features in addition to supporting other HR functions. HR suites will likely offer better data integrations and workflows between HR processes, such as from recruiting to onboarding. In contrast, point onboarding solutions will often offer more robust and niche onboarding features, such as provisioning templates and customizability.

  2. Automated Workflows: A big challenge of onboarding is making sure all of the onboarding details are covered. Automated workflows are a strong answer to this frequent issue, but not all onboarding products utilize them to the same degree, or with the same effectiveness.

  3. Scalability: Some onboarding software is more focused on serving the SMB market, but rapidly-growing businesses and enterprises have unique needs that not all products can serve. These buyer should consider how much templatization is possible in an onboarding platform, and how customizable it is, particularly in areas like role templates, provisioning profiles, etc.

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Pricing Information

Employee onboarding software pricing will vary primarily based on whether it is a standalone product or part of a suite. Standalone onboarding software will most commonly be priced per month, either per employee or per onboardee. Pricing for point solutions can range from $7/employee up to $35/employee.

Employee Onboarding Products

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SilkRoad Onboarding (RedCarpet)
7 ratings
17 reviews
SilkRoad Onboarding is a component of the SilkRoad Life Suite platform. It includes functionality for onboarding, including electronic offer support, retention during Mergers & Acquisitions, and offboarding personnel. It is optimized for enterprise organizations.
Sapling HR
0 ratings
3 reviews
Sapling is an HR platform for mid-market companies which the vendor states helps HR teams automate workflows, support data-driven decisions and be more strategic, and is the platform of choice for InVision, OnDeck, Digital Ocean, and Coupa. With it, the vendor aims to help create a great employee ex…
1 rating
2 reviews
Enboarder headquartered in Sydney offers their HR workflow automation suite with inbuilt employee engagement features. Enboarder is designed to smooth the employee onboarding process, integrating with a wide range of applications including ATS and HR systems (SuccessFactors, SmartRecruiters), electr…
3 ratings
1 review
For businesses that are rapidly, seasonally, or just plain constantly hiring, WorkBright aims to take the cumbersome and traditionally paper-heavy process of onboarding and puts it all online. They make it possible for new employees to fill out their W4s, upload photos of licenses and certification…
NEOGOV Onboard
3 ratings
1 review
NEOGOV's Onboard is an HR solution that enables new hires to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paper work, processes and training.
HR Cloud Onboard
Onboard is an HR solution that helps new hires become more productive from day one with onboarding software that streamlines paperwork processes and training.
EKT Interactive
EKT Interactive in Houston, Texas offers online training modules for oil and gas to accelerate onboarding of new employees.
OnBlick in Irving is an HR onboarding, ATS, and compliance application suite, for I-9 and form management, employee self-service, and immigration case management.
Tydy, in Bangalore, creates personalized onboarding experiences that aim to connect the new hire, HR, IT and Business to drive meaningful outcomes for organizations.
Talmundo Onboarding Platform
Talmundo aims to support a pre- and onboarding experience that makes a real impact. Boasting mobile-friendly onboarding software, Talmundo blends data-driven onboarding insights together with company culture to deliver an onboarding experience. The vendor states it helps companies bring people onboa…
Dailo is a constantly evolving training platform for creating dialog simulations that can be accessed on web/mobile/ and vr with its own speech module and control over the avatar behaviour. Trough web interface it’s quick to create new simulations as well as to edit them, combine them into course…
Element AI Access Governor
Element AI's Access Governor is an employee onboarding workflow tool that uses machine learning to determine the employee's access needs and help administrators establish permissions. Element AI was acquired by ServiceNow in late 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does employee onboarding software work?

Employee onboarding software tracks, and in some cases partially automates, the onboarding process to ensure that new employees quickly become productive.

What’s the difference between onboarding and recruiting software?

Recruiting software focuses on finding and acquiring quality talent, while onboarding transitions that hired talent into the broader organization.

What are the benefits of employee onboarding software?

Employee onboarding software drastically improves time-to-productivity and can improve employee retention within the first year.

What’s the difference between employee onboarding and orientation?

Employee onboarding is a larger process, which includes orientation, but also entails resource provisioning, passing personnel data to HR, and other new hire processes.

How much does onboarding software cost?

Standalone onboarding software can range from $7-35/new hire, or start at $150/month for flat organization pricing, although that often scales with overall organization size.