Have the time of your life with Time Doctor
November 18, 2016

Have the time of your life with Time Doctor

Chris Basson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Time Doctor

I am an e-learning consultant and I work on a lot of different projects for a lot of different customers. Time doctor helps me to keep track of my productive time and it helps me to log the amount of time I spend per customer and by project. It also has a very good report function that I use when preparing my billing.
  • Because Time Doctor has a desktop app it helps me to organise my time usage. I can work on multiple projects for multiple customers in one day and I can log their time by just clicking on a task.
  • It provides me with a source of reassurance that my time is logged somewhere and that screen shots are taken from time to time. If there ever is a situation where a client wants to dispute the time that I spend on a project then I have some means of proving that I actually did work on the project.
  • It keeps me productive. Because it actually keeps track of the time I spend working I am much more productive. It also helps me with reminders if it picks up I might be busy with a task that is not work related.
  • It has very powerful reports that can be accessed online and the information can be exported to Microsoft Excel. This makes my life easier when I have to create invoices at the end of the month.
  • The desktop tool is easy to use and very effective, this is a huge plus for Time Doctor.
  • It would really help me a lot of I was able to generate a report from Time Doctor to show per project the amount of time I spent. Something like a PDF with the time doctor logo on it and the amount of time I spent per task per project. I would love to be able to download this and attach it to my invoices as proof of the amount of time I spent on a project.
  • I would love to have an option where I can add a client to a project. I work on multiple projects for one client and that means that I have to adapt time doctor so that I enter the project name in the 'Task' space of the desktop tracking tool and the client's name in the 'Project name' space. As I mention it there is a workaround for this but it would be nice if I can group projects by client as well.
  • It helps me to use my time more effectively.
  • For a small amount each month I believe I get a huge return on investment in form of traceability of my hours spent. The major factor that made me choose Time Doctor was the price and the value. I don't think I would still be interested if it was more expensive.
I have tried other time tracking tools and found them lacking in the way that they track activities or the limited scope of the reports that you can access from them. Time doctor does everything that I want it to do and does it brilliantly.
It is obviously well suited for situations where your majority of work is on a computer because it keeps track of the amount of activity. It is less suitable for work that requires you to work off a PC but it has a very clever way of asking if you spent non-active time on a task or a project.