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Updated September 01, 2023

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Overall Satisfaction with Webex App

Webex App is used as the SPOG of my collab applications, gathering all I need as simple as the click of the mouse. It helps to keep my productivity while I keep in touch with my team. Important points considered to choose Webex App in the company, first the quality of voice and video, second the easiest way to put everybody in a virtual room and work together, and last but not least, security in every aspects when collaborating with others.
  • The simplicity to join a meeting, put everybody in the room and to working together.
  • Documents shared are persistent, so if a new colleague starts in the group, all previous docs are available to access.
  • High quality video and voice during meetings and calls.
  • Limited use of emojis, that is bad when working with millennials.
  • Search engine can the improved. The results are not showed in a simple way.
  • Positive: Improve team collaboration and maximize investments if you already use Cisco IP Tel.
  • Negative: You really DO must have sec policies on place to share documents or any other GDPR related info due to simplicity and easy way to share documents.
We use both Cisco Webex App and MSFT Teams as collaboration tools in the
company. Even using MSFT Teams, the calling infrastructure that MSFT
Teams uses is provided by Cisco Webex App and Webex Calling due to be
reliable and robust, good audio and video qualities and the integration
of the tools is simple.
  • Microsoft Teams
Integrates to provide reliable calling resources to MSFT Teams app. The integration is not complex, made directly in MSFT Azurre AD and applied enterprise wide.
Security aspects applied in all ways of communications, as voice, chat and video, as well as collaboration when you must escalate from a chat discussion to a meeting, or when sharing a document on line or you screen, Webex App offers it natively. Your content is protected, no matter if you access it from your mobile device or your notebook.

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Team collaboration, easy to use and high quality audio and video to your meetings. Webex App is much better when compared to other collab apps due to robust voice and video call controls. The interface is really well looked and has great skins options. There is one particularly aspect is that good, the way the app separates people, groups and messages. It is a little bit confusing, especially if you are a MS Teams user.

Webex App Feature Ratings

Workflow Automation
Mobile Access
Integrates with Outlook
Video files
Audio files
Document collaboration
Access control
Advanced security features
Integrates with Google Drive
Device sync

Cisco Hybrid Work

  • Webex Meetings
  • Webex App
  • Webex Calling
  • Working from anywhere (e.g., coffee shop, airport)
  • Working from an office or other company space
  • Working from home
I've working from everywhere since before the pandemic, back in 2015, and it always have been part of my professional life but not part of IT culture of the company I've working for in that time. It was a long journey to convince than that mobile teams could get efficiency while on the run, while visiting customers, partners or while traveling. Get connected is very tough, specially when you need get doc or info from in house company based systems. VPNs, firewalls and all other security policies must take place to grant secure access, but those systems or policies are the responsible to not allow you to get the information needed to do your job. Nowadays, with the benefits of cloud calling and the persistent and secure storage of chats and documents of Webex offers, the implementation process was made easy, simple, reliable and fast.
1. Get secure access outside company perimeter.
2. Reinforce a secure posture of mobile workers while access company assets
3. Integrate telephony resources with other productivity tools as MSFT Teams
Those are the 3 main points to deal with, not leaving all other legacy integrations aspects behind, of course. The decision of what the right architecture to support our business, the way the calls are distributed and handled by teams and how the keep the same experience for users using MSFT Teams when integrated with Webex Calling were points of we keep in mind in every step we took into the implementation of hybrid work in the company.
One most positive impact in organizational culture was to access collaboration tools without the need to close heavy vpn clients. This increased the users experience exponentially. When everybody starts to use MSFT Teams, the capabilities of sharing content in a secure way was limited and rapidly the company ask to stop using tools that way in order to try keep collaboration in a safe level, what not occurred as anyone can imagine. Webex app was a good choice to address the potential to keep the collaboration in a hybrid environment flows while the security breaches was notably reduced.
In the first moment, people that didn't have the habit to work from home starts to fell a little bit lost, and in that moment company's executive levels must take place in the scene the follow up the team work until they understand what is need to get the job done away from office. After that when the people starts to return to office, the executive evaluate to keep some employees in a hybrid work. the option was made by employee and not imposed by executives, in a model that, again, efficiency was considered to adjust the work model of employees. The hybrid work is working fine in the company.
I am using Webex App in a daily basis, as the collaboration framework that I prefer. I have all I need in a single workspace and I'm already get used to find all features and controls I need to place a call, conference, meeting or collaborate with a colleague.I've also use MSFT teams as part of the company, partners and customer I relationship with. Webex Calling is key when using MSFT Teams, as it give me all call capabilities inside MSFT workspace. It is reliable, great audio and video quality and I don't remember when the service goes down last time, that is different if compared with MSFT stability.

Cisco Webex Experience

I've used to use my deskphone integrated with Cisco Webex App, that allow me to take calls more comfortably while I work in my desk. Also, another important feature I've used to use is transfer calls from my desk or notebook to my mobile phone, or from mobile to my deskphone. Due to this I could start talking wherever I wanted and conclude my calls where would more easy, in a clear way without any interruption on the call. After pandemic, I've left deskphone and start working one hundred percent on my notebook and the headsets started to be my new best friends, with noise cancellation, full integrated audio controls with Webex App and a lightweight design let me take it wherever I need.
Cisco Webex App was the most easy to use, to set up meetings and control who is in the meeting, who wants to get access and those who will present or share content. I've also worked with MSFT Teams during pandemic, but Webex App has a user interface more intuitive than MSFT Teams. The old productive tools that integrates Webex Meetings with MSFT Outlook was really easy to setup, to schedule and start meetings directly form Outlook clients, but the way Webex App let the files, content and everything else in a permanently way in the spaces and the fully integration with my callendar starting meetings not only in Webex App but also in other meetings apps, makes me move totally to work in Webex App to colaborate with my peers.
We don't use real time transcription in the company so I don't have much experience to formulate a concrete opinion about that. We do use note taking and thats is a really nice feature that helps to get back important points, subjects and aspects discussed in a meeting. The automatic noise suppression and the option to chose if you want to capture only your voice or the ambience is amazing, after the feature was launched no dogs barking during meetings or neighbors bring down the house has participated in my meetings. So far, it is the best audio quality in the meetings, clear voice only compared to other meetings apps available in the market. All of this in a click of the mouse!

Using Webex App

20 - 
All areas in the company use Webex App.
In Sales we use Webex App to comunicate and collaborate with customers and partners, to schedule meetings, to make video calls, share content and presentations.
Administrative team used to collaborate internally and sometimes to engaje with customers and partners when needed.
Support team use Webex App to support customers, gain remote access to customer environment under previous authorization.
Our board directors uses Webex App to host meetings and share content internally and host meetings with customers and partners.
1 - Our IT team takes care of all infrastructure and collaboration tools with voice, security and networks infrastructure skills. As our culture, the company promotes basic education to IT team into those 3 main pilars, and let the professional choose the architecture to deep dive after that. As Webex App is very easy to manage due to Control Hub single pane of glass, that represents very low work on support on a daily basis.
  • Sales team hosting meetings with customers and partners
  • Support team gain quick access to customers environment and speed up support process.
  • Content is permanently available in the spaces increasing collaboration and effectiveness of employees.
  • BOT integration with our internal knowledge base to accelerate problem solving in support team.
  • Moving to the cloud adding calling to remote users while reduces IT complexity and increasing security.
  • Adding multi-factor authentication to increase user security posture
Webex App is really easy to use, friendly interface and feature rich application. Besides that, there are some few bugs and instability to correct to give a 10 grade in my opinion. The application sometimes lost audio device configuration, specially when used with Microsoft Windows 11. It is somehow annoying behavior, not frequently but it forces you to restart Windows to get it back to normal condition.

Evaluating Webex App and Competitors

  • Prior Experience with the Product
Our company already used Cisco Communications Manager as PBX solutions and Webex Meetings as Unified Communications tools. As Jabber were the collaboration application for presence and instant messaging, the migration to Webex App was natural. The IT team had waited until Webex App reached a stable version before launched it to our employees.
Nowadays the comparison would not be only with Jabber and its feature, but would consider the features offered by other collaboration apps as Microsoft Teams, Slack and also Google. In my opinion Webex App still have a huge differentiator from other competitors, the capacity to integrate collaboration tools with unified communications as no other.

Webex App Implementation

Build a clear, precise and objetive migration communication for all employee is key. With this, the number of tickets opened in IT help-desk is reduced expressively. When employees know what is happen, when it happen and what to do after migration of the tools, including all new features available to then, the process goes smoothly.
Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled - Points to consider, review and followup during all process is share the architecture with the team involved in the process, if anyone has any doubt what is the final design of the project, you already have a huge chance to get problems during the execution plan. Know previously what steps you must to follow and the outcomes of each step is expected is key, mainly when handling with carriers and its telephony integrations.
  • Carrier SIP trunking deployment
  • Dial plan integrated with the cloud calling
  • communication clear for all employee

Webex App Training

I didn't get any kind of regular training to use Webex App. It is very intuitive and easy to use. At the beginning, the way the App group chats and spaces is a quite awkward, but they improve a lot since the first versions and nowadays is easy to handle individuals chats and spaces. With Webex Calling integrated and configured centrally by IT team, to use voice and video features is easy as one, two, three.

Configuring Webex App

The configuration is very easy and simple. By the single pane of glass in Webex Control Hub, all configurations are done quickly and safely.No extra configurations, modules or third party resources used to apply the configuration reflecting the company secure policies.
Get familiar with all details and every aspect of the configuration tool, the Cisco Webex Control Hub. As its a powerful tool and you can easily deploy, config and manage users and devices, knowing the tool potencial brings the most outcomes to your business dispensing with the use of additional or third-party tools.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
No custom config or customization made.

Webex App Support

Easy to use, intuitive interface and almost free of bugs. Periodically the app asks to update the version to keep things running smooth and safe.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
The company use standard support, not premium. The number of cases need to be addressed with manufacturer support team is very low, almost zero in last 6 months, due to that the standard support is adequate to us. The cases can be followed up in the Webex Hub and the frequently asked questions base is highly updated and useful. The main cases is related to user demands on how to use or configure specific features.
As we use Microsoft Office 365 in the company and webex App some users requested to integrate those applications to get the voice, calling and video features from Webex App integrated into MSFT Teams. In that occasion, we requested Cisco support to integrate both applications and the TAC was very competent, responsiveness and effective, they let us very comfortable with prerequisites, the steps of integration and the difficulties we could face during the process. Everything happens as planned and after 24 hours, the time they told us changes in MSFT Azure taking place, the applications were integrated. Great job indeed!

Using Webex App

The interface is really intuite and easy to use.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Host meetings, with controls at the sight and in a click of the mouse
  • Schedule meetings fully integrated with my calendar and people directory
  • Audio controls, that allow you to capture participant voice only or the ambience, if needed to present live content or others comments.
  • Sharing content, applications or screens is the most easy to use so far.
  • So far, the only aspect that is somehow cumbersome is the audio device settings misconfiguration in particular situations, after upgrading from Windows 10 to 11.
Yes - Webex app mobile app provides the same look and feel of the desktop version, almost the same experience of using the application. Some few points that is different is the side bar menu in the desktop version is an under bar in the mobile version, but both brings the same icons and its make easier to identify what you looking for, to place or take calls, messaging, spaces, or meetings. Great app for sure!

Webex App Reliability

Cisco is a very reliable and scalable solution. It is a brand that anyone in tech world trust.They are leader in voice, video and meetings markets a long time, and the solutions and products portfolio is robust to support any business size. Some architectures could be complex to implement, but after implementation, the risk of outage is very very low.
Webex app has faced an outage moment in the past, during pandemic. The communication about the problem was precise, the bulletins were precise and the service restored previous the expected.Problems happens but how vendors handles the problem is what differentiates them than others. compared with other collaboration tools, I judge the service availability better than others, if compared with MSFT and Zoom outages and security breaches.
Cisco webex App always have a good performance and never compromised my machine performance to run. I use an Intel based with Windows OS and Webex runs easy. Some my colleagues that work with Mac OS has some difficulties, as video freezing, audio misconfigs and screen sharing incompatibilities in the past, but it is not common nowadays.

Integrating Webex App

After to point all configs in MSFT Azurre AD, all users was set and ready to use the new features. The process was made centralized, by IT managers and AD teams.
  • Microsoft Teams
Integration already supported.
  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
Follow the guides and, if necessary, access vendor community to know the process details. Also have a valid support contract in case if you need any further assistance from TAC.

Relationship with Cisco

It was very ease.
We have a strong relationship with the channel integrator.
Subscription prices and promotions.
Objetive and clear communication about what we need and the budget we have to do it.

Upgrading Webex App