Cisco for everyone
Updated September 09, 2023

Cisco for everyone

Chethan Chandra | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Webex App

Webex is one of the oldest team communication software we use. This is mainly used internally and provides a seamless and stable communication channel. As far as I can recall my first video conference a few years ago, was on Cisco Webex, most of our meeting rooms also had supporting hardware - large webcam, audio devices, etc.
  • Stable connectivity.
  • Handles large group very well.
  • Simple & intuitive user interface.
  • Some of new vendors added lot of new features in very short time.
  • Some other large vendors provided suite of integrated enterprise software platform.
  • Almost no training effort
  • Integration with hardware - microphones, bluetooth are all seamless
  • With remote working being fully enabled, socializing in person has taken back seat.
Webex is used company-wide, its difficult to estimate usage because its used along with other internally approved collaboration & those from our vendors as well. I'd still say Webex is used for large events, needing advanced collaboration and scale.
  • Webex Meetings
  • Webex App
  • Webex Events
  • Cisco Webex Room Series
  • Cisco Secure Endpoint
Remote connectivity was a problem initially, with 5G and newer network tech brought about good change allowing hybrid working to perform at best.
Cisco hybrid work is used primarily within the organization for large scale global meetings and collaboration. Sometimes with vendors due to cross connectivity requirements.
Cisco hybrid work is used primarily within the organization for large
scale global meetings and collaboration. Sometimes with vendors due to
cross connectivity requirements.
Webex integrates Cisco hardware range very well with its software offering, particularly nice to take meetings on the go with the App. This provides a seamless experience. The others don't have a great hardware range, or what they have is limited & co-branded making it expensive. They have a wide range of cloud integration that a particular large enterprise may find lucrative.

Do you think Webex App delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with Webex App's feature set?


Did Webex App live up to sales and marketing promises?

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Would you buy Webex App again?


Webex App is well suited for live broadcasting when hundreds of views are involved, across multiple geographies. Webex App also works very well in an all Cisco environment, including TV, Webcam, desk/VoIP phone, softphones, phone applications. I'd recommend Webex App to anyone who looks for the convenience of calling from anywhere to anywhere!

Webex App Feature Ratings

Task Management
Workflow Automation
Mobile Access
Visual planning tools
Internal knowledgebase
Integrates with GoToMeeting
Integrates with Gmail and Google Hangouts
Not Rated
Integrates with Outlook
Video files
Audio files
Document collaboration
Access control
Advanced security features
Integrates with Google Drive
Device sync

Cisco Hybrid Work

  • Working from anywhere (e.g., coffee shop, airport)
  • Working from an office or other company space
  • Working from home
We have enabled full hybrid working for over 2-3 years. Since we are a global organization it was very imperative to have enabled hybrid working much before the pandemic. We have had to go all in on full hybrid working during pandemic.
Cisco hybrid work is used primarily within the organization for large
scale global meetings and collaboration. For regular collaboration and ease of connectivity we use other products.
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
All selected above.

Cisco Webex Experience

We do not use Cisco as marketing platform, we have our own process and tools for this. Webex is preferred for large scale meetings, and for advanced collaboration (with Cisco Room or wireless IP Phones) with customers or partners.
All software we use must allow to use SSO, this is our first step towards securing our tech platform. Since our IT use some or most of Cisco equipment in the back end I'd assume other layers of security is addressed. In terms of interoperability, ̇Webex OneDrive integration exists and also other collaboration tools work as expected in parallel. The participant management & settings are most adjustable in Webex than any other in this league.
I haven't used Workflow in Webex. I recall that Cisco was one of the first to enable noise suppression and transcription. Taking minutes of the meeting was never anyone task again!

Using Webex App

All functions within our organizations used Webex, such as IT Consulting, Business Consulting, HR, IT, Finance etc.
15 - The internal support were typically skilled in Network and IT support as with any Software company.
  • Lower calling costs.
  • Seamless global connectivity.
  • One setup for all employees.
  • Integration with Cisco Room, not so innovative but the presence in such room is very delightful
  • As webex advances we may look at expanding its usage as well
Given Webex is one of the old and most reliable, I'm hopeful it will be renewed. Its now important that ever before that more than one collaboration tools is must have.

Evaluating Webex App and Competitors

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Scalability
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Ease of Use
Scalability - Webapp is the oldest and most scalable platform I've known. The platform has showcased the stability in hosting large scale events like none else. The decision to purchase Webex is not made by other teams in my organization.
I will not be involved in evaluation of Collaboration tools. If I were involved, the evaluation would involve a strong benchmarking process against organization requirements - both regular usage and at scale.

Webex App Implementation

I did not participate in the implementation of this product, please skip this question.
Not sure - Cisco has been implemented in our organization quite some time back. I'd assume the CM effort was minimal.

Webex App Training

  • Online Training
  • No Training
We've had our IT conduct multiple sessions, and online self learning is available.
For me learning to use Webex didn't have a great curve, its was simple
and plane, I was good to go in the first attempt. I'm also not the ones
with very high IQ. If I could do it most others can do it.

Configuring Webex App

Webex configurability is just right, sometimes the new configurations appear just as you like it.
Our IT team would know better.
No - we have not done any custom code
I'm not aware of any customization or additional configuration we use in our organization.

Webex App Support

Over the years I have never had a need to contact Webex support, it could only mean that the product is excellent. I know from our IT teams that administering/back-end wasn't easy for our global setup. I'm also aware that they had the necessary support and training from Cisco, most importantly the local support which most software companies didn't provide back then.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I'm not involved in support purchase discussions.

Using Webex App

Webex was the first audio calling software I used probably 10-12 years ago. I can still recall being very impressed with the software innovation Cisco had brought into our work lives, making it cheaper and so convenient. When I see a new Cisco device in any meeting room the same feeling is ignited again! Said that the Webex App has evolved every year and it appears it will continue to do so.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
  • Seamless global connectivity.
  • Call clarity.
  • Personalization.
Yes - The web app was best of all, again one of first mobile apps which I recall using to stay connected with my colleagues globally. Voice calling was never so cheap before!

Webex App Reliability

Cisco is the oldest such app I'm aware of, the scalability has increased tremendously over the years.
I've never come across an unplanned outage on Webex so far in about 15 years. Application errors appear however are real, and easily fixable.
From my observation I've always appreciated Webex to be one of the fastest app in its league.

Integrating Webex App

We deal with multiple vendors, some do support and some have it their roadmaps.
  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
  • Javascript widgets
  • AppExchange or similar marketplace
  • MS Teams
  • OneDrive
As an end user the integration works more faster than some of other tools, we don't have to patiently wait. The IT team would know depth of integration but I can only assume with Cisco support it was quite simple.
Please keep it as seamless as it is currently with the increasing business complexity in the times to come..

Relationship with Cisco

In general, we do not work with vendors through the sales process.
In general, we do not work with vendors through or after the sales process.
In general, we do not work with vendors through the sales process.
In general, we do not work with vendors through the sales process.