Honest - IT oriented review
February 01, 2018

Honest - IT oriented review

Carson Hagan, ITILv3 | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Webroot

We use Webroot as part of a two-piece branded product that we call 'Security Packages'. Webroot is the AV portion of our security packages that get deployed to all of our endpoints that are using our core managed services. We also use Webroot internally for our organization as AV protection. Webroot helps us address the ever-growing threat landscape with our clients to ensure they are protected.
  • Webroot provides a very easy to use web interface with GSM. From a single dashboard we can control all of our endpoints that are currently using Webroot services. This is extremely helpful for central management for my engineers.
  • Webroot's new (2.0) plugin for Automate (formerly LabTech) provides us with integration into our RMM platform that allows for a large majority of the daily operational tasks to be completed without ever having to move to a different application and/or the web dashboard. The integration is key for engineers to make changes on the fly and quickly. They have done a good job with the 2.0 plugin after coming from the 1st iteration.
  • Webroot interface on the machines is a simple and easy UI to follow and understand. Seeing what the product is doing and how it is configured is very straightforward and doesn't require much hunting with the local interface on machines.
  • Webroot could do a better job of working on their integration partnerships with companies like LabTech (now known as Automate). Many times we make it through 2 or 3 levels of support before one of the parties says "oh well you need to talk to LabTech about this" or vice versa. That can be frustrating for partners when trying to understand and resolve issues between the two applications.
  • Cryptolocker/ransomware is a hot topic and I will say that Webroot has provided us with adequate protection when we first started using in 2014. I understand the complexities and challenges AV companies face with new threats being created everyday. I do want to point out that there have been instances where Webroot has not been able to stop one of those types of attacks. After talking with support - it was clear that they had no good answer as to why that particular threat was not stopped and quarantined.
  • Support for the enterprise side of Webroot can be daunting at times. Response times are hit or miss depending on the severity of the issue. Sometimes you get a great support engineer who will go above and beyond - sometimes I ask myself how this person is even employed with the lack of communication skills or actual interest in helping resolve partner issues.
  • From an MSP perspective - I would say it has been an amazing ROI. Cost is important and sometimes not the most important. Overall for the value - we are very happy with the product. Simple to use, simple to roll out, great integration's, and decent support for enterprise partners.
  • Non technical people would consider this a "negative" but anybody in the IT field would understand why things have to be done this way. When rolling out to new clients, inherently, it is challenging to determine all necessary exclusions needed for every application a company has. This can be frustrating for clients with the great level of protection that Webroot provides. From the IT field, we understand that AV roll outs needs to be watched closely to determine when proper exclusions need to be put in place to ensure the clients LOB applications are working correctly.
  • Webroot has helped us achieve the business objectives we set out to make - a strong 'Security Package' that address both virus and malware protection. We will continue to use Webroot in the future as we add more products into our Security Package.
I honestly have not put in enough research and time for alternative products to compare against Webroot. I don't think my opinion would be worth stating since I don't have a good comparison of apples to apples against other products.What continues to keep me interested in Webroot is just not the product - but the technology behind the product that makes Webroot a leading industry standard.
Webroot is well suited for anybody looking for a strong AV product. In our particular experience - we have had great success in using the product from an MSP standpoint. It functions and allows us to create what we need knowing that we are deploying strong protection to our endpoints. I would say it is more on the technical side of AV products and could see where some people might find it as "overkill". Personally, I would rather be more protected than not in 2018. :)