A Website Software that Makes Sense for Real People
March 09, 2020

A Website Software that Makes Sense for Real People

Kristin Cole | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Weebly

We have used Weebly to create and manage our website since we started our company in 2006. We manage our website in-house and Weebly has made that possible - and in turn, saved us A LOT of money over the years. Only our marketing and branding staff access the website for design changes, but other staff have access to the site for blog posting. Over the years we have seen many developments with Weebly and have been very happy with their product.
  • Easy customization.
  • Integration with other apps and add ons.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Constantly improving and adding new features.
  • Meets standards for security and cookies.
  • Has an auto-save function so your work doesn't get lost.
  • Many template options to use as a starting point.
  • Offers a strong support community to solve problems and find ideas.
  • SEO settings are easy to implement and update.
  • Sometimes the platform can be glitchy and needs a refresh.
  • Some formatting and placement options are not customizable and this may be frustrating to some users (especially those coming over from WordPress).
  • When you are uploading photos, you have to wait for the upload to finish before working on another part of your site or your work won't save (I lack patience so this bothers me).
  • Detailed customization in the HTML is possible but may create over-confidence in users - especially those that don't have coding experience.
  • We have saved roughly $2000/year by managing our own website - Weebly has made that possible.
  • My staff has learned skills they would not have learned otherwise - making them more valuable to our company and future positions they may hold.
  • Weebly allows us to have near instant updates to our site - because we can do it ourselves. If we needed to go through a 3rd party, it would take days or even weeks before our content was updated.
Five years ago we did a rebrand for our company and built a completely new website. This was good opportunity for us to make sure that Weebly was the platform we wanted to use for our web design. We looked into several other companies and found that Weebly offered the most customization with the most flexibility. Others had beautiful starting templates but change options were very limited without altering the back end html code - and that wasn't something we wanted to get involved with. Additionally, some of the other programs weren't as intuitive in use. I feel like you can get into Weebly and play around enough to figure things out because the process makes sense. In addition to the many online resources they have available. Overall, Weebly had everything we needed at a price that made sense. So now we enter our 14th year as Weebly customers!
I have found that Weebly is a one-stop solution for any small business. Having used the program for so many years, I feel confident in how Weebly works and what it offers. I feel comfortable suggesting this to ANYONE. It is very easy to learn and there are so many training resources, making it feasible for anyone with computer experience to learn the platform. Since Weebly is a template-based web designer, there are 2 scenarios in which Weebly might be challenging. The first is if someone wants or needs very specific customization. I have found it rare that people can't find what they need in Weebly, but it is possible. The other scenario in which Weebly could be a challenge is in SEO. Since Weebly is a templated site, the Google Bots have to read the Weebly code and the website code in order to rank the website. This could present a challenge for some businesses who have A LOT of competition in their market. We have not had a problem with either of these issues, but it is good to be aware of these situations.

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