WorkZone: Great for Reviewing Content, not for Presenting Libraries
March 07, 2015

WorkZone: Great for Reviewing Content, not for Presenting Libraries

Daniel Joyce | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with WorkZone

We used WorkZone for 4-5 years. We recently switched to a new interface that was a little more clean and client friendly. WorkZone was used throughout our entire company as a means to present our work to our clients. We would deliver roughs, sketches, scripts, ideas and much more all through WorkZone. WorkZone allows you to customize the logo for each company you work with, essentially giving all of your clients a way to login to a site that looks like it's just for them.
WorkZone is easy to implement and offers a wide range of tools for sharing and development. It also has private folders that your client(s) cannot access or see. This allows for internal review without the worry of a rough leaking to your client before you had time to finesse it.
  • Allows for client reviews and sharing. WorkZone allows you to create a customizable interface for each of your clients.
  • Review process and note taking. WorkZone's review process on work is, in a word, amazing! For everyone that is included in a piece of work that is sent out, both internally and to your clients, an email chain is created. This pops up in everyone's email whenever a new response is added but it also is stored within the file/video you're commenting on. That comment log/discussion will be stored with that file until you delete it.
  • Ease of Use. WorkZone clearly marks 'parent folders' or main categories. One is called "client uploads" and that is where anything your client uploads for you to use or review will be stored. Also, as mentioned earlier, the private/hidden directory for internal use only is called "holding tank." This allows for peace of mind when it comes to having interns or junior employees upload a rough. You can rest easy knowing that anything in that folder cannot be accessed by anyone who is not marked as an employee/internal by an admin.
  • One of the reasons we left WorkZone was due to how videos/roughs were presented. While WorkZone does allow for a customizable and professional, clean looking interface; it did not offer everything we needed when it came to cross platform integration.
  • WorkZone was also a little more pricy compared to a few competitors. WorkZone is worth the price and we loved using it, but a competitor offered an added feature that WorkZone does not offer that tipped the scales.
  • There is no 'library'. As an AD Agency, we have worked on a lot of different spots for a lot of different clients. WorkZone did not offer a comprehensive library for us to upload content and use for presentations purposes. If WorkZone does add this feature later on down the road, it would be a great improvement and we would give serious thought about switching back.
  • WorkZone allows for admins to see what employees are uploading and working on. It does not track time very well, but there is a basic calendar tracking system if people elect to use it.
  • WorkZone allows for our clients to access work every minute of everyday. They never have to ask what we're working on, because we can have WorkZone send an email when a change is made.
WorkZone is an overall good product. It allows for ease of use, easy integration and has a friendly client interface. It gave us years of service towards delivering rough cuts and storyboards. WorkZone was loved by all of our producers, who became unhappy when we switched, but the need for a library outweighed our fear of confusing our clients with a new website and interface they would have to learn.
There is nothing "wrong" with WorkZone or how it is implemented, it's just lacking some features.
WorkZone would be a great tool for a company that develops content/ideas and has to share them with multiple people/clients. It allows for easy sharing and commenting. For a company that creates content for web, radio or television and would like to store them for presentation purposes- then you might want to look elsewhere.
WorkZone was everything we needed and wanted until we started to expand. We've recommended WorkZone to a few companies and two of them are using it today. One of those clients does construction. They use WorkZone to share building schematics and ideas throughout their company and on the job site. We are working with them on a job that they are constructing and they've added us as a 'client user' to access items that are beneficial towards the ads we're creating.

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