Worldox - a great document management solution for any company
March 30, 2018

Worldox - a great document management solution for any company

Derek Schroeder | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Worldox GX4

Worldox is in use by my organization and many of my clients as a document management system. It organizes documents in extremely customizable containers and categories. The software works with cabinets and further specifies with multiple levels of categories and document types. Worldox also forces this structure by integrating with all basic applications including Office, Adobe, and browsers.
  • Forced structure via hooking into every day applications and producing Worldox Open and Save constructs versus the standard application Open and Save menus.
  • Extreme customization options including cabinets, folders, and document types.
  • The indexing system is very useful for locating documents by name, body, date, etc.
  • Because of its level of integration with applications, this can sometimes have technical issues or software compatibility complications.
  • Standard Worldox does not have built-in remote access. A separate software construct is required to setup a Worldox web client, which more or less involves "checking out" files versus working on them remotely. Enterprise Worldox is required for true online collaboration and remote access.
  • The software will have strange bugs and behavior from time to time. There are frequent smaller updates to patch code along with eventual large updates (GX 3, GX 4, etc.).
  • Greatly improved productivity for users via searching, favorites, and forced organization.
  • Versioning and document preview can also improve productivity versus opening individual files.
  • Can require a "revolutionary" change in the workflow as the application's Open and Save prompts are radically different than normal application usage.
Worldox is the most structured and organized of the software packages. It is primarily an on-premises solution, but it allows for the most customization and has the easiest interface. NetDocuments has a much higher price tag and is fully cloud-based. NetDocuments also allows customization but does not force structure. iManage primarily works through Outlook for its interface, and also does not force structure. SOHODOX is a good solution but is not quite as feature-rich as Worldox. IBM Watson is less document management, but more so document indexing and searching. It is definitely on par with Worldox as far as indexing and searching go.
Worldox is well suited for any company looking for document management. It requires training and buy-in from company employees but can greatly improve productivity and organization and reduce clutter on network server storage.