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GaggleAMP Amplify

Suitable for any sharing of company, partner or industry posts with your associates to engage with on their own socials networks. Nice way to make sure everyone is on message.

Less appropriate with small orgs.
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GaggleAMP Amplify

  • Easy to tell associates what posts to like and share. Especially like that we can point them to like or share industry posts.
  • Easy to get others in organization to sign up. Also offers app and browser app.
  • Gamefication aspect allows associates to have friendly competition and allows awarding of prizes for reaching set point values
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GaggleAMP Amplify

  • Sometime if you have a link in you post, GaggleAMP won’t carry the link forward into the post you share.
  • It can also take GaggleAMP some time to automatically pick up a post and alert your users that it is available to share.
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Likelihood to Renew

GaggleAMP Amplify

GaggleAMP Amplify 10.0
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Customer service has been good. It's easy to use. It's cost effective. It's a good way to expand your social presence and get your employees more vested in branding the company without spending a ton of money. There are bells and whistles that may be good for other users. I just haven't had the time to use them
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Alternatives Considered

GaggleAMP Amplify

We looked at the product that LinkedIn offers but it was way more expensive and didn’t have near the features.
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Return on Investment

GaggleAMP Amplify

  • It’s cheap for the ease and the features offered. GaggleAMP does have a report that shows how much money they are supposedly saving you but that amount is pretty subjective IMO.
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GaggleAMP Amplify


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