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This is best suited for webinars where you want increase participant engagement. Maestroconference has helped us avoid the type of webinar where the presenter has no idea if people are listening and participants often lose interest and end up checking email. The interaction level can become extremely high leading to increased engagement, satisfaction and buy-in.
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  • The breakout group technology is phenomenal. It allows a large webinar to feel much more intimate and allows instructors to 'listen in' to small group discussions
  • The ability to poll, have participants raise their hands for questions or comments, control the microphones, see who's talking make facilitating a large group virtual presentation very manageable and interactive. The participants' attention is retained, and did I mention the breakout groups are phenomenal!
  • the social conferencing, where you can see a webcam or still picture of participants is also really helpful for increasing engagement and active participation
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  • their customer service is good, but has room for improvement. They are very friendly and good at responding to quick fix issues. They are willing to partner to find solutions to tricker issues, but sometimes that takes a number of follow-up contacts.
  • it is difficult to format the automatic messages
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Likelihood to Renew


MaestroConference 5.9
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we have found no other company with the technology that allows us to conduct webinars with this level of interactivity. We've also been watching as the company has added on addtional functionality and are very please with how it is developing.
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Alternatives Considered


Maestro has everything that GoToMeeting and WebEx has. The primary thing that sold us on Maestroconference was the ability to incorporate breakout groups for small group discussions and explorations. It also is very easy to access and does not require a type of download onto a users' computer for the interactive conference calls. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use and the call quality is high and access is reliable.
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Return on Investment


  • increased engagement
  • increased collaboration among departments
  • better assessment of field needs
  • increased productivity
  • reduce cost of delivering training and conducting meetings
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