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Best Sales Pipeline Software include:

Affinity, Clari, InsightSquared Sales Analytics, Pipeliner CRM, and Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales).

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Sales Pipeline Software Overview

What is Sales Pipeline Software?

Sales pipeline software helps sales reps and/or sales managers track and manage individual sales opportunities as well as the distribution of all opportunities.

Sales Pipeline Software Features & Capabilities

  • Create pipeline stages: Allows users to set up a sales funnel with different stages that reflect their particular sales process. This will be the organizational structure for managing opportunities and forecasting sales. Stages correlate with different actions and deal confidence levels.

  • Deal confidence levels: Pipeline calculates the probability of deal based on pipeline stage and other details.

  • Timeline view: Sales pipeline can be viewed as a timeline of stages, for visualizing individual opportunities or aggregate opportunities.

  • Opportunity import/creation: Opportunities can be added to the sales pipeline via import from CRM or created new within the tool.

  • Append to opportunities in the pipeline: Users can attach records, tasks, meetings, etc. to opportunities in the pipeline.

  • Drag and drop opportunities: Users can manage the sales pipeline by dragging and dropping opportunities to different stages.

  • Pipeline management suggestions & prioritization: Automatic or semi-automatic deal prioritization; recommends which deals to focus on or actions to take with certain opportunities.

  • Pipeline filter: Users can filter the sales pipeline to only view a particular set of opportunities, such as opportunities above some likelihood to close, or opportunities above some deal size.

  • Mobile pipeline management: Includes mobile functionality for viewing and managing the sales pipeline.

  • Sales pipeline reminders & updates: Sends users reminders about their own deals, such as deals that need attention, or updates on movement within the pipeline and progress against goals.

Benefits of Using Sales Pipeline Tools

  • Simplified workflow—Timeline view and drag and drop interfaces are simpler and more intuitive than spreadsheets or tables.

  • Deal prioritization—The visual layout makes it easier for salespeople to envision their set of deals in relation to one another, and prioritize their time and attention accordingly.

  • Defined sales process—Building a visual sales pipeline with specific stages or states requires organizations (or individuals) to define and streamline the sales process. This promotes sales pipeline management best practices like consistent opportunity scoring.

  • Accurate sales forecasts—An organized sales pipeline helps keep sales forecasting consistent, based on consistent opportunity scoring and calculation of deal confidence levels. This creates strong historical data about deal success, ensuring accurate models and sales projections.

Pricing Information

Sales pipeline software typically costs from $10 to $50 per user per month, depending on capabilities.

Sales Pipeline Products

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302 ratings
320 reviews
Top Rated
Insightly is an online CRM solution targeted at small and mid-sized businesses. It also provides project management, workflow automation, and reporting capabilities, along with 3rd-party integrations.
Playbooks, from XANT (formerly
18 ratings
125 reviews
XANT (formerly Playbooks aims to help SDRs and AEs quickly build closeable pipeline, by helping salespeople get a hold of more of the right people. uses their A.I.-platform called Neuralytics to target likely buyers combined with their cadence engine to help sales re…
167 ratings
53 reviews
Top Rated
Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) software built to help small teams to drive sales.
Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales)
12 ratings
47 reviews
Top Rated
Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) is an all-in-one sales CRM software with features like built-in phone and email, lead scoring, visual sales pipeline, reports and dashboards, automations, and mobile apps, ensuring that sales reps do not have to juggle between multiple tools to get the job done. …
InsightSquared Sales Analytics
34 ratings
41 reviews
InsightSquared Sales Analytics is a sales analytics and development platform that also supports demand generation analytics and SaaS reporting. It is designed for providing insights into sales processes, closing rates, pipeline and revenue forecasts, calculating KPIs, and market hiring processes.
20 ratings
13 reviews
Clari is a predictive sales analytics and sales forecasting solution from the company of the same name headquartered in Sunnyvale.
Zendesk Sell (formerly Base)
31 ratings
12 reviews
Zendesk Sell (formerly Base) is a CRM systems designed for salespeople who need to access via mobile devices. Base was founded in 2009 and acquired by Zendesk in 2018.
Pipeliner CRM
5 ratings
12 reviews
Pipeliner CRM is a sales enablement tool focusing on pipeline management, sales processes, and analytics designed to empower sales professionals. Pipeliner CRM provides an easy to follow, visual sales process, profiles, and charts, all of which aim to help users take the right actions with their buy…
Predictive Pipeline, from XANT (formerly
9 ratings
8 reviews
Predictive Pipeline, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, keeps track of every change in the sales pipeline and predicts quota attainment with over 80% accuracy – on the first day of the quarter. It does this with Neuralytics, the XANT predictive engine. The product is based on C9 Predictive Sal…
15 ratings
8 reviews
Vtiger is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution with sales and marketing automation, project management, and inventory management capabilities.
2 ratings
4 reviews
Sellsy is one integrated suite for sales management. Some key features include: CRM Pipelines, Invoicing, Time Tracking, HelpDesk, ERP, and POS.
9 ratings
4 reviews
Affinity (or Project Affinity) headquartered in San Francisco supplies pipeline automation with automatic data and file capture with deduplication, task reminders, sales team efficiency reporting, as well as the platform's machine learning collective intelligence engine for judging the relationship …
0 ratings
3 reviews
MoData is an AI-powered sales intelligence software that provides organizations with insights on all major sales metrics to help make data-driven business decisions. Key capabilities include pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, revenue analysis, and account based sales reports. The self-service sol…
0 ratings
2 reviews
TopOpps is a sales pipeline management and sales forcecasting solution. This solution provides pipeline visibility and a unified workflow for both inside and outside sales teams. The forecast tool is designed to give users an accurate representation of the sales pipeline in real time.
0 ratings
1 review
Contalog is a sales order management app designed to help professionals in sales management. Some key features include: Catalog Management, Sales Order Management and Sales Performance Analysis.
1 rating
1 review
Traditional sales prospecting is inefficient and tiring. Vainu aims to fix it by transforming disorganized open and big data into insightful leads. Vainu is a sales intelligence, prospecting and account insights platform which aims to help users discover actionable account insights, identify timely…
Teamgate CRM
0 ratings
1 review
Teamgate CRM is a cloud based intelligent sales CRM system for small and mid-size teams. The vendor says that the intelligent aspect of the system gives a salesman the most relevant reports and insights. The vendor also says that advice on every step not only allows users to always stay in tact wit…
Revenue Grid
0 ratings
1 review
Revenue Grid is an AI Guided Selling platform that nudges sales teams with step-by-step guidance towards actions that bring the best results, shows deals at risk, and prioritizes tactics with the greatest impact. Guided Selling is a new concept in B2B selling that focuses on the needs and challenge…
Clinchpad is a customer relationship management (CRM) built to track deals and implement analytics for small teams.
InTouch CRM
InTouch CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform built for small businesses focused on email marketing automation.
Tracks is a sales pipeline management application from small UK company
Razpo is a sales pipeline management application developed by FFWD Labs.
SmartFunnel is software for managing the sales pipeline, with revenue forecasting, from small Canadian company Momenta Systems (aka
atQuota is a sales pipeline management application from a small team of developers based on Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Salesdiver is a sales pipeline management mobile application from the small US company of the same name.