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Marketo vs Eloqua Comparison

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Likelihood to Recommend8.3
Likelihood to Renew8.3
Product usability8.2
Performance and reliability8.4
Support rating7.7
Training satisfaction8.1
Implementation satisfaction8.2
Likelihood to Recommend8.6
Likelihood to Renew8.4
Product usability7.7
Performance and reliability8.5
Support rating7.3
Training satisfaction7.4
Implementation satisfaction7.4

More about Marketo and Eloqua

Marketing Automation
 6 |   0 |   0 |  5
Masha Finkelstein
Title:  Interactive Marketing Manager
Job Type:  Manager
Department:  Marketing
Company:  Hortonworks
Industry:  Computer Software
Size:  51-200 employees
Points:  76
Followers:  0
Likes:  0
Votes:  0
I lime marketing automation tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot... Marketo has great social media integration features as well. You could also do lead scoring right there and have targeted nurture tracks for inbound leads. Hope this helps.
Marketing Automation
 15 |   0 |   0 |  2
Harrison Yeager
Title:  Sales Operations Manager
Job Type:  Manager
Department:  Sales
Company:  Mass Relevance
Industry:  Computer Software
Size:  51-200 employees
Points:  220
Followers:  0
Likes:  0
Votes:  3
Every marketer should be using social as a channel, but involving automation is tricky. You can use automation tools to help track social effectiveness, and build insights around your lead's responsiveness to social campaigns that could help build buyer profiles and target them in other ways. But I...

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Pardot is a robust SMB marketing automation system offering marketing campaign management tools designed for SMBs.

The company was acquired by ExactTarget in 2012.

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Silverpop also has some social publishing capabilities built into the platform.

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Highly intuitive.
December 3 2012
Marketing manager at a medium-sized software company impressed by Marketo's ease-of-use and the sheer volume of campaigns it allows her to manage.
Marketo LOVES its Customers and We Love Marketo
September 27 2013
Marketo is a great product for lead generation, lead scoring and campaign creation. Analytics are a little limited and reports can be slow to run. The product has a great UI and Salesforce integration is strong, although trying to integrate custom Marketo fields with custom objects in SF is tricky. The company provides stellar customer service and a great product.
Selected Marketo for strong Salesforce integration.
January 10 2013
VP Marketing at an events consulting firm chose Marketo Spark (SMB) over HubSpot, Act-On, and Pardot.
Good product, but don't be blinded by vendor marketing.
February 15 2013
Director of marketing at a technology firm is disappointed with Marketo primarily due to very poor product performance / speed. Customer support and analytics are also pain points.
Issue with lack of reporting from Sales Insight.
November 30 2012
Marketing manager at a software development company loves the flexibility of the product, and how easy to use it is. The sales team is also very happy with the Sales Insight tool,although the lack of reporting on the latter module is a pain point.
Awesome. Salesforce integration very easy.
December 5 2012
Marketing manager at a biotechnology company raves about Marketo as a great solution for lead scoring, automated campaigns, and online landing pages.
Love ability to clone existing programs.
November 30 2012
A marketing director at an E-Learning company describes their experiences using the SMB edition of Marketo.
Great UI, strong Salesforce integration.
June 13 2012
Demand generation manager at a medium-sized software company that switched from Eloqua to Marketo gives a detailed review.
Very effective for nurturing warm leads.
October 3 2012
VP Sales at a services company discusses how Marketo enables Sales and Marketing departments to work together much more closely than before and execute more targeted marketing campaigns.
Expensive, but works well.
November 9 2012
A CEO of a small software/services company provides their perspectives on using Marketo.
Switched from Eloqua and very glad we did.
June 26 2012
An experienced marketing director describes their experience with Marketo from implementation to operational use and contrasts it to the previous tool they used.
Sales team loves Sales Insight module.
July 26 2012
A marketing operations manager at a high growth software company provides a very detailed perspective on Marketo.
Revenue Optimizer module should be included!
July 10 2012
A CMO at a fast growing software company describes the business benefits they have derived from Marketo and provides their candid feedback on the pros and cons of the application.
Marketo - A solution that meets many day-to-day needs
November 1 2013
Strengths are engagement metrics, ability to create multi-step campaign workflows and support for dynamic content. Landing pages and advanced customer engagement could be a little better. Overall, the platform works very well and has increased marketing efficiency. Support and documentation are both improving.
Marketo: leverages marketing database with full-featured lead generation, email marketing, lead scoring.
October 25 2013
Marketo is particularly strong at creating multi-step marketing campaigns and provides very flexible lead scoring. It's also quite easy to pass data to 3rd-party applications. They have a very strong user community with many people willing to troubleshoot and provide assistance. Response times can be slow at peak load, and new feature announcements tend to trail availability.
Major problem with email editor.
June 26 2012
Marketing manager at a small software company describes some of the challenges in working with Marketo to manage marketing campaigns.
Review of Marketo Enterprise Solution
November 11 2013
I love the new Engagement Program feature which allows me to create a stream of content from a content cache. Tokens are also a good feature for managing nurturing automation. It's very easy to create emails and landing pages using templates. Integration with the CRM is not ideal as there are sometimes long lag times and slow loading of smart lists.
Marketing Automation for those who don't have a Ph.D
October 30 2013
Marketo is great for lead nurturing and has a very user-friendly UI. The lead management module is excellent. We would prefer that they supported the RESTful API standard, instead of SOAP, and lead analytics are not all they could be. Tier 1 support is inconsistent.
Powerful and can make your marketing revenue driven. Requires an expert to unlock the full power.
October 30 2013
Marketo is an excellent platform but it does require some upfront investment in building out the logic/rules/process that will drive the system. It's also worth paying for some help with implementation. Highly effective for managing all marketing campaigns and doing nurturing / lead scoring. Integration with Salesforce and other systems is a huge plus.
Does what it's supposed to do well.
March 19 2013
Technology company switched from Eloqua to Marketo and early indications are that the system works very well for creation of multi-channel marketing campaigns with a strong integration to Salesforce.
Great product and Eloqua community is incredible!
March 23 2013
Eloqua is a great tool for lead nurturing, event management, lead scoring, campaign management, landing pages, etc. It's also great for sales teams allowing them to monitor inbound lead behavior and manage outbound emails. However, database management and reporting leave something to be desired. It can be challenging to pull custom reports and the product is weaker in this respect than products like Aprimo or Salesforce. Overall it's a great tool and the Eloqua marketing community User groups and conferences) are incredible and put Eloqua at the top of the class.
Industry leader, but complex product.
January 3 2013
Marketing Director at a global technology company considers Eloqua the market leader for email marketing, lead management / scoring, landing pages and prospect nurturing across a large global enterprise. Among the main benefits are that it is fully-featured, scalable, and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. However, there have been some hiccups, particularly around training.
Covers the basics, but usability and reporting poor.
June 21 2012
A marketing director describes her challenges in using Eloqua v9 and her reasons for switching platforms.
Eloqua is great company but product can be hard to use.
February 22 2013
Director of Marketing at a large technology company credits Eloqua not just with helping them build out nurture and demand generation programs, but also in helping them re-think their marketing strategy. Product is not always intuitive and takes time to learn, but is extremely powerful. Some disappointment that connecter to WebEx is very slow.
Robust enterprise tool that lacks polish
October 30 2013
Eloqua is a highly scalable solution with excellent customizability. The near real-time processing steps are also very powerful. However, many of the features seem like they have been built to 90%. In addition, things break regularly and there are very few notifications from the system to let you know. Managing update releases is also a pain point.
Powerful "Must Have" in a Modern Marketer's Technology Stack + Topliners Community is Unmatched!
March 25 2014
The Campaign Canvas allows power users to visualize the entire flow before building out a campaign. Lead scoring is entirely automated and fully integrated with Salesforce. Eloqua University and the Topliners community are both fantastic and the AppCloud is a game changer. We'd like to see Eloqua's Insight and Analyzer functionality boosted to better match our needs.
Best in class, worth the investment
March 7 2014
Eloqua is a great product with tight integration with Salesforce CRM. The ability to create complex automated campaigns is second to none. Lead scoring is also easy and intuitive, and reporting is great. The email and landing page editors could both be improved.
Marketing Automation Coordinator using Eloqua for B2C
March 5 2014
Education and support are outstanding. The E10 platform is well designed and campaigns are easy to lay-out and the email editor allows creation of good-looking emails. Custom data fields are also handled well. This is a powerful product that requires significant education to get the most out of it.
Eloqua from a Partner-Customer Hybrid Point-of-View
January 23 2014
Campaign building interface is very intuitive. The Campaign Canvas allows marketers to think like marketers. SInce the major update to E10, there are still some legacy interface issues that can get in the way.
Eloqua: Solid Choice for Large Businesses
January 17 2014
Eloqua is a great product for large business with the resources required to support the product. It integrates very well with other products and has strong training options. They have started to restrict customization potential which is problematic for legacy customers. Best practice expertise is lacking.
Eloqua Overcomes the Challenges of
November 19 2013
It's important to have Eloqua correctly synced with Salesforce to get the most out of it. Integration with Adobe Connect is also very valuable as it allowed us to eliminate manual processing. Email delivery and reporting is excellent, and it's also easy to create forms. We are just about to switch to E10 which addresses a couple of shortcomings.
The Marketer's Magic Stick!
November 19 2013
Lead Scoring is terrific, especially in E9. Lead nurturing is also very strong and the data management / cleanup tools are extremely effective. Eloqua does limit you to a single email address per contact, and we would like this to change (they're working on it). Te Insight module for reporting could also be a little more flexible.
Eloqua is the best...but it's not for everyone
October 30 2013
Eloqua is a very robust tool and integration with CRM and other third party tools allows for a more integrated marketing management experience. The platform also helps close the loop between marketing activity and sales results through functionality such as closed loop reporting and revenue performance management. The new E10 platform took away some of the capabilities used by more technical marketers and made the platform easier for general users. Reporting also leaves something to be desired.
Using Eloqua Marketing Automation Platform on the French market
December 2 2013
Eloqua is particularly strong for segmenting prospects and customers to personalize messaging. Lead scoring to increase lead conversion is also very effective. The only issue is that the user interface is difficult to navigate and the learning curve is steep.
Great product. No gamification.
February 13 2013
Eloqua is given very high marks as an enterprise-level marketing automation platform by a marketing VP at a technology company. It was chosen over competitive products for its ability to deliver better ROI. The only quibble is the absence of any gamification functionality as part of the product.
BMW of Marketing automation
December 9 2013
Campaign canvas, forms, and CRM integration are highlights of Eloqua. Areas of improvement are custom reporting, UI for program builder, App Cloud, and URL tracking for blind forms.
There's a reason Oracle acquired in class!
October 11 2013
The latest version of Eloqua is exceptionally strong for lead scoring and nurturing. The sync between SFDC and Eloqua is slow, particularly with the addition of lead scoring data, and uploading lists is a little cumbersome in the new version. But overall, we have seen great ROI and this is an invaluable platform for me and our team.
Powerful tool, but hard to use. Acquisition by Oracle a worry.
April 13 2013
Eloqua is used across the entire company for email marketing and marketing automation. Eloqua is the best marketing automation product on the market, but the user interface is very difficult to use. Beginners cannot use the product at all without significant training. An even bigger issue though is the acquisition by Oracle. It’s likely that we will be forced to move to a different platform, as there is a risk that the Salesforce integration will be deprecated.
Top Notch Marketing Automation & Highly Engaged Community !
November 8 2013
Eloqua offers highly flexible automation capabilities and robust CRM integration. Eloqua University and the Topliners community are also great resources. The only issues are reporting, which could be better, duplicate management, and some bugs on E9.
A leading software for marketing cloud and automation
February 28 2014
Eloqua is very efficient and up to date software with a wide range of capabilities. The sophisticated Salesforce integration is one of the main reasons we chose this platform. It has delivered very good results in terms of campaign ROI.