Amazon CodeGuru Pricing Overview


What is Amazon CodeGuru?

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that provides recommendations for improving code quality and identifying an application’s most expensive lines of code, performing automated code reviews and application performance recommendations. When Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is enabled on a source code…


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Amazon CodeGuru Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other software in similar categories


What is SonarQube?

SonarQube is a code quality and vulnerability solution for development teams that integrates with CI/CD pipelines to ensure the software you produce is secure, reliable, and maintainable.


What is PyCharm?

According to the vendor, PyCharm is an extensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) specifically designed for Python developers. Its arsenal includes intelligent code completion, error detection, and rapid problem-solving features, all of which aim to bolster efficiency. The product endeavors…

Sonatype Platform

What is Sonatype Platform?

Sonatype secures the software supply chain and protects organizations' vital software development lifecycle(SDLC). The platform unites security teams and developers to accelerate digital innovation without sacrificing security or quality across the SDLC. With users among more than 2,000…