Restaurant POSA restaurant-specific POS is dedicated to providing food services with attention to that vertical's specific needs, such as tableside or mobile device support and order entry, facilitating connections between servers, kitchen, and available inventory, and support particular to waitstaff (e.g. table management). Some restaurants are adopting a customer-facing POS with tabletop devices providing upsells and remote service. Therefore restaurant POS may boast a customer friendly menu interface to support this.Square POS1 POS (formerly Breadcrumb)2 Point of Sale3 POS5 Salespoint Solutions6 Systems7'D10 POS11 POS12 POS13 EPOS14 POS15 POS16 Point of Sale17 Retail POS20 POS21 Cloud Point of Sale22 POS23 of Success24 POS25

Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS Software Overview

What is Restaurant POS Software?

Restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions allow waitstaff or bartenders to process orders electronically and transmit orders instantly to the kitchen. Vendors may offer software compatible with commonly used devices or provide proprietary kiosks, tablets, and other hardware. Some restaurant POS devices are self-serve. Patrons may enter meal orders or request add-ons and drinks without waitstaff. These systems may integrate with a website to provide online reservations or take-out orders.

Besides order entry and payment processing, restaurant POS systems can sync with or contain inventory management systems. A few restaurant POS options also provide workforce management features. This is usually available via integration with a restaurant management system. Some vendors provide restaurateurs with the option of buying a restaurant management system and a point-of-sale in an all-in-one solution. Most restaurant POS vendors, however, supply hardware as well as software.

Features of Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS typically include these core capabilities:

  • Mobile device order entry and inventory tracking for servers

  • Cashier or tableside payment processing (e.g.EMV card processing)

  • Self-service kiosk or tabletop device for customers

  • Support for online ordering, social login, delivery & pickup management

  • Table management (i.e. server work assignment, order to table matching, order readiness & presentation tracking)

  • Website integration

  • Menu management (e.g. flag items Out of Stock, discounting & promotions or price change, happy hour, etc.)

  • Employee management (e.g. table assignment) and tracking

  • Inventory management & item performance tracking (e.g. best sellers, profitability)

  • CRM integration, or inbuilt customer data & records

  • Customer loyalty program

  • Multi-site management features (e.g. sales & performance monitoring, push menu updates & inventory changes instantly)

  • Software integrations (e.g. accounting, inventory, CRM, etc.)

Pricing Information

Restaurant POS price is generally presented as “price per terminal.” Additionally, cost may be determined by feature breadth, number of licensed users, and number of connected restaurants for multi-site establishments. Hardware pricing may be upfront, though many hardware restaurant POS are available on a payment plan. Hardware is often bundled and discounted when purchased with a POS software subscription. Restaurant POS software is generally cloud-based and available on subscription. The entry point is about $70 per terminal on an annual plan, however, prices may vary.. Hardware prices vary widely, with kiosks costing between $800 and several thousand dollars.

Restaurant POS Products

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Square POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android, and iPad along with the flexibility to accept credit card payments anywhere, from Square headquartered in San Francisco, California.

8 Ratings

TouchBistro is a complete mobile POS solution on the iPad for the restaurant industry.  It allows users to manage reservations, view the menu, take orders and review sales reports with a few simple touches. Instead of servers repeatedly moving between customers and terminals for order management,...

11 Ratings

Revel Systems, from the company of the same name headquartered in San Francisco, is a point of sale (POS) system for restaurants, bars, and related businesses (e.g. bakeries, wineries, etc) which can be extended to provide workforce management, menu and table management, and also a customer loyal...

2 Ratings

Lavu is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as an intelligent combination of cloud computing, wireless technologies, and a sleek touchscreen interface for restaurant.

8 Ratings

Clover Networks, a First Data company (merged with Fiserv July 2019) offers a modular suite of Point of Sale systems (PoS) for restaurant and retail. This modular suite features fixed PoS stations, a customer loyalty program and gift card, an analytics module, as well as a mobile point of sale th...

2 Ratings

Maitre'D point of sale (POS) from Posera headquartered in Montreal is a retail POS solution quick serve or table service restaurants, hotels, bars or nightclubs, and other venues. It consists of both hardware and software. Additionally, Maitre'D can be extended to provide restaurants with back of...

PixelPoint POS, from PAR Technology Corporation (ParTech), is designed for use in restaurant concepts from quick service to table service. PixePoint POS is a software that adapts to your business rather than forcing you to change your processes.

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AlfaRichi EPOS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as web-based front-end and back-office system and multi-device accessibility.

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Vivonet is a point-of-sale solution built around features such as mobile ordering applications, self-ordering kiosks, and fully-integrated reporting.

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POS Nation is a customizable POS built primarily for retailers, restaurants, and specialty stores. It includes features such as customized systems, capabilities for the entire sales process lifecycle, and inventory and employee management.

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Silverware is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as cloud-based solutions and real time web-based reporting.

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Harbortouch POS delivers a touch-screen point of sale system that will streamline your business operations and automate your management activities. Harbortouch is a Shift4 Payments (formerly Lighthouse Networks) company.

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NewHotel Cloud Point of Sale specializes in hotels and restaurants offering a complete set of functions like quick sale, Preparations and seasonings, client cards, etc., and is interegated with front-office, stocks, and events.

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Volante Systems Point of Sale is a customizable point-of-sale solution for multiple industries, from stadiums to hospitality firms.