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What is Meiro?

Meiro is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that collects, cleans, and unifies customer demographic and behavioral signals into an actionable Single Customer View.

The key component of Meiro CDP is a cross-device identification engine that allows users to track users'...

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What is Meiro?

Meiro is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that collects, cleans, and unifies customer demographic and behavioral signals into an actionable Single Customer View. The key component of Meiro CDP is a cross-device identification engine that allows users to track users' interaction with a brand…

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Product Details

What is Meiro?

Meiro is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that collects, cleans, and unifies customer demographic and behavioral signals into an actionable Single Customer View.

The key component of Meiro CDP is a cross-device identification engine that allows users to track users' interaction with a brand across all channels and touchpoints, from the first contact to sales to retention, online to offline. Meiro CDP offers augmented data points in a variety of direct marketing channels as well as in direct integration with programmatic advertising.

Meiro's Customer Data Platform features ETL & reverse ETL designed for private control. Meiro's delivery model supports any cloud provider, anywhere in the world, and on-premise hosting, to ensure compliance with any data privacy framework.

Meiro Features

  • Supported: Cloud or On prem - Meiro CDP co-locates with the user's data
  • Supported: Turns structured data and insights into action, no coding or IT work required.
  • Supported: Real Time Resources - Fresh, up-to-the-minute data
  • Supported: Data consolidation - Prepared data through automatic data collection and cleansing.
  • Supported: Single customer view - Builds a detailed picture of customers across every platform and uses behavioural insights to build personalisations in real time.
  • Supported: Segmentation - Algorithms decide on the best audience segmentations tailored to any use case.
  • Supported: ETL/ Reverse ETL with 190+ connectors
  • Supported: Report designer - Options to export data to a main BI
  • Supported: Integrations with programmatic advertising - Target audience segments and lookalikes in Google, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter ads
  • Supported: Mobile Push notifications (real-time) - Configure and personalize mobile app notifications directly from Meiro CDP dashboard
  • Supported: Dynamic web content - create and personalize pop-up and embedded banners on a website

Meiro Screenshots

Screenshot of A homepage of Meiro Business Explorer offers a dashboard where the user can either discover customers, create segments or get into insights.Screenshot of The diagnostic dashboard provides an overall overview of customer dataScreenshot of Create customer segmentation with queries that help to filter customers by their attributes.Screenshot of The customer detail shows information about the customer. Attributes available for customer and a timeline are displayed with customer activity throughout time.Screenshot of Personalized mobile app push notifications can be sent to audience segments in real time.

Meiro Video

Short Animated Overview on Meiro Customer Data Platform

Meiro Integrations

Meiro Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Peter Tomko | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Simply speaking, Meiro platform helps us to bring unique personalized experience to our customers. We are doing that by collecting data from various sources - CRM, web, mobile. By application of Meiro's flexible profile stitching model, we are able to target unigue customer. Platform helps us to build audiences and export them to other destinations of our choice. In my opinion, there is no doubt that Meiro platform can bring the value to any business. What I like the most is how they combine the most important technologies like SQL, python and R in their product - users can learn and getting always better in using Meiro platform. Bringing more complicated ideas on table and then have ability to execute it within the platform. I think this is unparalleled in comparison to other platforms - simply because to have trained employers in using advanced SQL, python or R and implement it directly to platform to help better target customers is definitely a win for the company in long-run (it is just much better than just to buy consultant that will do it for you). To have trained employers in area of CDP, personalization, SQL, Python, R and ETL is just such a dream combination that will definitely repay its initial investment in few months.
  • personalization
  • predictive modelling
  • ETL
  • audience generation
  • CDP
  • recommendation
  • community
- personalization (The platform helps us with execution of several triggers - abandoned shopping cart, shopping intention etc. We are not bounded by capability of platform - anything can be executed on our own.)

- CDP + ETL (Platform offers two products Meiro Integrations and Meiro Business Explorer - first one is sort of ETL tool using which, we can create custom data pipelines, connect to various data sources, build own connectors and schedule very complicated jobs. Second tool is more related to creating the custom segments, schedule regular export to another marketing platforms. I like how these two worlds are split. It just make sense to work with it.)

- predictive modelling (There is huge potential for data engineering and data science teams to fully operate the platform - running CLV models, recommendation engines, creating complicated data pipelines from various data sources bringing them on one place. I thing about Meiro as amazing execution platform for such teams - running CLV modelling on data marts and use outputs in Meiro.)

- platform enabling collaborative work (Platform offers various departments an environemnt, where they can work productively.)
  • audience generation
  • connect various datasources to have 360 degree customer view
  • execution layer - by getting the data, evaluating the attributes we can target customers in real time by various channels (web, email, mobile)
  • people are learning about functionalities of CDP - they started to work with data, they know that to properly target the customer we need to know that she may come from various channels
  • positive impact on productivity - that is without a doubt a huge step forward ()
  • employers are increasing their value added for the company - people are building consistently the knowledge in area of CDP, customer segmentation etc - in the longrun, I believe this will separate us from competitors tremendously. To have platform, skills to operate platform and domain knowledge of digital marketing - I believe that such combination is extremely important and cannot be replaced by any consultants offering you some black box solution that they will operate. Meiro helps us to build such experience and I am greatly thankful for that.
We started with Meiro. There was nothing here previously.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Using its identity resolution algorithm, we use meiro to identify customers across various touchpoints that meiro brings into a customer record.<br>It is easy to deploy on the cloud as well as on-premises. meiro is a scalable customer data model and its single-view portal is user-friendly.<br><br>Meiro provides centralized data for all customers.
  • Provide centralized portal for all the user data.
  • Dashboard helps in keeping track of important data pointers
  • Should have more features regarding Salesforce
  • Need better documentation for some features.
We use meiro to collect customer data from various sources and build unique and persistent profiles for each customer. which are then used by our sales team during further phases of project delivery.
  • its centralized Dashboard on the portal
  • Meiro has helped us keep a better track of our customers
Jason Terrick | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a customer data review platform Meiro has a lot to offer, mostly in the area of data list compilation, giving us a more stable and schematic view of what happens in each sales modeling process. Based on this, better opportunities to work with personalized data are achieved.
  • By being able to include segmentation operations within our customer management, it is no longer necessary to opt for the use of GDPR software, as Meiro and its end-to-end solution system is enough to cover the entire data matching quota, to properly define which salesperson is best suited to each customer (that's why we use this tool).
  • We do not agree with the derogatory opinion about our experience using Meiro, as the service proved to maintain a quite positive quality level, so we are satisfied with the investment made in the use of Meiro and with the results, it has shown us when modeling information.
We recommend the use of Meiro to work with customer data review processes that need to be managed directly from mobile terminals, as it offers an excellent deployment through Android devices, despite not having an installable platform, but its web version is adequate enough to work securely.
  • Several segmentation operations can be included in each session, tailoring to each client's needs.
  • Since the platform offers no additional costs to connect on an unlimited basis, one could say that the economic benefits are quite noticeable.
  • In the last season we have achieved a profit margin in US dollars at least three times higher than in the previous season, which shows the great advantage that Meiro offers.
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