TrustRadius for candidate usePI Behavioral Assessment is utilized once we identify an applicant that we'd like to move forward with. It's used as one of our first steps to see if the applicant would be a good fit for our culture, as well as for the position/department they are applying for. Everyone gets their PI placard on their first day with an overview of how to read their results. We also offer a learning and development workshop a few times a year to really dive into what results mean.,Clear explanation of results and what they mean Visual representation of results Easy to use program,Not sure that it's technically a PI Behavioral Assessment issue, but my company has recently integrated PI with our ATS Clear Company. It doesn't always integrate, but that may be on their end.,10,It helps us early on get an idea of how a candidate will fit at our organization and what strengths they might bring to their team.,,Workday Human Capital Management, JIRA Software, Atlassian Confluence,Employee SurveysNew to PI and I LOVE it!Currently we are using PI Behavioral Assessment for screening new hires. The Assessment gives us a good starting point for reviewing candidates as well as questions to ask during the interview process. We will be introducing it to our current team in October. We hope that the Assessment will enable us to improve communications within and between departments.,The Assessment is easy to administer and easy to complete. It gives ideas for questions to ask candidates during an interview. I also like the descriptions of the individual Profiles. I love the new Management Tools that have been added. The People Management Survey was wonderful.,Some of the Reference Profiles seem very similar. Maybe consolidating could help.,8,With new hiring, it should help make better hiring decisions which will reduce turnover and save costs. Once it is fully implemented, it should help with Communication. It should save money, again, on turnover costs. If people are communicating better, there should be as many misunderstandings which could cause workplace drama and hurt feelings which could (and has) cost people to leave their jobs.,,Kronos Workforce Ready,Employee SurveysHire the correct peoplePredictive Index is part of our culture. No candidate will be hired unless we see what we're looking for in their report? It is invaluable in both hiring, and then managing our workforce effectively. Every employee is approached with their PI in mind.,Clues you in to what you should expect from an employee Gives you a road map for how to work with a person. Let's you see who you're talking to, not who they're trying to project,The time it takes to really learn how to read the report is extensive There is no casual use of the PI. You need to commit to it.,10,Putting the right people in the right position is great for employee satisfaction and retention Our customers respond favorably to having people that they're comfortable with,,Hireology,,Employee SurveysPI Behavioral Assessment Software ReviewThe PI software is used by the HR department to assess candidates for job openings. We have also used it to evaluate employees to help guide and coach them in their current position. The PI software very accurately describes people, their strengths, and their weaknesses. It allows you to get a strong insight on somebody so that you can gear each interview so that you can ask specific questions to get answers on strengths and weaknesses.,The PI software does a fantastic job describing a person. It is actually exciting to get results. You are able to coach and train employees in their current positions because the PI software helps you see where employees need to grow. You are able to set a job pattern PI so that you can match candidates to the job pattern. This is very useful when you have a lot of applicants for a specific job.,The only thing that needs working on is the beta site. That's why it's in beta, though. Some of the functions aren't working properly yet, but they will be and I am very excited for that.,10,The PI has been very helpful when analyzing employees. You cannot go wrong when you are able to see a candidate or employees work style. The ROI is very positive. A lot of companies have a specific culture that they are trying to create or adhere to. This software helps you see if an employee would be a good fit for your company or not.,Employee SurveysPredictive Index-Great for recruiting and developmentOur organization uses the Predictive Index Assessment as a communication tool as well as a recruiting tool. The entire organization uses the PI, however, we see most benefit in our leadership teams.,The capability to accurately define a person's strengths and needs Customer support. I have found them to always be quick to respond and helpful. Constant updates/upgrades to the system,Adding PDF capabilities in their beta program (in process),8,Increased retention Support of manager development classes,Employee SurveysPI Transformed My Time Management Evaluating CandidatesPI Behavioral Assessments started out as a recruiting tool. We chose PI because it offers a refreshing transparency providing insights otherwise not seen. This supports our long-term investment strategy of bringing in new employees that match the roles we have available. How? We are able to evaluate and more precisely match employee capabilities on the front-end by creating intelligent job descriptions that are reflected through our Job Assessment parameters. Our underlying goal is to create and support the most important ingredient in our company. Our employees! They are our most valuable asset. By understanding the dynamics within each individual and bringing out those strengths, they truly look forward to their contributions in their professional role each day. In other words, they look forward to coming to work! We started this with our Sales department, however; it has migrated to include the entire company. We have learned, and are still learning, how different each role is and therefore, what is required from individuals within given specialty areas. Our long-term goal is to also strengthen our existing management staff and their teams with the insights PI provides. We are very excited to be using PI.,Do you know what drives each individual in your company? The PI Behavioral Assessment provides this insight with details that are profoundly accurate and open up a very candid and genuine conversation for both the employer and the employee/candidate. Do you know where their strengths are? The PI Behavioral Assessment will show you; for those employees/candidates that find it hard to express themselves, this is a true benefit. Do you know whether they are truly fulfilled in their role? The PI Behavioral Assessment facilitates open and candid communications; as you enter into a conversation about what the employee/candidate "truly" wants to be doing, positive decisions can be made that generate improvements the entire company experiences.,In Beta -> Hire -> New Candidates - > I would like to see the ability to create 1 or 2 additional "Type" folders that can be customized for my company. By being able to do this, I can more efficiently manage my potential candidates, rather that every time I go to review a position, having to make these individual selections each time. I would like the favorite icon and the pass icon to remain; however find it extraneous to have to sort through these candidates each time.,10,Positive: Better usage of my time with evaluating potential candidates, allowing me to actively focus on the best matches. Positive: Providing our Team with insights to their team members strengthening improved communications.,Concur Expense, Salesforce Analytics Cloud,Employee SurveysPI is a great tool for employee developmentI use PI Behavioral Assesment to help us coach employees and leaders. We are working on creating models for roles so that we can use it to help with employment decisions. Right now the big push is for leadership development. I use PI to help my leaders increase their emotional intelligence by understanding how they will behave in different situations.,Behavior profile - speaks to how they will tend to act. Factor combinations describe how strongly they will be in critical areas like decision making, risk taking and people versus task orientation. Create pros to capture ideal candidates based on best-performing people.,None,10,PI helps us to align jobs with people who would thrive in them. Can be helpful to create most effective work layouts,Disc,Prism,Employee SurveysPI Behavioral Assessment - Recommend!We have implemented the PI Behavioral Assessment among all of our supervisory staff and our administrative support staff. We also include the senior leader of our Germany and France operations. We are hoping to understand each other and how to communicate better with each other. Eventually, we will include the entire organization and use it for team communication and recruitment.,The assessments are very accurate. One thing everyone who has taken the assessment has said is "this is me" once they read their reports. Being an international organization, allowing the employees to take the assessment in their "native" language helps with the accuracy of the assessment. A lot of meaning gets lost in translation when you are only given the assessment in English and you are not a English-speaking employee. The tools available to help employees and hiring the right candidates are very user friendly and easy to implement.,I really have nothing at this point that I feel needs to be improved.,9,People have learned how we are all different and what we need from each other or our supervisors is different.,DISC,UltiPro, Kronos Workforce Central,Employee Surveys,30,1,Better Communication Better Candidate selection Better Team interactions,We are showing members of the same team how they match up or not. This is helping the team dynamics improve and gives the supervisor ideas for engagement opportunities.,We would like to use the cognitive tool to help understand the learning ability of candidates. We will be having managers and selected employees determining the job profile for each position to be able to better gauge candidates for the roles.,9PI: An eye-opening tool!Our entire organization is using PI in many ways. We use it to improve communication among teams by providing managers with their teams' PI results and coaching tips, it helps bring self awareness to who we are and what motivates us to better align our strengths to our roles, and we use it in the hiring process to help us pair a job position with what natural needs/motivations a candidate may possess.,The PI results help us become more self aware. This helps us adjust our paradigms and allows us to communicate better with our peers and those around us. The PI results allow us to be transparent with one another about who we are, how we communicate, and what gives us energy. This allows us work together more effectively within our teams and improve communication company wide. The PI results allow us to help with development opportunities which assist with employee engagement. The results assist us with helping the employee be in a position which, given their natural motivations, allows them to succeed in their role and helps alignment within the company.,PI could me more user friendly when it comes to the website. It's not hard to use but it's a bit slow to operate at though there's too much data weighing it down. I would like for the PI software to be able to print multiple Placards at the same time so you don't have to take screen shots and paste them into a Word document.,10,A positive impact PI has had on our overall business objectives is witness it's effect with employee engagement. We've seen how communication styles have changed among teams; therefore, creating a more engaging environment where employees want to be every day! The only negative impact we've had using PI simply came with poor timing. We just launched PI assessments to the entire organization and within the following weeks it was announced that our company was merging with another organization. Some individuals assumed that we were using this PI Assessment to determine if they were able to keep a position with the new company and were either reluctant to take the assessment or didn't complete it with an honest response. When we finally got word out about the great things PI does, and how it has nothing to do with their job position throughout the merger, we were able to ease some tension.,,Employee SurveysPI Behavioral Assessment throughout our organizationWe use PI Behavioral Assessment throughout our entire organization. This tool has helped us tremendously. We use PI behavioral assessment within our hiring and recruiting team, with our learning and development team, and our coordinator to ensure that the whole company is using PI. We use this tool to hire and keep the right people. For example we use the assessment to ensure that the potential candidate can thrive in this role. Once we’ve hired, we give read backs of their results during their onboarding process. Next, we sit with the new employee and their manager and use the PI scorecards to teach how each person likes to be worked with. We also do readbacks where we go over the results of a team as a team building exercise so that they learn to work with each others similarities and differences. We have used the behavioral assessment and so many other tools through PI. It has been incredibly worth every penny.,Helps in hiring strategies Helps in team building efforts Helps in personal development,Our PI site runs very slow Giving a manager access to look at their team’s PI results,10,Employee SurveysLearn it and love itPI Behavior Assessment is used in all our departments. While we do use it in development and conflict resolution, its primary role is in the hiring process. We had a high turnover rate a few years back and started to look into some of the reasons and thought that “bad” hires was one of the biggest reasons.,PI provides data to help understand each candidate. Can tailor results for each new position. Quick and simple testing.,None at this time.,10,As our engagement increases our turnover drops. If we let it slide and don't use it as much our turnover increases.,meyers briggs,Employee SurveysThe PI is great!PI is being used because we consult using PI with other organizations, and we are a licensee that gives access to other companies to PI. In addition, of course, we use PI within our own firm for hiring and coaching.,Giving managers an important tool that tells them how they can best interact with a given employee of theirs, manage them, and take care of their needs Helps employees across the workplace communicate well with one another Ensures that you are hiring people who are the right fit for a role and will thrive in that role because it matches the things that they enjoy doing and they are well-suited to do Provides coaching opportunities if an employee is not doing well in a role (using the self-concept graph),Making the website a bit more user-friendly, less bugs, a better experience overall,10,Obviously selling it to other companies, we've seen great things in terms of how happy our clients are In our own company, we have very loyal employees and low turnover, and the PI is always being used for coaching opportunities and assigning tasks,Employee SurveysA happy PI user for 35 years -We use PI across the global organization for all job types except blue collar workers in our warehouses. We use it in recruitment, in promotion/transfer discussions and as part of our leadership development program. At the time of introduction we had more than 60 managers certified in the tool, so that we could quickly get a common understanding and common language about the PI tool, and how to use it ethically and effectively.,Many similar tools are long-winded at the assessee level, and PI is outstanding in that the assessee feels it is easy to participate, and it feels less like a "test" than many others. That is a significant benefit at the recruiting end. The PI Tool allows the assessee and the assessor to have a productive discussion about personality traits - and the added benefit of handing over a description afterwards, which helps the assessee take on board all that was talked about - also, where their personality might not be the perfect fit for the organization or the job. From an organizational perspective, the tool helps the organization discuss diversity and build a team that is complementary - and avoid the "hiring in your own image" [pitfall]. Managers are able to understand the implications of having a team with high A's or low A's - and is much more willing to discuss team constellations with the insights from PI.,I find it particularly complex to find the set of clicks that leads to job profile comparison. Considering the importance of the tool, it should have a more prominent position on the tabs. I would really like to see the PI and LI be better Integrated - example: you should have a choice of displaying the LI score with the personality report. For organizational use - it would be extremely helpful if there was a method by which you could display a miniature picture of the pattern, which could be downloaded somehow. The reporting ability could be further build out. Allow data from the system to be extracted to Excel.,9,We have increased our ability to hire employees with a better ability to perform the jobs for which they are hired. It has helped us develop a better methodology to discuss talent and succession planning. At times we get into negatively loaded discussions, when managers see a different pattern than they wanted. It takes effort to align expectations.,,SalesPredict,Employee SurveysEver wish you had a crystal ball that allowed you to get an answer to the age old question, "Why do people act that way?" Well, look no further, the PI Assessment is your answer!When my organization first adopted the use of PI Behavioral Assessment, it was for the main purpose of providing a new data set to analyze during the recruitment process. However, it quickly became apparent that there were many other uses for the PI. Within the first year, we built a Team Building & Conflict Resolution Training that used the PI as an informative, fact-based awareness tool to help our teams better understand each other and themselves. We completed PI read backs for all our current staff and recently we have begun conducting PI read backs with each new hire during their orientation on day one. We also review their manager's PI and those of their team members so they have a better understanding of the driving needs and behaviors they can expect from day one.,The assessment is simple and easy to take. From the perspective of potential candidates, we wanted to offer them something that wouldn't take them 30 minutes or more to complete. Searching for a job is time-consuming and taxing enough, we don't want to burden people any more than necessary. The data that the PI Behavioral Assessment provides is the most accurate of all the various assessments that we experimented with. The hardest thing to gauge during the interview process is culture fit. The PI gives us an advantage that no other assessment offers; a look into the crystal ball of the all illusive question of culture and job fit. For management training and employee relations issues, the data from the PI Assessment is invaluable. Imagine that you are trying to hang a picture on the wall by using a sponge to drive the nail in. You can try all day and even question your handy-man abilities, but the bottom line need a hammer. The PI Assessment is the exact tool you need to take your management training and employee relations issues to the next level and drive home results.,The PI Behavioral Assessment has been around for a long time. However, there is a lack of connection within the local community of companies that also use the PI with whom we can network and share ideas and practices. Annual retreats in our specific area or social media sites specific for our regions would be a great addition. It can be cost prohibitive when your industry takes a downturn. There is not a way for our company to tie the assessment invitation directly into our Applicant Tracking System. This creates a very manual process of sending assessments whenever we have a job opening.,10,Our company turnover has reduced from 22% to 14% since we started using the PI.,Wonderlic, ProfileXT and Myers Briggs Personality Test,Sage HRMS, ADP Workforce Now,Research Studies,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,I would recommend implementing the PI read back with each new hire during their new hire orientation on day one. Having a sit down PI review with their manager and possibly their team members as well. The PI Behavioral Assessment isn't just for recruitment processes. This tool can be used for management training and coaching, employee relations and conflict resolution, communication training and more.,Being able to send multiple assessments at once to all the qualified candidates for the same position. Being able to group the assessment by job, or by company, or by date; whichever makes the most sense to your operations. The link to Catalyst and all the new tools that are being developed to ensure people continue to grow and develop their use of the product.,I am not able to link the Assessment invitation to our applicant tracking system. This makes the invitation process a little more manual. There isn't a place to link our group with other groups in our region that use the PI.,Yes,10PI until I die!The PI Behavioral Assessment is an integral part of our organization. Not only do we have every potential new employee take the assessment, we've also had all current employees complete it. The PI highlights each individual's strongest traits and characteristics, and helps us in HR to determine where they'd be happiest and most effective within the company! Love it!,Which traits will show more dominantly. The breakdown in the behavioral report is helpful to people who are not certified practitioners. Helps us predict an employee's potential and desires to advance.,Easier integration of PROS Easier to navigate home screen A way to clear the home screen of test takers that have already completed the assessment,10,Better business decision overall Helps place people in groups where they will fit in and be the most productive Helps people understand why they do what they do when they know the result of their own PI.,,iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite, Bullhorn Recruitment CRM, ADP SmartCompliance,Employee SurveysPredictive Index Gives Us a Variety of OptionsWe use the PI for a variety of situations. We use it as a part of our recruiting for hard-to-find niche positions, as development for teams and coaching for individuals. We use it for all parts of our company. We have had success with the insight it provides for individuals, and the vast majority of people receiving the feedback from the assessments feel it's spot-on. They love that the assessment takes less than 10 minutes, so it's an easy sell for a reluctant, busy employee. The only downfall I would say about the assessment is the standard reporting can feel a bit "canned". I've had some users say the report was 100% accurate to them and some claim 85%. Those saying 85% feel the PI was entirely accurate when I debrief them specifically on the graphs provided.,The PI excels in helping people understand the intensity of their natural, instinctual behaviors and, when compared to others' charts, how that intensity may play out differently than they'd hoped. The PI is excellent helping people understand how they are currently feeling about an adaptation and if it is currently causing them frustration or potentially burn-out. The recruiting guides and questions are very helpful.,The reporting can feel a bit canned. Some users have described it as an 85% match. Matching a pattern to a pattern name/description can be challenging occasionally.,10,In the recruiting process, we've been able to find good fits for niche positions, and the added benefit is onboarding them is quicker because we already have an idea of what their development plan should be.,,Employee SurveysPI has Evolutionized our businessPI Behavioral Assessments are the best tool we have in terms of: - Identifying and top-grading candidates for positions across the business - Team building, to leverage individuals' greatest strengths - Personal development planning for team members We have been using PI for over seven years, and it saves us time, reduces ineffective hiring, and maximizes the effectiveness of the organization.,We use PI to identify expected behaviors at the time of candidate recruiting. This makes our interview process much more efficient.,The new Cognitive features have not yet been used (we've instead been using Wonderlic tests), however they will be an area of future focus.,10,Positive ROI, as the licensing arrangement allows us practically unlimited use. We can evaluate many more candidates for positions in a much shorter time.,SurveyMonkey,Employee SurveysTrusted 30 Year RelationshipAt Claremont Savings Bank, we use PI Behavioral Assessment during our recruiting process. We also use it for coaching and in conflict resolution. The administrators are in the Human Resources department, and our senior leadership are trained administrators as well. Our hiring managers use the PI to help build interview questions.,Ease of use: Finding what we need is incredibly easy. Quick, at a glance placards, are great for a birdseye view of candidates and employees. Catalyst is an excellent new feature, offering us the opportunity to learn from others.,I'd love to see interview guides more readily available with a quick click on an action button. I'd like creating groups to be slightly easier. I'd love to see tips for communication for groups created. I love the analysis provided, but a step further with tips for communication would be amazing!,10,We have used PI Behavioral Assessment for 30 years with great success. Our employees love it, and often seek advice during conflict resolution. Our Managers love it to help them define pointed interview questions.,,ADP Workforce Now, Cornerstone OnDemand,Employee SurveysIncredible InsightOur company currently uses PI Behavioral Assessment within the Sales Department. During our validation period with a potential new franchise owner we have them complete the PI as well as the Cognitive Assessments to compare their behavioral traits to the baseline we have created in Job PRO. This allows us to see if our candidate has traits that would make a good franchisee. It also allows us to see where our potential and current franchisees may need support and coaching. The use of this allows us to eliminate candidates that may not have the traits of a successful franchisee, as well as prevents the candidate from committing financially to a concept that they may not excel at. Having the right fit is as important for us as it is for the candidate looking for a concept.,Compare behavior to a job PRO, taking out the guess work. Training is incredible. Providing insight into interviewing and coaching.,Ease and ability to run it within our CRM system. Connect the Cognitive PLI within the PI platform. The interview questions provided begin to feel redundant.,10,Increased our ROI.,Employee SurveysPI has reduced our turnover, has changed the way we communicate and develop our next generation of leaders!PI is used for interpersonal awareness, team dynamics, job fit, leadership development, conflict resolution and team building. We primarily use it for our corporate, management and guest service populations. PI ensures that we are placing the right people in the right positions. It also has created a common language so conflict resolution happens in a quicker and more comfortable manner. We have targeted development conversations using PI that have proven to develop our managers faster and more effectively.,Creates a common language to discuss motivational needs, behaviors and drives. Allows coaching conversations to happen in a more safe and productive manner. Ensure the right people are in the right positions. The PRO helps to identify the successful candidate and the candidate's PI can be evaluated using the PRO through targeted interviewing questions. PI helps the leadership development conversation using the personal development plan tool. The tool lays out the strengths, possible development areas and self coaching tips. This takes the guess work out of prepping for the conversation and serves as the foundation for the conversation to take off. It also lays out possible development or action plan items that can be followed up on in a timely manner.,Printing all of the reports at once is not an available feature. I think the placard is too simple. Adding a few more items to each factor. More management tools. I love the personal development plan tool and the management/peer scorecard. I would like to see more tools.,10,Reduced management turnover from 20% to less than 5%. Right people in the right positions. Stronger workplace relationships. Improved succession planning.,DISC,Employee SurveysPredictive Index works for us!We have added the PI to our online application to use as a tool in the hire process. We also use it as a coaching tool to help find common ground to start conversations and to promote understanding among teams.,The product creates for thought provoking conversations that help layers of the hiring decision get on the same page. PI is a great tool that enables us to dig deeper into issues surrounding employee relations concerns. PI allows us to put together better teams that work more cohesively together.,Reporting can be confusing when working with group analytics. Practice makes perfect. It's time consuming to conduct the read back but again practice makes perfect... the more you use it the easier it becomes.,9,We have been able to put the right people in the right spots PI has improved morale through better understanding Turnover has improved,,Paylocity Web Pay, Ungerboeck Software, PaperPort Professional,Employee SurveysFantastic and Helpful!We use it in the recruiting process and with current employees to build teams and for conflict resolution. We use PI across the organization.,Helps with the recruiting process! It's super accurate! It helps build rapport between teams.,Easier to read reports for people who haven't done the training. More Interview/coaching guides. integrations with more things.,9,Better hiring decisions.,JazzHR,Employee Surveys Research StudiesPI...........AWESOME!!!!!We use PI for candidate selection and also to help with understanding existing staff. PI has changed the way we recruit. We have found that it helps get (and keep) the right people that are suited the roles we are looking for. We have found that it has helped managers with existing staff.,Creating Job Assessments(Pro) - These are great sometimes you just don't know what you are looking for. You tick some you know. E Factor - This is the factor around decision making. Self and Self Concept - This can help tremendously for recruiting and for existing staff. Are they happy in their role? etc.,Before the upgrade it was easier to see the difference between the mid point of the self and self concept. No Biggie, I am sure I will get used to the new way.,10,Getting and keeping the right people for the right roles.,Employee SurveysPI is GREAT!We use PI Behavioral Assessment for incoming candidates.,Help a candidate understand themselves in a job Help a manager understand how to work with an associate How to assist associate in building areas where they struggle,I would like to see better integration with ATS,10,Associates are able to see where their own strengths are and they are able to use it to build their skills.,,Workday Business Process Framework,Employee Surveys Customer SurveysUnspecified
Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment
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Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment
56 Ratings
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Score 8.6 out of 101

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About Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a simple yet effective assessment that is broken down into four primary behavioral factors, or core drives. These core drives and their relation to each other create a behavioral pattern that provides a framework for understanding the workplace behaviors of candidates and employees. According to the vendor, the results allow users to better predict workplace behaviors and motivating needs.

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a scientifically validated, free-choice, stimulus response assessment that was created through a normative sample of thousands of people. It has been investigated in nearly 500 criterion-related validity studies across almost all jobs and countries, built to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), and the International Test Commission (ITC).

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