Qualaroo Insights allows you to survey or nudge site visitors at various stages of their visit, to gather insights and generate sales leads. a reliable solution in a fast-changing marketWe use Qualaroo in combination with Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Optimizely, and to improve our overall site usability. We also use Qualaroo to learn more about our site visitors: what led them to our site, what kind of information they're looking for, and whether they're finding what they need. Though we do use Qualaroo to gather quantitative data (e.g. rate the usefulness of information on this page), the most insightful data we collect is often qualitative (tell us what else you'd like to see on this page). Though response rates are low (2-5%) and the volume of data we collect is small, we often discover new insights or are able to make better sense of our user data from the most thoughtful responses that we get.,Rapid roll-out of micro-surveys targeted to specific types of visitors (Qualaroo controls) and/or pages (via regular expressions) without having to use developer resources Easy to brand (add a logo and change colors) to generally match or at least complement the look & feel of our site With the exception of some hiccups we experienced early on with changes Qualaroo was making to the way regular expressions work for targeting "nudges" (micro-surveys), the platform has been very stable and reliable Response notification and aggregate reporting (both online and via downloadable CSV files) are simple and intuitive Easy to "clone" an existing nudge to rapidly modify and launch as a new micro-survey We're able to pass session information directly into a Qualaroo submission from our site so that we can identify respondents without asking for an email address or other unique identifier (so long as they're logged in as returning/repeat site users).,The way regular expression targeting works can be quirky, depending on how your site works. A "nudge" that is sometimes supposed to display only on certain pages will sometimes carry over to a page where it should not display. The interface for editing and sequencing steps within a "nudge" becomes cumbersome once there are more than just 3-4 questions/screens bundled into the "nudge" (think 3-4 single-question pages of a typical web survey). You can use branch logic to make a very sophisticated question sequence and you can preview/test thoroughly, but it's a challenging UI for advanced use cases. The "exit survey" functionality does not work well on landing pages because the "exit" nudge displays when a user's mouse is in the tabs or navigation area of the browser. That's often where a user's mouse is located on page load for a landing page (especially direct navigation), so the "nudge" displays too quickly. There's no ability to set a delay before the exit "nudge" can be triggered. Qualaroo's NPS question type is too constraining (no control over labels) and the presentation looks dated compared to other micro-survey tools that I've seen since we signed up for Qualaroo.,7,Qualaroo has allowed us to take questions that come up in weekly team meetings and translate them immediately (same day) into questions we pose to users, with actionable insights coming back to us within 3-5 days. For sites with larger traffic volumes (in the 100s of thousands of uniques per month, vs ours currently in the 10s of thousands per month), you can probably get actionable data even faster. Qualaroo has worked well as an off-the-shelf micro-survey solution, allowing us to focus our limited development resources on other higher-priority projects (vs. trying to engineer our own micro-survey features into our site).,,1,0,Gathering on-page user feedback about specific content areas or pages within our site. Quick polls (with follow-up survey questions) that contribute to the original research that we produce. Engaging users who look like they're about to abandon either a landing page or a page in one of our interactive funnels to understand why they're abandoning.,We've used Qualaroo as a single call-to-action pop-up that redirects the user to a specific landing page or survey. This has allowed us to promote specific, timely offers and drive conversion. We've also used Qualaroo pop-ups as purely informational banners. We're testing whether a Qualaroo nudge can increase our site registration rates by explaining to new visitors how our content wall works. This is a temporary testing step prior to committing developer resources to changing the way our registration wall works.,We'd like to be able to pass data we collect via Qualaroo directly into our CRM and marketing automation systems to trigger personalized follow-ups with our site visitors. This is currently only available with the much pricier Enterprise plan (which we don't have). If lower-cost competitors develop this capability, we will likely switch platforms.,8,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,None,9,Self-taught,,,7,Yes,Very easy to clone a "nudge" to create a new micro survey based on prior surveys. Targeting of "nudges" using regular expressions has gotten better over time. You can now test your regular expression against specific URLs right in the Qualaroo interface without having to go to a 3rd-party tool for this kind of testing. This has made it much easier to work with regular expressions, especially for minor tweaks in targeting. It's really easy to update the look and feel of "nudges" and to format the content within the nudge. This has gotten better over time with new support for HTML mark-down.,Qualaroo calculates response rates across all "nudges" and displays that in your dashboard. There's no comparable response rate calculation displayed for each individual "nudge". This is easy enough to calculate, but it would be nice not to have to do the mental math constantly or to be reaching for my calculator to figure out response rates for the nudges I care about most right now. Having a single "dashboard" where all your "nudges" are visible in one long list and a related "Archived" tab is nice for it's simplicity, but a bit cumbersome once you're running multiple nudges across multiple domains.,No,8,5,10,8
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Qualaroo's feature set is narrow, keeping the admin interface relatively simple to navigate.

Qualaroo recently improved the way users can write and test regular expressions, improving the usability of that feature significantly (this was likely motivated by a high volume of support inquiries to Qualaroo on this feature).

The one area where Qualaroo could significantly improve usability is on the ability to design nudges with multiple questions. Adding a drag-and-drop feature to organize questions (even if this doesn't actually affect the branch logic that sequences the questions themselves) would be a big improvement.
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Qualaroo Insights allows you to survey or nudge site visitors at various stages of their visit, to gather insights and generate sales leads.

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