Audacity for fresh voice editor
July 21, 2021

Audacity for fresh voice editor

Julia Dachmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Audition

At first, it was difficult for me to understand the program, what and how it works, its many functions, what this is for, and so on. There are a lot of sound processing modes. Then I got used to the program and started using it with ease. The program will be very necessary for those who want to open their own recording studio, or simply record the tracks themselves at home if they have the opportunity and just in case a good microphone. So, I downloaded this program in order to record tracks or read tracks of other famous rappers, make covers on them.
  • Sound waves - Sound originates in the air, arising from its vibrations. The source of air vibrations can be, for example, a person's vocal cords, a drum or loudspeaker membrane, or guitar strings. These vibrations push nearby molecules together, slightly increasing the air pressure.
  • Bit depth - The bit depth (depth) of digital audio determines the dynamic range for an audio file. When a sound wave is digitized (sampled), each sample is assigned an amplitude value that most closely matches the amplitude of the original sound wave. The higher the bit depth value, the greater the dynamic range, the lower the noise level, and the higher the digital sound quality.
  • Automatic filters and special effects - Adobe Audition includes a suite of new sound effects ranging from circuit-optimized Surround Reverb to a suite of diagnostic effects.
  • Analog Audio: Positive and Negative Voltage - The microphone converts the pressure of sound waves into electrical current: high air pressure becomes a positive voltage, and low pressure becomes negative. As these voltage changes move along the microphone wire, they can be recorded (as changes in magnetic field strength) onto magnetic tape or onto a vinyl record (by resizing the grooves on the disc).
  • High-performance code - Adobe Audition has received a new redesigned code. This means increased speed of audio processing, accurate and smooth sound reproduction during preprocessing, the ability to work with multiple files and audio tracks at the same time, high overall performance.
  • Editing, enhancing and restoring audio - Any professional working with sound dreams of making the source material as close to ideal as possible. For this, special studios are being built with soundproofing, special acoustic form, and equipment. Indeed, if there is such an opportunity, then it is better to record sound in the studio. Even in this case, insignificant noises and unwanted sounds can be received at the input: a click of a switch, a weak background of a poor-quality or punctured cable, or, for example, a defect in human diction, in which some hissing sounds turn into whistling sounds. It is worth going out to record an interview, for example, in an office space - phone calls or conversations in the next room, the noise of the city outside the window, sounds of the door being opened, etc. will be added.
  • Lots of unnecessary settings
  • It is advisable for the next updates to think about the design for developers
  • Working with high sized recording availability
  • Cloud based work opportunity
  • Customer support
  • Well known of program which enables to find anything in forums
  • It helped us to speed up on our recording works
  • Removing unwanted sounds was very easy with Adobe Audition - An example would worth to mention is an unwanted phone call during an interview. The phone rang, the microphone recorded everything correctly, and with the help of Adobe Audition, everything can be successfully cured. To do this, you need to open the file with the original recording in the sound wave mode.
  • Voiceover of a commercial
Working in remote areas where there is no internet connection makes the new Adobe Audition as useful as boobs on a bull. The same does not go for the Audacity and the rest of their other programs, so the integration of earlier releases was awesome ... this new business model is a stumbling block for me. I'll not be looking for alternative software to see what best fills in the gaps in my workflow.

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An excellent sound editor and also good for studio voice recording. Easy to use, easy to do things like cut audio, tune and convert, process and mix. Can convert audio to many supported formats that conform to standards. I've used Adobe Audition in conjunction with Adobe Premiere Pro and I love the seamless integration between the two products. I could almost certainly do the same in Audacity, but the integration is so good - and if you pay for Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Audition comes at no extra cost.