Adobe Phone Gap: No Competition.
Christopher Power | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 13, 2017

Adobe Phone Gap: No Competition.

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Phone Gap

With a group of over 100 employees, we have 10 programmers, with 2 middle managers and a Chief Technology Officer currently implementing Phone Gap software into the business. The software is known among the entire company; however, it is limited to 10-15 students that design and code utilizing the Adobe software.Many of the programmers have multiple language expertise, but being able to transfer the code to other operating systems from a single language really speeds up the process of development. The business problem that Adobe Phone Gap addresses is the speed of development. Time is money and with faster development it can increase the potential for developing more apps and increasing sales and revenue. The other issue it resolves is the language barriers when programmers are not fully operational in every language. This software allows for a single language to be translated into another language without having to re-code and re-write for an entire other language.
  • Adobe Phone Gap has an extremely simple user interface that allows for easy learning to occur.
  • Adobe Phone Gap provides support for web languages and allows you to write in three of the main languages and transfer them to another language for use. This solves a common programming issue and is the greatest strength of the software.
  • Their desktop application allows for easy installation and programming.
  • Adobe provides quick support with questions about how to use the software.
  • The build interface notifies you of errors extremely quickly and helps identify the issue in your programming. You get an easy idea of what needs to be updated and adjusted.
  • I would like to see the ability to write mobile applications using SWIFT and then use Phone Gap software or plug-ins to be able to transfer the iOS language into the Android language or to Java, CSS and HTML.
  • We've experienced errors when transferring from one language to another. We worked on solving the issue and then had to simply adjust the native language and functionality for it to work.
  • I have a team of graphic designers who would be able to like to assist in building of the apps but they are very limited, so perhaps adding functionality like a wix or weebly where there are options given that can drag and drop so marketing teams can support development.
  • Adobe Phone Gap had a positive ROI. The cost is small in terms of financial investment and is also small in terms of educating employees on coding languages. The time it takes to learn how to use the software is minimal. Time is crucial to meet client deadlines and Phone Gap definitely assists in speed of production.
  • The negative impact is that the coding process becomes monotonous since our employees are already experts in Java and HTML, and they have an interest in learning to write in Swift and Python. Using just web languages could be boring.
  • As a business it helps to meet and exceed expectations and projections. The company expects to launch 7 apps within the next 7 months, and currently already have 2 apps ready to launch within the first month of using Adobe Phone Gap software.
We have not found competitors to Adobe Phone Gap that allows us to be able to code and transfer into alternative languages. The only alternative is to write in the languages required by apple and google in order to launch our apps on their devices and in their app stores. Using Phone Gap removes the learning curve of needing to write in each individual language and therefore would beat the competition because from what we have found and been recommended, there is no alternative to Adobe Phone Gap that is worth pursuing.
If you want to teach your team or students how to program and learn programming languages, you would not want to utilize Phone Gap software. The Phone Gap software creates an easy fix to avoid learning every programming language for mobile devices. This creates a learning curve for some programmers because they no longer need to learn every language to be successful. However, for personal growth, this could pose an issue if programmers need to change jobs and are only capable of programming in web languages and then translate them using Phone Gap.

Adobe Phone Gap works wonderfully for what our company uses it for. We use it because we have app launch deadlines and our programmers are invested in the company; therefore, they are aware that output is our goal, not actually learning the various languages, but more making sure the client is happy.