Looking for Enterprise Agility, Go for Agilecraft

Overall Satisfaction with AgileCraft

AgileCraft can be used for planning & delivery management for teams practicing scrum. We do budget forecasting , multiple release plannings using this tool at program level.
We create Dashboards & captured key metrics which are presented to higher management.
At team level it can be used to run daily scrum since teams are distributed at multiple locations where team can burn their hours in AgileCraft during scrum meeting itself providing more clarity where each associate is working.
For estimation, planning poker game is available enabling distributed teams to estimate where stories can be pulled directly from product backlog.
Other than stories, defects and test case management, it can be used to run retrospectives where action items can be captured, assigned & tracked. Scrum master can easily assign to stakeholders & track the action items to closure.
AgileCraft can be used to manage sprint ceremonies effectively for distributed teams along with program level tracking for value & cost.
  • Effective Sprint planning : Sprint planning can be done using Planning Poker in AgileCraft by clicking Team > Manage > Other > Estimation Games very effectively for distributed teams.
  • Team Capacity Allocation Report: After tasks are created at team or program level, the report from AgileCraft cab be pulled and can be verified that no team member is under or over allocated. A report can be generated by navigating to Team > Manage > Assign Tasks.
  • Effective Requirement trace-ability: To maintain requirements trace-ability follow the steps below:
  • Upload test cases against the story/requirement. once uploaded test cases will be visible under that story
  • Execute Test cases in AgileCraft and mark them as Pass/Fail based on the actual outcome
  • Based on test results, The acceptance criterion's can be marked as “Pass” or “Fail” & if marked failed corresponding defect can be logged & can be attached with the story
  • So against each story we can easily see whether all test cases been executed or not & which acceptance criterion's are failed & how many defects are in open or close state.
  • Daily Scrum: In AgileCraft, the option to run a daily stand-up is available from Team > Manage > Daily Standups. Selecting the sprint number opens the daily stand-up meeting window in which each team member's tasks are visible and hours can be burned against them. Conduct Scrum meetings in AgileCraft, and burn each associate hour against the tasks created during the meeting. The burn-down chart can be generated & viewed during the stand-up to check whether the team is on track.
  • Program level metrics & Scorecards: Though we can generate few metrics & scorecards but I feel few more metrics can be added like velocity acceleration , team improvement rate.
  • QA team often come to me regarding the test case tagging, it is very difficult to search particular test case here so I feel advance search feature should be provided.
  • Program Planning: In Agilecraft program tracker if we have lot of multiple dependencies & where situation demands to look at our features holistically across the entire landscape of the solution, it did not provide proper support.
  • Also If I need to take a call at which sprint need to be optimized I did not get that decision making enablement here.
  • Able to forecast & plan releases well using agilecraft leading to quality on time delivery.
  • Distributed teams are able to collaborate well, be it be daily scrum, retrospective, estimation though this. Also team members love the gamification part & they have fun using this tool. Earlier we use to face challenges due to distributed teams but after AgileCraft, collaboration & communication was no longer a challenge & we are able to see improvement not only in team velocity, but also team satisfaction.
  • Simplest tool to implement safe, scaling is always a problem with most of the agile tools but agilecraft helps in smoother implementation of safe practices & principles.
JIRA basic version do not have basic support for test management, capacity planning & forecasting.

Rally is good & rich in features but if you want to implement safe , Agilecraft is definitely a better choice.
Rally supports safe but I did not get good support from technical desk & few features are really cumbersome to use.

HP Quality Center 11 supports agile teams well but I found it pretty costly.
1) Forecasting & Release Planning
2) Scaling Agile at enterprise level
3) To maintain transparency, lot of information radiators, games, reports are available enabling transparency at portfolio level

Atlassian Jira Align Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
Gantt Charts
Not Rated
Workflow Automation
Not Rated
Team Collaboration
Support for Agile Methodology
Support for Waterfall Methodology
Not Rated
Document Management
Email integration
Not Rated
Mobile Access
Not Rated
Timesheet Tracking
Change request and Case Management
Budget and Expense Management
Not Rated
Project & financial reporting
Integration with accounting software
Not Rated