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Best Enterprise Legal Management Software include:

Mitratech TeamConnect and LexisNexis CounselLink.

Enterprise Legal Management Products

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SimpleLegal in California offers their flagship application for legal time tracking and billing.


Brightflag, with offices in New York, Ireland, and Australia, offers their flagship legal billing application, emphasizing spend management and advanced analytics.


End-To-End Enterprise Legal Operations Management Platform RazorCube by PracticeLeague is an end-to-end enterprise legal management (ELM) solution based on the company's Legal Transformation Platform that is designed to scale legal operations. Boasting users among 10,000 plus users…

Acuity ELM Essentials

Acuity ELM Essentials is a matter management solution for enterprise legal departments, emphasizing legal operations and legal spend management, billing, and collaboration, developed by the company of the same name in Richmond and acquired by Mitratech in September 2020.

DiliTrust Governance

DiliTrust supports corporate legal practitioners with software solutions and services dedicated to Legal activities and Corporate Governance, with the unified and secure DiliTrust Governance Suite. Its modules a Board Portal, Entities, Contracts Lifecycle Management, Litigation, and…

LegisTrak by Legistify

LegisTrak, from Legistify in Gurugram, provides Enterprise Grade IP Portfolio Management so users can maintain a central repository of all crucial information on Intellectual Properties to get a holistic view of a business.

Ascent Software Suite by Questel

Ascent ELM from Questel streamlines legal operations, manages legal spend, and analyzes all matter and business data to provide visibility into all aspects of operations with real-time insights.. Control cases & costs with one solution Data visualizations in real-time, in one…

Mitratech eCounsel

Mitratech eCounsel delivers Enterprise Legal Management for midsize corporations, boasting intuitive ease of use and flexibility. It is based on the product developed by Bridgeway Software, acquired and now supported by Mitratech since 2015.

LexisNexis CounselLink

LexisNexis' CounselLink is an enteprise level legal management solution that provides matter management, e-billing and reporting tools to help users manage clients.


Integrated Law Practice Management Platform RazorLex is a Practice Management Solution for all Law Firms; small or large. With multiple integrated modules, RazorLex allows firms to track and manage their resources. Boasting over 10,000 plus users in different countries, PracticeLeague'…

Mitratech TeamConnect

The TeamConnect Enterprise Legal Management platform is designed to meet the complex operational needs of large, global legal departments. Whether staff is managing litigation, contracts, intellectual property, product claims, compliance matters, or legal team projects, TeamConnect…

Legal Suite GaLexy

Legal Suite headquartered in France offers GaLexy, a platform containing a suite of applications to support large legal firms, meant to present an end-to-end case management solution though scalable to the needs of the firm, with modules for matter management, ebilling, contact management,…


BusyLamp, an Onit company since the September 2021 acquisition, offers their legal practice management system focusing on operations automation and including both matter and billing management.

Rolling Legal

Rolling Legal is a 100% cloud platform which offers Lawyers these benefits:- Monitoring the business, with visualization of all past and future activities, from emails, meetings and calls, as well as access to strategic information, management reports and dashboards that help make…


LawVu is a matter management software platform from the company of the same name in Tauranga, designed to put everything needed to run in-house legal function right at the user's fingertips.


Provakil is a legal operations management suite for enterprises. Provakil provides a single integrated SaaS platform for legal teams to manage all aspects of legal operations including litigation, contracts, compliance, and intellectual property with customized workflows and analytics.…


Zelican Technologies in Princeton offers a case management solution including time and billing tracking, document management and client portal, and other features associated to matter management, with price scaling per user and available to small practices to large firms.

Learn More About Enterprise Legal Management Software

What is Enterprise Legal Management Software?

In-house legal departments use Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) Software to handle all of their daily workloads. Legal businesses utilize ELM Software to maintain an all-in-one comprehensive platform for all of their operations, including their spending, report generation, and archiving. ELM Software allows them to effectively manage every step of the legal process, from opening cases, collecting data and evidence, to case closings. ELM Software also provides the framework needed for businesses to remain in compliance with various regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Many of their daily operations (ie, case tracking) can be standardized and eventually automated through this software. Through the automation capabilities provided by ELMS, legal departments can increase the efficiency and accuracy of most redundant tasks across all of their operations, allowing for reduced costs and workloads.

ELMS can be integrated with other software platforms, including Document Management Systems and Legal Billing Software. While they can integrate with these platforms, the critical difference with ELM Software is that they are specifically designed for in-house legal departments and not to be hosted within the legal billing department.

Enterprise Legal Management Software Features

Most products in the Enterprise Legal Management Software have the following features:

  • Assembly of documents
  • Document archiving
  • Portfolio descriptions
  • Management of spending
  • Payment processing
  • Government and regulatory compliance
  • Integration with other software
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Task assignments
  • Portal for clients

Enterprise Legal Management Software Comparison

Before purchasing Enterprise Legal Management Software, businesses should consider the following factors:

Partner Collaboration: Many law businesses will collaborate with other law businesses for cases outside of their expertise. Businesses should consider an Enterprise Legal Management Software that can host communications and case collaboration with these other law organizations to provide the best representation for their clients.

Application Building: Some vendors provide no-code platforms allowing businesses to build applications for any additional capabilities a business may desire for their operations. Applications can be created for industry-specific needs such as government regulation management, healthcare laws, and trademark renewal.

Customer Service Capability: This can be an important feature to consider for law organizations that don’t have a dedicated IT team. Some vendors provide 24/7 customer support and include software set-up costs in their pricing. However, if a law practice has a dedicated IT staff, this feature can be an unnecessary additional cost.

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Pricing Information

Pricing for Enterprise Legal Management Software (ELMS) is typically offered by vendors as a monthly subscription starting as low as $15 per month and going up to the thousands. Pricing variations account for business size as well as features such as integration capabilities and customer service availability. Most vendors will offer businesses a free trial before they purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Enterprise Legal Management Software do?

Law businesses and legal departments use Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) Software to oversee all of their daily operations, including client communications, case management cycles, and document archiving. This software also provides the framework needed for law companies to make sure they remain compliant with government and regulatory frameworks.

What are the benefits of using Enterprise Legal Management Software?

Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) Software allows businesses to automate many of their redundant daily tasks and manage their case lifecycles effectively, allowing them to increase their efficiency and save costs.

What are the best Enterprise Legal Management Software products?

These are considered the best Enterprise Legal Management Softwares:

How much does Enterprise Legal Management Software cost?

Vendors commonly price legal Management Software (ELMS) as a monthly subscription with prices ranging from $15.00 to thousands of dollars a month. There are also many free versions and trials available to businesses before committing.