Data Governance Software

Data Governance Software Overview

What is Data Governance Software?

Data governance, sometimes called data stewardship, software helps organizations to manage both internal and external data to improve its quality, compliance, usage, and storage. Data governance software products also monitor security and metadata repositories

Data Governance Software Features & Capabilities

  • Enterprise governance. Maintain and manage data attributes through a common data model
  • Business data dictionary or glossary for creation and management of business terms
  • Security and auditing. Role-based access to data. Access to snapshots to meet regulatory requirements
  • Visualization and reporting. Create reports and share governance information
  • Data remediation. Review records and resolve issues once problems are identified
  • Business rule validation. Help data meet organizational standards for data quality
  • Metadata management and visualization.
  • Application Integration. Ability to integrate with other applications

Data Governance vs. Data Quality vs. MDM

One way of thinking about these related by not identical domains is that data governance is the highest level activity and is entirely focused on helping enterprises benefit from the strategic value of all their data. Both data quality and master data management (MDM) are data governance strategies or supporting activities.

  • Data Governance is a set of policies and procedures designed to manage data usability, availability, integrity and security. In contrast to Data Quality, this is more of a business function focused on managing data as a strategic enterprise asset.
  • Data Quality is a measurement of the degree to which information meets the requirements of the users/workers using it to perform their jobs. It is predominantly an IT specialty and managed by those proficient in specialist data quality and data management tools. Higher quality data is an outcome of a good data governance program.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) software provides a way of managing all critical data from multiple applications in the organization. It does this by linking to a universal or master data file. The crucial problem that MDM solves is that, in large organizations, key data is likely to be stored in multiple different databases. Without an MDM system, none of these customer records has primacy over the others.

Data Governance Products

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27 ratings
30 reviews
Egnyte delivers a content platform that is purpose-built for businesses, as a trusted platform to secure and govern all company files. Egnyte promises to give IT centralized control and protection over their files, and users fast access to their content, no matter how or where work happens.
Netwrix Auditor
24 ratings
16 reviews
Netwrix Auditor is designed to enable auditing of the broadest variety of IT systems, including Active Directory, Exchange, file servers, SharePoint, SQL Server, VMware and Windows Server. It also supports monitoring of privileged user activity in all other systems. According to the vendor, Netwri…
SAP Master Data Governance
6 ratings
10 reviews
The SAP® Master Data Governance application provides ready-to-run, domain-specific master data governance, enabling users to decentrally own and consolidate or to centrally create, change, and distribute master data across the enterprise system landscape. Tight integration with other SAP solutions…
Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub
32 ratings
9 reviews
The Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub powered by SDX supplies data governance capabilities with data warehouse, Cloudera Operational DB, a noSQL database, and other features.
Varonis Data Security Platform
7 ratings
7 reviews
Varonis offers their Data Security Platform, a modular suite of data acess and data security products providing sensitive data discovery, data access governance, unusual behavior detection, GDPR compliance support, as well as incident playbooks and cybersecurity forensic reporting.
2 ratings
2 reviews
OneTrust headquartered in Atlanta offers their privacy data management platform, the OneTrust Consent Management Platform, providing website compliance scanning, cookie management, publisher and mobile app compliance and related features, as well as legal research compliance platform DataGuidance, a…
Ataccama ONE
0 ratings
1 review
Ataccama is a data quality platform handling data parsing, standardization, cleansing and matching, and data profiling.
2 ratings
1 review
STEALTHbits Technologies, headquartered in Hawthorne, offers the StealthAUDIT data access governance platform, supporting the location of sensitive data, the discovery of who has access to it, and assessment of associated risk.
Cloudera Data Platform
4 ratings
1 review
Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), launched September 2019, is designed to combine the best of Hortonworks and Cloudera technologies, to deliver the industry’s first enterprise data cloud. CDP delivers self-service analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, along with sophisticated and granula…
11 ratings
1 review
The Collibra Platform is a cloud-based data governance platform from the company of the same name in Brussels, enabling users to gain visibility into their data, collaborate intelligently and enable users to easily access trustworthy data, automate processes, manage compliance and, ultimately, make …
Alation Data Catalog
7 ratings
1 review
Alation in Redwood City offers their collaborative Alation Data Catalog for the enterprise, a solution designed to improve analytic productivity and drive better business decisions. Alation automatically indexes data by source, and automatically gathers knowledge about data, while using machine lear…
Vaultastic is provided as a cross-platform, reliable, secure, elastic cloud-based email archiving platform that helps Preserve, Manage, Discover and Recover email information easily. Why Archive Email»Data is the new oil: Recover 'lost' information, Uncover actionable data, Detect Compliance Violati…
Infogix Data3Sixty Govern
Infogix in Naperville offers Data3Sixty Govern, an enterprise data governance, catalog and metadata management solution. Data3Sixty Govern translates highly technical metadata into meaningful business information that can benefit everyone and be utilized by anyone in the enterprise. Infogix has exp…
Identity Manager Data Governance
Identity Manager Data Governance Edition gives access control to the business owner rather than the IT staff. The business owner can grant access to sensitive data. With the Identity Manager restricted access functionality, users can analyze, approve and fulfill unstructured data access requests to …
IBM Industry Models
IBM Industry Models presents industry specific data models to support data governance and compliance efforts, and to help organize data warehouse into design models that support KPI analysis.
Proofpoint Data Discover
Proofpoint Data Discover locates, tracks, and helps secure sensitive data across a wide variety of locations and transmission to prevent internal threats and enforce compliance with regulations and policy.
CTG EIM Advantage
CTG (Computer Task Group) headquartered in Buffalo offers EIM Advantage, an IT asset usage and optimization analytics platform providing enterprise asset modeling, governance, optimization, and a vendor management solution.
TransPerfect TransCEND
TransPerfect headquartered in New York offers TransCEND, an enterprise rights management solution.
Commvault Activate
Commvault Activate is an insight toolset for utilizing data in business, search, discovery and governance contexts. Commvault Activate is designed to help overcome data governance and compliance challenges.
Accurity Software
Accurity Software is a data governance suite from Simplity in the Czech Republic consisting of 5 modules for building a common data language, monitor data quality and correct data, explore data, and maintain reference data.
Qlik Data Catalyst
Qlik Data Catalyst builds a secure, enterprise-scale catalog of all the data in an organization available for analytics, no matter where it is. The software provides automated data preparation and metadata tools streamline the transformation of raw data into analytics-ready information assets.
Getvisibility in Cambridge presents a product that utilises Deep Learning AI for data classification and blockchain for data lineage, to give companies visibility, control and a dynamic understanding of their data as it is being created. Getvisibility is designed to process and classify unstructure…
Data Advantage Group MetaCenter
Data Advantage Group (DAG) in San Francisco offers their metadata management technology MetaCenter, including the MetaCenter Metadata Repository, the ActiveLinx Adaptors for building connections to a host of different information assets so data owners and stewards can establish business rules and me…
RecordPoint Records365
Records365, from RecordPoint in Bellevue, is an information and records management software solution designed to help organizations manage regulatory, legal, and information governance requirements for electronic and physical content. Records365 federates a variety of content sources, including Shar…
Classify360 is a single-source Data Governance solution delivering actionable data intelligence to empower strategic decisions around data reduction, compliance, and journey to the cloud, from Congruity 360 in Norwell.