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PremiSys ID, TrustID and AlphaCard.

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TrustID are experts in identity document validation solutions, designed to make identity checks easy, from the office or remotely. TrustID services are designed to simplify ID checks, protecting businesses of all sizes from fraud, saving time, driving efficiencies and ensuring compliance.…


AlphaCard headquartered in Portland offers customized ID solutions to help organizations design, print, and display their own personalized high-quality ID cards.

PremiSys ID

PremiSys ID from PDC IDenticard, a Brady Corporation company, is an ID card and badge solution.

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M u l t i - E n ro l l m e n t S e r v i ce s Application (MESA) by IDEMIA is an off-theshelf software for enrollment and document issuance. Addressing a broad range of applications –civil registers, border control, law enforcement – MESA is designed to meet the most stringent…

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SecuraSeal offers accreditation pass options. From high security encapsulated paper passes with security print through to PVC cards, they can supply the appropriate type of pass to suit any event. Secure Event PassesAccreditation paper and laminate combinations to be used at major…

BadgePass TotalCard

BadgePass TotalCard is a campus ID card solution, supporting student meal plans, badging and access control, PoS functionality, as well as event tracking and integration with the campus' SIS.

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Over 83% of the world’s population owns a mobile device. That’s more devices than toothbrushes... litecard creates rich customer experiences catered for Australians, helping businesses to utilise the cost-saving power of Apple/Google Wallet technology.

OneSpan Digipass Hardware Authentication

OneSpan offers Digipass one-button authenticators which they present as small, easy-to-use, single-button devices that support strong authentication with one-time passwords (OTPs). The Digipass GO 100 Series display cards are credit card size one-button authenticators, which banks…

Nexus Smart ID

Nexus Smart IDs (replacing the former neXus PortWise) are an employee ID solution, used for access control to facilities, passwordless authentication to digital resources, or digital signatures documents, among other use cases.

FEITIAN Power Card

FEITIAN offers the Power Card line of ID card solutions.

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Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Weymouth, Magicard offers ID card printing with a range of desktop devices for every secure ID card issuance requirement. Magicard printers are, according the vendor, known for their built-in security features, including the HoloKote® secure…

HID Integrale
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HID Global offers the Integrale software application suite supporting identity card generation, issuance, and management.

Entrust Instant  ID

Entrust™ Instant ID software (formerly TruCredential) is a solution for creating, issuing, and managing secure ID cards and credentials, allowing organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements — from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials.

ID Flow
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Jolly Technologies offers ID Flow, an ID card security creation, issuance and management application.

BadgePass One
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BadgePass ONE was designed for customers looking to improve their card issuance processes and workflow. A cloud application designed for use on any workstation or mobile device, it’s an ID badging software designed to offer a true native app experience. Downloadable from the App…

BadgePass Identity Manager

BadgePass Identity Manager is the company's ID badging software.

IDpack Cloud
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IDpack Cloud is a cloud-based solution, to print ID cards online with annual subscriptions, also known as a Software as a Service ("SaaS") application. This means, no more wasted time downloading and installing software, configuring database and with issues regarding compatibility.…


HID Global’s cloud-based card issuance platform, HID® FARGO® Connect™, brings together all the elements of a card issuance program into a centralized and integrated system.

Zebra CardStudio

CardStudio from Zebra Technologies is a card issuance, printing and design solution for retail loyalty, access, and related purposes.

Learn More About ID Card Software

What is ID Card Software?

ID card software uses an individual’s information to create physical ID cards and digital ID cards that can be stored on mobile phones. It supports the entire process from information acquisition through design and issuance. ID cards secure access to businesses, universities, infrastructure facilities, banks, airports, and hospitals.

Custom user and group permissions support authorized access to specific locations and resources. It is used for visitor management and to facilitate time and attendance reporting.

ID card software provides tools to capture an individual’s information either through peripherals or database integrations. It supports digital and physical card formats, barcoding, magnetic stripe, contactless, and smart cards. ID card software integrates with access control systems. Products with advanced features include biometric scanning and identity verification.

ID Card Software Features

ID card software includes these identifiable features:
  • Supports multiple card formats and encoding

    • Photo IDs with barcodes

    • Magnetic stripe cards

    • Contactless RFID cards

    • Chip smart cards

    • Different card sizes

    • Digital ID cards

  • Database and web services integration for ID information and organizational content

  • Works with a variety of peripherals

    • Printers

    • Webcams

    • Digital cameras

    • Fingerprint and driver’s license scanners

  • Biometrics

    • Captures signatures and fingerprints

    • Identity verification

    • Facial recognition

  • Card design wizards

  • ID content management

    • ID cardholder information

    • Designs

    • Database connections

    • Printer settings

  • Integration with access control systems and software

  • Automated activation or deactivation of ID card credentials

  • Automated photo cropping and printing

  • Record keeping and reporting

  • Multi-language support

  • On-premise or cloud deployment

ID Card Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing ID card software:

  1. Use Case: Basic products support simple ID card design, information entry, photo capture, and printing. Products with advanced features use AI and support enhanced security features, biometric scanning, identity verification, multiple digital and physical ID formats, a variety of peripherals, and database integrations.
  2. Type of ID Card: Determine which type of card would best suit your purposes. This software can create IDs with barcodes or magnetic stripes, contactless ID cards, or smart ID cards.
  3. Installation: Would you benefit more from an on-premises installation or a SaaS software deployed in the cloud?

Pricing Information

ID card software pricing depends on the product features. Licenses can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Some products offer a subscription pricing model. Feature-rich ID card software sometimes requires obtaining a quote from its vendor. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ID card software do?

ID card software creates physical and digital ID cards that secure access to an organization’s location and resources. It captures an individual’s information using peripherals or database integrations. The ID card software supports a variety of ID card formats, photo, magnetic, contactless, and chip smart cards.

What are the benefits of using ID card software?

The use of secure ID cards prevents unauthorized access to your organization’s facilities and resources. ID card software provides a central platform to produce ID cards and store all ID-related information and content.

What are the best ID card software products?

How much does ID card software cost?

ID card software pricing depends on the product's features. Licenses can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and robust offerings require a price quote. Cloud-based services have flexible pricing determined by the number of cardholders, type of cards, and supported peripherals.