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Fullbay is cloud-based shop management software built specifically for heavy duty repair shops, from the company of the same name in Phoenix, that supports invoicing, electronic work authorization, parts management, and includes a customer portal.
IDMS by DealerSocket
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DealerSocket headquartered in Irvine, Texas offers their dealer management system (DMS) featuring CRM, inventory controls, analytics as well as service department management and a full suite of tools for marketing and web presence, including dealer website.
Karmak Fusion
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Karmak Fusion is an automotive repair shop management system from Karmak Technologies in Illinois, a Windows-based application featuring back office administrative workflow automation (e.g. parts and vendor management, accounting, etc.).
AutoServe1 is a vehicle inspection mobile workflow application from the company of the same name in Toronto.
AutoRepairMaster POS
ASA Automotive Systems in New Hampshire offers AutoRepairMaster POS, a point of sale system for automotive shops that also includes support for vehicle inspection support, invoicing, employee productivity and customer management tools.
AutoFluent is an auto repair shop management system for general repair centers, featuring front desk administrative automation support. AutoFluent is supported by Total Auto Business Solutions in Carmichael, California.
Auto Repair Bill
Auto Repair Bill in Limerick offers their auto repair shop management system with invoicing, booking, and quoting tools with parts order automation, invoice presets, customer and VIN records, and other auto specific features.
AudaExplore is an auto shop management system featuring estimate writing and repair tracking, insurance communication, analytics, and other administrative automation features, and is from the company of the same name in San Diego.
Mazsoft Workshop
Mazsoft in New Zealand offers their flagship shop management application for smaller auto repair shops, which provides both front and back desk administrative operations automation (e.g. accounting, customer management, etc.).
MAM Autowork Online
MAM Software in the UK (now with an American presence as well) offers Autowork Online, a cloud-based automotive repair shop management system with Carside tablet application for analysis and customer education, parts and vendor management, business intelligence, billing assistance, and other feature…
MODERN (formerly MDS Notify)
Modern (formerly My Dealer Service) in Denver offers MODERN (formerly MDS Notify), a customer communications platform emphasizing SMS customer communication platform and service workflow application.
Mitchell1 Manager SE
Mitchell1 offers Manager SE, an automotive repair shop management system that provides service writing and estimating, repair, and diagnostic assitance, and is extensible to cover other business needs (e.g. marketing) through add ons and modules.
Mobile Manager Pro
Mobile Manager Pro from Bolt On Technology is a marketing and customer service module for auto shops, featuring automated appointment reminders and lube sticker service, customized invoicing, customer text communications system, and RO generation from mobile application.
LANKAR is an automotive repair shop management system from the company of the same name in Hawaii that is meant as an all-in-one solution and offers administrative automation (e.g. parts and vendor management, accounting and payroll), as well as some marketing features.
Winworks AutoShop
Winworks Software offers AutoShop automotive shop management system, featuring repair order writing, repair assistance, inventory management, and other workflow automation features.
CCC ONE Total Repair
CCC Information Services in Chicago offers CCC ONE Total Repair, a shop management system for collision repair centers emphasizing administrative efficiency and operations support, and profit reporting.
Mechanic Advisor
Mechanic Advisor in Boston offers their flagship auto shop management software application featuring marketing, appointment, and messaging as well.
Web-Est (Crash-WriteR)
Web-Est (including technology from the former Crash-WriteR) caters to the small to mid-size auto collision repair shops and auto physical damage appraisers by providing what they describe as a low-cost, high-value, logic-based collision repair estimating software solution.
R.O. Writer
Progressive Automotive Systems in Illinois offers R.O. Writer, an auto shop management system for auto repair, tire repair, and quick lube stations. R.O. Writer features part vendor management, the R.O. Touch mobile management application, and other features to make running a shop more convenient.
Autodata Portfolio Manager
Internet Brands company Autodata offers the Portfolio Manager software toolset allowing dealers to connect with customers at the right time.
Chrome Data Carbook
Chrome Data, a brand of Internet Brands company Autodata Solutions, offers Carbook, in editions Carbook Pro web based car builder vehicle customization worksheet, and Carbook Showroom vehicle configuration platform for dealers and consumers.
TireShop is a tire store management software from FreedomSoft in Asheboro, designed for speed, efficiency, and ease of use. TireShop is a full-featured program for full service shops, including tire, auto repair, and quick lube software all in one.
Auto/Mate by DealerSocket
DealerSocket aims to help dealers large and small by making them more profitable, improving their processes and reducing their frustration through innovative software and support. Together, Auto/Mate and DealerSocket are giving dealers a new choice through providing their connected platform, and boa…
Flexibase DMS
Flexibase DMS is a fully integrated Dealer Management System for Car Supermarkets. Joining up every department with process and workflow automation, Flexibase DMS is designed to help users run operations. It connects with vehicle data sources, partners, and APIs. Eliminate re-keying data and autom…
Technosoft Automotive
Technosoft Yana Dealer Management System (DMS) is an integrated suite of customer experience (CX) centric intelligent automotive retail solutions from Technosoft powered by Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Yana DMS offers complete end-to-end solution for dealerships in a single platform co…