Breezy makes managing recruiting easy!
September 19, 2016

Breezy makes managing recruiting easy!

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Overall Satisfaction with Breezy HR

We use Breezy across our whole company of ~25 employees to manage the recruiting process. This includes creating a requisition, syndicating it to our website via the embedded widget, and syndicating to other third-party online job aggregators for maximum reach. From there, we use Breezy to track inbound (and referred / internally sourced) candidates through the evaluation process from initial screening through hiring.
  • The user interface is really easy to pick up, and so none of our users have required any training to get going.
  • The template format makes it easy to ensure that no matter who creates a requisition it follows a similar format. It's also possible to copy/clone past requisitions to save the effort of re-entering the boilerplate "about us" etc.
  • The default landing page that Breezy provides has the right amount of customization without being overwhelming or feeling complicated.
  • The ability to configure real-time notifications via Slack is nice. If you've got a difficult requisition to fill, it makes it easy to be highly responsive to high quality inbound candidates.
  • It was really simple to embed their widget onto our own jobs page as well.
  • The role and permissions definitions are relatively limited so we pretty quickly wind up having to make many people "Admin" level roles. It isn't a problem for our company, but it might be an issue for larger deployments or more complex scenarios.
  • It would be nice if the system could "poke" team members when they've got candidates lingering too long in various pipeline stages.
  • For our relatively simple needs, Breezy is a total no brainer given the very affordable price point and how easy it is to setup.
We previously used SmartRecruiters who used to have a free or very affordable tier. They then made the business decision to drastically raise the bar on their lowest paid tier, at which point I looked for an alternative and quickly ran across Breezy on Product Hunt. For our needs, Breezy is far more affordable, has the functions we need, and I believe has better usability as well.
Breezy has been a great solution for coordinating hiring process across our geographically distributed team. It was incredibly simple to setup (an hour?) and embed in our own website.

Breezy HR Feature Ratings

Job Requisition Management
Company Website Posting
Publish to Social Media
Job Search Site Posting
Customized Application Form
Resume Management
Applicant Tracking
Task Creation and Delegation
Email Templates
User Permissions
Notifications and Alerts

Using Breezy HR

12 - Everyone who's a manager level or above running a hiring process uses it, and in some cases the interviewers as well. For example, for software developer / technical hires, the hiring team individuals take slightly more detailed notes on the candidates. So I'd say at least half the company uses Breezy.
1 - Really there's no support required, other than adding or removing users or adding or archiving requisitions once filled.
  • Creating requisitions and the hiring teams responsible for sourcing, interviewing, and providing feedback on candidates.
  • Syndicating those requisitions to our corporate website jobs page and to third-party sites.
  • Managing the candidate flow from inbounds to referrals and tracking candidates through the pipeline.
  • It'd be great if Breezy had a more proactive employee referral system -- If it could allow our own employees (or perhaps website visitors) to refer prospects into the pipeline and track referral programs / bounties, etc.
It's no fuss and does what we need at a very reasonable price, so I can't imagine why I'd switch.

Evaluating Breezy HR and Competitors

Yes - We replaced SmartRecruiters because they raised their minimum entry price to a level that was hard for us as a small business.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
The combination of a solid set of features and a great price drove our decision. At the time Breezy was pretty new, but it was low-risk to try out.
I wouldn't change our selection process. I would say though that the larger an audience the software is targeting, the more thoughtful I'd want to be about collaboration, roles & permissions, workflow and reporting capabilities. But in our case, our needs are so simple it was just "ready, fire, aim" and we are very happy with the results.

Breezy HR Implementation

It was really easy to get up and running, and the few questions I did have were answered nearly immediately via the in-app chat.
Change management was minimal - For us, the only important part of change management was standardizing our definitions of candidate pipeline stages from the beginning, and using those stage definitions company-wide. Our hiring processes had previously been a bit more ad hoc (common for early stage companies).

Using Breezy HR

Breezy is a very intuitive, easy-to-use piece of software. Everything's drag-and-drop interactive, the various actions and data elements are cross-linked through the application intelligently, and I didn't need to look at any documentation whatsoever to get it up and going with live listings on our site (and syndicated to Indeed, etc) within just an hour or two.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • It's very easy to customize your pipeline stages.
  • It's one click to syndicate your job posting to a number of outlets (both free and paid).
  • The workflow is very simple with a columnar layout for moving candidates between stages (like Trello cards) and all of our business users instantly understood how to use it.
  • I wouldn't say anything was cumbersome at all.