CodeIgniter – An excellent choice for beginners and those who need to start coding right now!
June 21, 2017

CodeIgniter – An excellent choice for beginners and those who need to start coding right now!

D. Marshall Lemcoe Jr. | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter has been an integral part of our web development firm for years, and continues to be the backbone of over a dozen active projects. Our firm not only uses it for customer projects, but also for internal projects that require a simple framework.

In terms of solving business problems, it saves our customers and our programmers hours of time, because numerous tasks such as database queries and authentication are abstracted using industry standards. That is, programmers do not have to worry about escaping user input, connecting to a specific database driver, importing dependencies, or routing HTTP URIs.
  • CodeIgniter is an excellent tool when a simple database API is needed. Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite are all abstracted into a simple-to-use
  • CodeIgniter's simplicity is truly its best feature, because you are able to create controllers and methods based on the http://www.example//, and immediately being developing the application.
  • Flexibility is also another developer-friendly feature, because developers are able to design their application in any way - controllers, models, libraries, and helpers can be located anywhere or not used at all.
  • Since 2013 or so, Laravel has become the de facto PHP web framework, thanks to its PSR-7 support and modern design techniques. CodeIgniter lacks some of these modern style choices, and makes importing modern PHP modules slightly more difficult than would be expected.
  • Due to its simplicity, CodeIgniter is very forgiving as far as writing "dirty code" is concerned. CodeIgniter will let you make horrendous design choices, while still working "properly."
  • The CodeIgniter community has been declining in terms of volume and development time due to Laravel and general PHP design practices.
  • It's open-source! All the code is immediately available for free, and very well-documented. The fact that it's actually free makes it great for ROI!
  • On a negative side, as it has grown older and more incompatible with modern libraries, the online community and help articles begin to lose their relevancy.
Laravel is the de facto upgrade path for any and all web developers coming from any version of CodeIgniter. However, Laravel brings a level of complexity that can be intimidating to new developers or wasteful to experienced developers with simple requirements.

In terms of performance, Laravel 5.4 on PHP 7.0/7.1 is truly one of the fastest web frameworks on the Internet.
CodeIgniter is very well-suited to those beginning PHP web development, and who are tired of writing the same code over and over (like authentication mechanisms). It is a very good choice for those looking for a framework that will not try to "dictate" how their application is designed and which choices are made.

Situations where highly modular code is required and where more advanced features like queuing and hooking are needed are situations where CodeIgniter is not a good choice. More modern frameworks like CakePHP and Laravel are much better-suited.