12 Years of using ConnectWise and have never looked back
Updated July 27, 2017

12 Years of using ConnectWise and have never looked back

Wes Jensen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ConnectWise Manage

We have been using Connectwise since 2004 and use it in every aspect of our operation across all departments. We use it for ticket management, project management, sales tracking, T&M and agreement invoicing, client communication and asset tracking. We also use Streamline IT for clients with their own in-house IT departments. The only feature we do not use is the product procurement module.
  • Connectwise has done an excellent job of facilitating the different invoicing practices for each business model. The range of flexibility in invoicing depending upon client, site or location and agreement is quite impressive. And, if a mistake is made, it is really easy to delete and recreate with the fear of losing information.
  • The way in which time is recording and reported makes it very to monitor exactly what your team is doing and if each time entry is properly entered.
  • I appreciate the flexibility of using workflow rules to notify us of key events or items that are outside of set parameters to help us make sure we don't miss critical events.
  • There are several functions that require too many clicks. Each time I select an item that opens a progress pop-up, when it is finished you have to select Close Window. I wish it would show the progress and automatically close the window for me.
  • Much like my previous entry, I wish I could mark my time entry as Complete without having to select Mark as Done > Select the time to mark as done > Select Save. I would appreciate it if they could move it from 3 clicks to 1. If there are multiple scheduled events, have a second link that says Mark All as Done. That way I could select Mark Done or Mark All as Done. Either way, it is just one click.
  • The Invoice Print button appears to take a lot longer than it used to. I don't know what changed, but it takes FOREVER to preview an invoice. I will often select another application to do something else while waiting for the invoice preview to load. This is very anoying.
  • Negative: If you don't have ConnectWise properly configured, you can completely mess up your invoicing. There have been several times that we have wrestled to understand why elements are being billed incorrectly only to learn that we didn't set up the billing parameters properly. Once we properly configured the tool, it works just like it is supposed to.
  • Positive: When the entire team is using it as they should, nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Positive: When you get into a "he said - she said" situation with a client, I love the audit trail feature. It can be a great CYA providing evidence that we did what we said we did, complete with time stamps.
ConnectWise is an excellent choice if you have a team to coordinate with. If used properly, it can facilitate every aspect of managing the client experience.

If you are a solo operator it is still an excellent tool for running your business, but the true value of using ConnectWise is not truly realized until you need to coordinate the efforts between several team members and multiple teams. It is still of value, but may be more than you need.

ConnectWise PSA Feature Ratings

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Help Desk CRM integration

Using ConnectWise Manage

I have been using ConnectWise since 2004 and I am impressed with the progress they have made. However, there are still bugs that don't work quite like they should. If I were to run reports and get consistent answers along with a couple other annoyances, then I would score CW as a 10.

ConnectWise Manage Reliability

Overall, I love CW Manage. I think it is a great platform, but nothing is learned from saying "You're great!" So I will share 2 issues where I think improvement can be made.

1. There are times where service requests are closed inappropriately without explanation or warning which can be frustrating. I have learned that I must work extra hard to manage my open issues to ensure that they don't just disappear without resolution.

2. I recently found that I had mistakenly been charged $50 a month for a year for services I did not have. When I brought this to CW's attention, I was quickly given a credit memo and an apology, which was nice, but it was still annoying.