Great customization options -- with certain limitations
December 08, 2015

Great customization options -- with certain limitations

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Overall Satisfaction with Emptoris

Emptoris is our contract management solution for the procurement department and HMO provider contracts.
  • Document protection - the Check Out contract feature is a great way to allow external parties to make modifications to contract language without the ability to accept those changes. Those redlines can then be imported back into Emptoris and reviewed or further modified as needed.
  • Notifications & reminders - you can trigger an email manually from within the system, or you can configure automated notifications andreminders to alert users when a new task is received or has aged a given amount of days, etc.
  • Interview wizard - there is a lot of value in the interview wizard. Administrators can configure screens with selecting options via check boxes, radio buttons, or typed-in values. Variables and conditions can be used to selectively populate fields within the contract or apply other options, making for a quick and convenient method to generate contracts conforming to corporate standards.
  • Field customization - administrators can customize a list of options for various fields including contract substatus, address type, and user created business term variables.
  • Approvals - many different options are available to configure approvals to trigger automatically upon presenting and/or executing the contract including specific individuals, one or more approver groups, or based upon various criteria including terms within the contract, type of contract, or the contract's owning organization.
  • Reporting on specific contract language - while it is easy to pull reports based on values populated within the configured business term variables, it is much more difficult to pull reports to identify specific contract language modifications which were typed in via redlining. Even using a workaround involving combining various repository search and reporting techniques, the contracts must still be opened individually to view the modified language if the containing clause exceeds 1,000 characters. This process is tedious and flawed and not something an average user is capable of managing on their own so administrator and/or IT department involvement is often required.
  • Inelegant UI - while recent versions have a greatly improved UI, it is still quite inferior when compared to the modern user interface designs today's tech-savvy employees have become familiar with. Also, there are inconsistencies within the interface that are quite perplexing (for example, inconsistently named fields (Contract Substatus, Contract Sub Status, Contract SubStatus), or screens with consistent search criteria layout sometimes allow use of the Enter key on the keyboard to submit the search query while Enter doesn't work on identical screens and the user must manually mouse-click the Search button to submit the search query - while this is inconvenient, it does also call into question the behind-the-scenes quality control as well).
  • Vendor support - sometimes it is a great experience. Often however open tickets can drag on for months or be picked up or handed off to many different support techs. It can be frustrated repeatedly relating the specifics of a complex issue to multiple individuals. Would much rather have complex issues which cannot be resolved within a single support touch-point be assigned to a primary owner who can work with the customer throughout the resolution process until the issue has been successfully resolved. This is an area which has a significant amount of opportunity for improvement.
  • Increased ability to manage risk by ensuring all contract negotiators are working from the same standard template when they start each new contract - much better than using various iterations of Save-As Word documents
  • Increased visibility into contract repository - much easier to see contract inventory within the Emptoris repository instead of filing cabinets full of contracts and Word docs saved to shared drives
Ability to handle high volume of contracts; configurability and customization of fields; scalability for large number of users; ability to handle lengthy contracts with many fields & variables; organization and role-based security; ability to maintain on our own servers instead of a hosted solution; document protection
Emptoris is well suited for any organization which has a high volume of contracts to manage.

Emptoris Feature Ratings

Contract creation
Contract templates
Clause library/saved fields
Guided logic
Contract sharing
Contract editing
Collaborating on contracts
MS Word plug-in
Approval process
Interdepartmental workflows
Contract database
Legacy contracts
Contract search
Contract milestone reminders & alerts
Custom contract reports
Tracking contract status
Compliance check

Using Emptoris

1000 - Contract negotiators, provider reps, internal audit, legal language reviewers, approvers
20 - Critical thinking, root cause analysis, troubleshooting, good communication skills, business process management
  • As a contract negotiator, a user has the ability to generate contracts tailored to the specific options and terms they need to capture in the agreement.
  • As a claims analyst, a user has the ability to research active contracts and view a copy of the contract language and terms signed by both parties.
  • As a contract language reviewer, a user can easily compare template language to redlined contract language side-by-side or using tracked changes bubbles to identify deviations from standard language.
  • Looking forward, we hope to capitalize on Emptoris Contract Management's ability to interface with third-party digital signature providers such as DocuSign or EchoSign.