I could not do my job without EMS
Shalom Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated September 10, 2019

I could not do my job without EMS

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Overall Satisfaction with EMS Software

EMS is being used to manage space and services in our Student Union Building. It addresses the the high volume of space requests, and inventory tracking. We use it to push a master calendar, bill for our event services as well as provide comprehensive space utilization reporting. With a 5 tier rat structure and varying access to different group EMS is the best tool for our job.
  • It has excellent stock and customization reports. We have a responsibility to communicate the activity in the building to multiple stakeholders (dining, custodial etc) EMS allows us to create a custom report and automate it to send so we never miss a communication
  • It has a robust amount of tools to assist you in both space and service management. The way the Process Templates (web intake forms) have been designed allow us to use logic based reasoning so that one form can handle complex events all the way down to a simple boardroom reservation.
  • It has numerous integrations available to help make a seamless event management process including connections to 7pointOps and Campus Labs Engage which we use for our Student Organizations
  • We desperately wish there was a simpler way to do invoicing notifications to our clients rather than the manual email process
  • It would be excellent to simplify the rate schedule and pricing plan process. There are almost too many ways to change pricing. The ability to import an excel document of new pricing would make our lives much easier.
  • It positively impacts us in being able to justify updating/re-purposing spaces.
  • It allows us to quantify our workload by showcasing the number of bookings we are processing annually
  • It allows us to see where we are losing potential for business so we can incentivize getting customers into spaces during less used times.
We were able to test using 25Live for space and event management. What EMS has over every product is the ability to manage an event from start to finish. Its reporting capabilities are FAR beyond any other product we have seen. You have the ability to run very smart canned reports and build your own reports to fit your needs. You do not have to wait for someone to build it for you.
It is designed to scale as large or small as you need it. I truly have never run into an issue of it not being able to handle what I have asked of it. In my dream world I would be able to rebuild our database with all of the many upgrades in mind. EMS truly can be used for basic room scheduling or the large scale production of a welcome back week on a college campus
  • 7Point Solutions- This manages all of our operations staff workflow. It pushes event information and diagrams out of ems and allows our students access to it via mobile.
  • Digital signage. This allows us to control what is displayed in the building in real time and we are not locked to updating schedules via paper any time a change is made.
The number one thing I love about EMS is we can configure it to our best practices. However, Sometimes it is so configurable it is a puzzle to figure out what small parameter is inhibiting you from making a change. The flip side of this is that traditionally software is too rigid and you need manual processes to support your workflow. The flexibility in EMS allows you to work around those issues without leaving the software
EMS is a great tool for anyone looking to streamline their space booking and service delivery process. There are many products to schedule space however, EMS is a true event management software that building in the ability to notify the various vendors for an event of service deliver changes and requests

Using EMS Software

35 - student resource center equipment reservation, digital display reservations, space scheduling (our office), our IT manager for reporting, and support of the interdepartmental users, and spun our accounting office will use the software to manage against reports and invoice generations. We hope to bring all reservable areas in our building onto EMS soon to give users and seemless experience
After using his product at 2 institutions Jen this is true- you need to have your IT department on board. With the many updates available to users and various API’s available, you simply are not going to get the best functionality. Additionally, each building needs an administrator to keeps the information current, room maintenance, equipment invertory shortages and pricing.
  • Equipment, personnel and space reservation
  • Space utilization reporting
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Ticket office request forms!
  • We would like to fully integrate social table so that the clients diagram is available to them in their EMS account at any time
To me it is the only product capable of supporting the work that I do. Without it I do not see that there is any sustainability in my role.

Evaluating EMS Software and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Analyst Reports
Best practices are huge for student unions. Plates are often too full and units are understaffed. Having a tool that we can share resources on deeply impacts our work. It also allows us to easily compare statistics with other universities across the country
I wouldn’t. I have been through reviewing 25Live and it was so incomparable that I would be concerned I would be wasting my time!

EMS Software Implementation

I was not at my institution for implementation. I will say that a challenge we currently have that was not ever resolved from implementation was authentication with our university’s universal login system
  • I am not sure it was implemented when I arrived

EMS Software Support

The support platforms and avenues I have tried to utilize have not furnished results. I get the best support asking colleagues or my account manager. If it is a big change I want to implement a I look to attend the conference
Knowledgeable team
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Poor followup
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Slow Initial Response
No - With the subscription cost, it seems I should be able to get basic support from the software. Additionally I attend the annual conference and network with other colleagues. I have never had an issue getting the answers I need.
My account manager spent an hour with me at the conference talking through how to beat approach restructuring our database to make it more efficient. I felt as though I left empowered to make changes in my department that would have a long lasting positive impact

Using EMS Software

You can’t please everyone- EMS has given users a high degree of customization with that comes complexity for admin users updating things like pricing plans
Like to use
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Mass updating. The wizard function to mass updating booking details etc is invaluable
  • Recurring reservations are simple to do on the web app!
  • Hourly space utilization reports. The system limits you by 9 hour blocks. If my department want to answer “what days and times have the highest utilization by student groups” I have to pull hundreds of report and manually synthesize the data