Flurry Analytics Analyzed
Updated November 11, 2015

Flurry Analytics Analyzed

Stephen Jaynes | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Flurry Analytics

  • Flurry Analytics as applied to iOS apps allows the app owner to track usage of the app.
  • Incorporating Flurry Analytics into an iOS app is extremely easy - register your app, download the SDK and incorporate the header and library into your project, and make standard method calls.
  • Flurry's documentation is very well written and provides several examples of the use of the different method calls in code.
  • Examples of analytics that can be tracked are number of times a user brought up a specific view; number of times a user tapped a button; time spent in a given view or in a specific activity within the app.
  • From a programming perspective, there really aren't any improvements that I can think of.
  • From the app owner perspective, limits on certain demographics can seem like a hindrance to data collection, but these restrictions are typically imposed by Apple, not by Flurry.
  • Tracking the number of times a user taps a help button can help to improve the app design. Perhaps the app is not as intuitive as first thought, and improvements based upon where in the help feature a user taps will lead to improvements in the app design to make it more intuitive.
  • Tracking the number of times certain app features are used, or the amount of time spent within a given activity in the app can help to streamline an app - improve upon features that are used more frequently while eliminating less popular activities.
  • Tracking time spent within an app can give an idea as to how popular the app is.
I would encourage a colleague to use Flurry Analytics. Incorporating Flurry Analytics in an app is a simple and straightforward task, and will take the average app developer less than 15 minutes to understand and apply. This amount of time is nothing in the grand scheme of the development of the app, and the return on time invested to incorporate it is great. New tracking features can be added at any time.

Using Flurry Analytics

As I prepare my next app for release I know that some features will be used more than others. I will use Flurry to help me to streamline and improve the app in subsequent releases. Since this next app is fairly data-download intensive, use of Flurry Analytics will help me to see whether large downloads are a hindrance to use of the app.

Flurry Analytics Reliability