Great tool for great customer success
November 27, 2018

Great tool for great customer success

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Overall Satisfaction with Freshdesk

Freshdesk is our helpdesk platform for all the products we offer. Although sometimes the users write us to our individual accounts, we try to centralize every contact in Freshdesk, to make the best us of it. We are a small startup so it's the only one we are currently using and it is used by about 5 of us. The emails sent by users to our main contact address go directly there and is the way we have to make sure all the questions get responded.
  • The user interfaces is fast and easy to use (specially the new one they have rolled out not long ago). We could get up and using it right away. It's pretty easy to visualize the unanswered tickets with the predefined filters (at least if you keep some level of "tidiness")
  • It manages very well and clearly the assignation of agents so you don't mix up the answers. The tickets, even the long ones, are easy to read.
  • Ticket merging is very useful, because it is usual that the people who contact you write answers in different threads
  • We are a b2b provider, and we haven't found a good way of identifying the contacts with each of our customers. Tagging the contact seems to be a way, but you need to do couple of extra clics to go into the contact details and then introduce the client identification as a tag.
  • I didn't find a good way to identify tickets with a status representing that it's overdue because of the client.
  • The merging tool, although VERY useful, isn't for me completely intuitive. I have to pay a lot of attention at the icons and read the tooltip to make sure I'm keeping as main ticket the one that I want.
  • Excellent customer experience. We have been able to have a great response timing with a very little team. Of course, it also depends on your team, but it has helped a lot.
I haven't used other help desk software and I wasn't the one who selected Freshdesk. Our previous solution was just plain old email directed to all the ones involved in helping the users. It is a huge improvement from that way of working, because keeping track of who answers each ticket and when is key to success. I'm pretty sure that in the future we will get better use of metrics and more advanced features as our company grows.
We haven't used this feature until now. Our platform is in constant evolution and we have used much more basic tools for publishing content such as generating guides on PDF documents offline. This is because of the constant change of our application and this allows us to make more custom documents related to the way of working of each different customer.
What I value most is the ease of use. It is straight forward, very easy to assign to agents and to review the full state of the conversation with the client (making sure the tickets are always merged when needed!). Users permissions were all as we needed (which isn't too complicated). The media assets management on the responses could be improved, but we have been using it regularly.
We haven't got almost any spam which is really good. On the other side, we haven't received any complaints on not answering tickets which we never got, so I guess it works perfectly. Regarding statistical data reports, it has shown to be a good summary, but I think it's difficult to filter out special cases like for example a question resolved outside of Freshdesk much before the ticket gets closed (because we find these once in a while after doing some cleanup).
We haven't done any integration on this issue, but every once in a while we pay attention to our performance on responding to customers, to make sure we are making a good job and not forgetting about any answer. It has proved to be very useful, but as I've written in the previous question, there are some tickets that I think might be moving the statistics in the wrong way, just because they were answered offline and not registered on time.
I'm confident that this is a great tool for any startup, or a small project in particular. As this is our scenario, I can't be sure how well or bad it's going to work for a more dedicated team of customer success. If you need a tool to have a great help desk for your users, then this tool will do the job for you. It's straightforward, easy to learn, easy to set up and improves your work on helping your users because you get to order your work.