Gainsight - Great for automation
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Updated December 07, 2018

Gainsight - Great for automation

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

We are currently using Gainsight for all levels of our customer journey. Gainsight and the outreaches/advanced outreaches have allowed us to scale via automation. It also allows us to deliver that "just in time" approach to provide resources. We are also using Gainsight for renewal automation as well.
  • Automated outreaches - allows for being able to scale.
  • Calls to action - allows for the use of automation to monitor data and create actionable items based on the data; scalability.
  • Reporting- allows quick/easy access to reporting on customer health with automated, actionable items.
  • The backend setup of Gainsight is not that intuitive.
  • Email formatting is difficult
  • Would like to see rules setup in a template to choose from
The support team is knowledgeable, however, I feel things could be consulted to the next tier sooner; to decrease the time to resolution.
With the system we have in place, this is becoming more important. We haven't started with executive dashboards yet, but, that will most likely change in the near future; especially if we move to slack and can leverage Sally.
  • We have used Gainsight to increase our NPS score via automated customer engagement. This also appears to be driving growth for existing customers for our SMB line. Our NPS has more than doubled over the last 12 months.
Salesforce. Other data will be loaded via S3.
Just about all of our workflows are based on data pulled from Salesforce.
Gainsight is great for being able to automate the onboarding experience for low/tech touch customers; creating actionable items along the way. Being able to monitor the overall health of an account to help curb churn is also nice.

Gainsight Feature Ratings

Product usage
Help desk / support tickets
NPS surveys
Sponsor tracking
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Customer profiles
Not Rated
Automated workflow
Internal collaboration
Not Rated
Customer health scoring
Customer segmentation
Customer health trends
Engagement analytics
Revenue forecasting
Not Rated
Role-based user permissions
Not Rated
Not Rated
Integration with
Integration with Marketo
Not Rated
Integration with Eloqua
Not Rated

Using Gainsight

30 - Customer experience
3 - Salesforce knowledge, reporting knowledge, data storage
  • Automation
  • Customer Health
  • Reporting
  • Automating renewals for Enterprise and SMB accounts
  • Automating renewals of critical 3rd party products that our product relies on.
At this point, it is mission critical

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It is not the most intuitive system to set up and maintain.
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