MySQL - Old User's Review

Overall Satisfaction with MySQL

I have used MySQL across different companies, mainly as a DB for web pages (along with Apache and PHP) and web-based applications (internal and external). It provides a fast, reliable and efficient DB solution.
  • Very fast and reliable DB
  • Innodb tables are a huge improvement
  • Works very good with the open-source ecosystem, even though it was adquired by Oracle
  • InnoDB tables performance could be improved
  • Tuning is a little bit complex
  • InnoDB tables do not support full-text searches
  • Performance and easy deployment speeds up the projects
  • Cost of ownership extremely low (compared to similar solutions)
When using MySQL I get Oracle support. MariaDB is not a bad alternative, but it doesn't have the same level of support.
MySQL is well suited when you are using web pages or web applications in an open-source ecosystem (i.e. Php, Apache) and/or CMS as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. Not recommended for core or critical-mission applications (it stills need a higher maturity level).