Plone - enterprise opensource CMS
Updated November 12, 2015

Plone - enterprise opensource CMS

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Overall Satisfaction with Plone

We develop Plone solutions for our clients and use the product ourselves. We have been using Plone since version 2 and currently use it on new projects.

Plone provides a very powerful base CMS and application platform upon which we build customised solutions for our clients. Plone provides a very scalable architecture, the ability to configure complex workflows and permissions, the ability to plug in external authentication systems, full revision history and tracking of content revisions and many other enterprise features not seen in most opensource CMSs
  • Very powerful and configurable security and permissions. This makes it easy to develop private intranets, secure areas of a site or simply be confident that the site won't be hacked easily.
  • Configurable workflows allow us to develop custom workflow solutions for our clients without the need for complex programming.
  • Base CMS functionality meets the needs of the vast majority of our sites without the need for significant programming, a large number of mature add-on products help in this area too.
  • Excellent SEO capabilities such as clean URLs, automated sitemaps, built in metadata management ensure Plone sites rank very highly in search engines
  • Version control of all changes with a detailed history and the ability to roll back changes. This has saved me many times in the past.
  • Plone is one of the most secure CMS solutions available. Vulnerabilities are extremely rare and the development community is highly skilled and alert to issues that do arise.
  • As a CMS its hard to find a flaw in Plone. But it is a difficult platform to learn and develop in. The Zope framework is unusual in its structure and can take a long time to become familiar with. So the one significant downside of Plone is the effort required to gain solid technical expertise.
  • For out business Plone allows us to deliver enterprise level solutions at very reasonable budgets. We tender and compete against some of the much larger commercial CMS solutions and regularly win comfortably on price and deliver on functionality.
  • Plone also allows us to provide much more functionality than many clients expect. We are often able to over deliver on small budget projects because Plone comes with so much built in.
Plone is really almost the only truly enterprise opensource CMS. Most of its opensource competitors cant compete in this area, while they may have some nice editing tools, and some cool features, Plone stands our for its security, scalability, version control, highly configurable workflows and permissions.

Plone is a highly functional CMS out of the box, but it is also a platform that can be extended in many ways. We often develop custom content types to meet our clients needs. We regularly plug in external authentication systems (some of which are odd proprietary systems). And we often develop complex permissions and workflows. We simply could not achieve these solutions with many of Plone's competitors.
Plone is first and foremost a CMS, it is ideal for a large content heavy website, and it is also perfect for private intranets. It can also serve as an excellent document management system in many cases.

Plone is also very good for scaling both in terms of large volumes of data and heavy site traffic. If used properly it can easily be deployed on clusters of servers with a shared backend data store.

Plone is not strong in the e-commerce area and it is not ideally suited to systems that require complex relational databases, though these can be connected if necessary.

Using Plone

At this stage the outlook for Plone in the future is very positive. The development community is still very active, updates are still coming out on a regular basis and the roadmap goes well into the future. We are confident that Plone will continue to improve and keep up with the demands of web CMS needs. We also dont see any other product in the opensource space that can replace Plone at the moment.

Plone Reliability

Plone is very intensive in its operations, and if not configured well it can be slow. However it is designed and built with speed in mind and with proper use of coding, templates and caching can perform extremely well under high loads. It is capable of scaling to very high load availability environments with no specific coding requirements.