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Higher Education Software

Higher Education Software Overview

Higher Education Software is used by colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to manage student admissions and enrollment, curriculums, faculty, grades, finances, reporting, etc. This includes learning management systems and other tools accessed by students and educators, in addition to the operational systems utilized by administrators.

Higher Education Products

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AcademicWorks is a scholarship management platform used by four-year public institutions, four-year private institutions, two-year community colleges, and community foundations. It enables institutions to streamline scholarship applications and renewals, manage donor reporting, and maintain compl...

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RedShelf is an eTextbook platform. For Publishers, RedShelf offers a content distribution network and market intelligence; for schools, it offers a digital content platform campus bookstores can use to provide affordable, accessible texts, with reporting and analytics for instructors to track stu...

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Taskstream-Tk20 is software for higher education institutions. Its capabilities are designed to help users manage institutional effectiveness (accreditation, strategic planning & budgeting, assessment planning, program review, faculty credentialing, reporting & analytics), monitor and imp...

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TargetX is a CRM for higher education institutions. It's built on the Salesforce.com development platform, tailored for student recruitment and retention. It also includes instant messaging (UChat) and the ability to build communities for particular classes/groups of students (Schools App).

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Diamond Mind, a Community Brands company, offers a host of applications supporting institutions of higher learning with enrollment and registration (Diamond Mind CampusPay), tuition management (TuitionPay), and payment processing with available mobile card reader. The company also offers the Diam...

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Dossier is an online tool from Interfolio that allows users to manage the documents (CVs, letters of recommendation, confidential records, etc.) required to apply for faculty jobs, fellowships, grants, postdocs, or graduate study. Users can request letters of recommendation, securely store their ...

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Interfolio's Faculty 180 is an online platform for faculty activity reporting. It allows academic institutions to produce reports and make data available for accreditation and other external audits or reviews, as well as collaborate internally and manage regular evaluations.

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2U combines SaaS technology and education management services in a platform designed to enable universities to offer high quality online courses/degree programs. 2U helps facilitate the full cycle of online higher education - from marketing the program and attracting students, to enrollment, cour...

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SAP for Higher Education and Research is a suite of scalable interrelated applications designed to support the various needs of higher education institutions, such as student lifecycle management, tuition and revenue management, grant and research management, research planning and analytics, and ...