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Ellucian Banner

Ellucian offers Banner educational ERP, including its student management system emphasizing control and reporting of process-oriented facets of education such as grading and attendance.

Key Features

  • Online Registration Management (7)
  • Student Data Security (7)
  • Integrations with 3rd-Party Education Technology (8)
PeopleAdmin Higher Ed Platform, from Powerschool

The PeopleAdmin Higher Ed Platform is a talent management platform designed for Higher Education and Government organizations, now from PowerSchool (acquired August, 2018). Modules include analytics, applicant tracking, position management, onboarding, records management, and performance…

Key Features

  • New hire portal (7)
  • Manager tracking tools (7)
  • Compliance tracking and reporting (7)
Salesforce.org Education Cloud

Salesforce for Higher Ed combines the Salesforce Lightning Experience with HEDA (Higher Ed Data Architecture), providing a cloud platform supporting student management and engagement, admissions and academics, and other higher ed administrative support functions.

Key Features

  • Student Data Security (5)
  • Online Registration Management (5)
Handshake for Educational Providers

Handshake for Educational Providers is a college-to-career network that partners with institutions of higher education to provide students access to reputable job postings, set up appointments, manage virtual and in-person events, and track student outcomes.

Blackbaud Award Management

Blackbaud Award Management is a solution that aims to transform institutions' student awards programs and revolutionize donor stewardship practices. Built for higher education institutions of all types and sizes, this cloud-based solution is designed to serve as a catalyst to improve…


Boasting users among more than 650 colleges and universities worldwide, GoReact, from Speakworks headquartered in Orem, is software for video-based skill assessment with interactive tools for collaborative learning and personalized feedback. GoReact aims to help all learners demonstrate…

Cengage MindTap

MindTap is an eLearning course management solution from Cengage, a digital learning content and technology provider. For educators, it includes pre-made interactive course materials (such as homework assignments, assessments, etc.), analytics around student engagement and performance,…


AppsAnywhere is a software delivery platform that gives students and staff access to the software they need to get their work done wherever they are, both on and off campus. Boasting more than 2 million students at over 200 universities and colleges worldwide, the vendor states…

Key Features

  • Application support (6)
  • Ease of deployment (6)
  • Device support (6)
Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software

Rosetta Stone says it offers innovative, technology-driven language, literacy and brain-fitness solutions are used by millions of individuals and thousands of schools, businesses, government organizations around the world.

SAP for Higher Education and Research

SAP for Higher Education and Research is a suite of scalable interrelated applications designed to support the various needs of higher education institutions, such as student lifecycle management, tuition and revenue management, grant and research management, research planning and…


RedShelf is an eTextbook platform. For Publishers, RedShelf offers a content distribution network and market intelligence; for schools, it offers a digital content platform campus bookstores can use to provide affordable, accessible texts, with reporting and analytics for instructors…

TargetX, from Liaison

TargetX, now from Liaison (acquired October, 2020) is a CRM for higher education institutions. It's built on the Salesforce.com development platform, tailored for student recruitment and retention. It also includes instant messaging (UChat) and the ability to build communities for…

Top Hat

Toronto-based Top Hat offers their higher education teaching apps, comprising Top Hat Classroom supporting flipped classroom and gamified lessons, Top Hat Textbook for delivering course content, Top Hat Assignment for customizable quizzes and graded tasks or homework, and Top Hat…


AdmitHub is a mobile messaging platform powered by artificial intelligence specifically designed for higher education, from the company of the same name in Boston.

Unifyed Student Information System

Unifyed Student – SIS enables the registrar’ to collaborate with the faculty to plan the curriculum of the institution and offer courses for students to register into. It provides advisers with a audit view of how the student is doing so they can help students plan their course loads…

Unifyed Student - Engage

Unifyed Student – Engage helps institutions communicate with students and provide them with a personalized campus experience. It enables students to stay engaged with the campus community and provides them with access to services that can help them graduate. Content ManagementUnifyed…

BYJU'S- The Learning App

BYJU'S- The Learning App is an e-learning management software from Bangalore, Karnataka, IN. The app integrates lessons and assessments from BYJU teachers with personalized analysis and recommendations based on the student's learning style.They currently offer:Maths, Physics, Chemistry…

Taskstream-Tk20 (discontinued)

Taskstream-Tk20 is software for higher education institutions, that is now discontinued. It was designed to help users manage institutional effectiveness (accreditation, strategic planning & budgeting, assessment planning, program review, faculty credentialing, reporting &…


CampusLogic in Chandler offers a suite of applications designed to transform the way higher education delivers student financial success, with their integrated platform that includes a net price calculator, online scholarship management, digital award letters, simplified financial…

Interfolio Dossier

Dossier is an online tool from Interfolio that allows users to manage the documents (CVs, letters of recommendation, confidential records, etc.) required to apply for faculty jobs, fellowships, grants, postdocs, or graduate study. Users can request letters of recommendation, securely…

Diamond Mind

Diamond Mind, a Community Brands company, offers a host of applications supporting institutions of higher learning with enrollment and registration (Diamond Mind CampusPay), tuition management (TuitionPay), and payment processing with available mobile card reader. The company also…

Unifyed Student - Verify

Unifyed Verify identity management helps institutions provide their students, faculty and staff with secure, single-sign-on to the key applications that they need to learn and work. It also enables the campus community to self-sufficiently reset their passwords. Single Sign-On &…

Ellucian CRM Recruit

Ellucian CRM Recruit is a higher ed student recruitment solution designed to help users exceed student recruitment and enrollment goals—while giving prospects the personalized experience they expect and deserve.


Ivy is an artificially intelligent self-service chatbot for higher education from Ivy.ai in Durham.

EverTrue Engage

EverTrue Engage is an alumni community platform with social media and integration capabilities.

Learn More About Higher Education Software

What Is Higher Education Software?

Higher Education Software is used by colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to manage student admissions and enrollment, curriculums, faculty, grades, finances, reporting, etc. This includes learning management systems and other tools accessed by students and educators, in addition to the operational systems utilized by administrators.

Higher education software tends to be more similar to business technology than K-12 learning platforms. Higher education organizations tend to be larger, so they require more robust and scalable learning and back-office solutions than most K-12 institutions. This includes some unique functions like fundraising, grant management, and other higher-ed focused capabilities. Higher education software is also more likely to blur the line between academic learning management and corporate learning management systems.

Modern higher education technology can provide a range of benefits to academic institutions, especially those still reliant on older or on-premise systems. Higher education software improves access to student, faculty, and course data. It also allows for process improvements and greater efficiency, either from best-of-breed tools or all-in-one centralized solutions. Cloud-based technology has also become the norm, not the exception, with all the associated scalability benefits that come with that transition.

Higher Education Point Solutions and ERP

The higher education market tends to be segmented into point solutions and higher education ERPs. There are point solutions to serve most, or all, specific higher education functions. These functions include scholarship management, course content management, accreditation, housing management, and a host of other features. There are also more standard student information systems and learning management systems that focus on higher education institutions.

There are also a growing number of higher education enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. These products primarily serve higher education institutions’ back-office functions like HR, finance, and facilities and inventory management. These systems focus on managing the business workflows that keep higher ed schools running.

There are also systems that merge both segments into all-in-one platforms. These tools can deliver both the academic and logistical support that large institutions especially need, while centralizing data and processes that enable more efficient scaling.

Higher Education Software Comparison

When comparing higher education software, consider these factors:

  • Use Case: What specific functions does the organization need to serve with this product? Are there specific financial processes like fundraising that need revamping, or does the organization require a broader systems overhaul? In the latter case, the opportunity to adopt a broader ERP solution may become more appealing.

  • Scalability: Can the given product handle the institution’s current scale, and can it grow with the organization? Consider factors like multi-location support, how robustly or easily it manages data while keeping it accessible, and any pricing considerations that may impact future growth.

  • Configurability: How easily can the platform be tailored to the institution’s particular needs, both on implementation and over time? Consider factors like modularized offerings, what later or routine changes will require IT support, and how easily non-specialized users can perform certain high-traffic functions, like course management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Higher Education software do?

Higher education software can serve a range of functions. The category includes point solutions for use cases like learning management and fundraising management, as well as all-in-one ERP platforms for larger institutions.

Who uses higher education software?

Higher education software is used by administrators, teachers, and students in higher education institutions, such as colleges, universities, and trade schools.

What is a higher education ERP?

Higher education ERP systems place greater emphasis on serve the back-office needs of academic institutions, although many have also centralized academic data management as well.