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Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution that currently serves more than 10,000 SMB, mid-market, and enterprise customers worldwide.

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Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution that currently serves more than 10,000 SMB, mid-market, and enterprise customers worldwide.

Genuity -

For managing assets, vendor spend, usage and contracts to strategic sourcing and spend analysis, Genuity is a Technology Business Management platform designed to enable teams to spend smarter and maximize the value of every dollar a business spends. Genuity builds tools to help businesses…


NachoNacho enables businesses to manage, discover & get discounts on SaaS per month, and save time searching for SaaS.1) Manage existing SaaS sprawl by creating a separate virtual credit card for each vendor, and setting $ and date limits per card. Cancel the card with 1 click.…


Blissfully is a complete SaaS management platform. It aims to give companies the visibility and tools needed to manage vendors, simplify IT operations, maintain compliance, and optimize spending.


Tropic is a procurement intelligence platform that automatically finds ways to reduce and control costs. By combining procurement workflows, supplier management, and benchmark pricing data together in one place, Tropic brings visibility, control, and leverage to company spend.


Substly helps small and medium-sized companies reduce SaaS sprawl by providing an accessible overview and simplifying the processes around SaaS management. The product provides insights into SaaS usage and helps identify user frustrations. It also helps optimize SaaS spending by…


Vendr, headquartered in Boston, presents users of its services with expert buyers who work as an extension of finance teams to identify material cost savings for all of a company’s net-new software purchases and renewals.

N-able Cloud User Hub

N-able Cloud User Hub, based on software acquired with Spinpanel by N-able in July, 2022, automates the management of all Microsoft tenants, users, and licenses from a single hub. Cloud User Hub is a unified Microsoft CSP portal that can automate common tasks across all Microsoft…

Spendview for Snowflake

Spendview provides visibility and clarity into Snowflake consumption across the enterprise.​ It can zoom into compute, storage, and usage spend to reduce inefficiencies and optimize costs.

0 reviews

SELECT is a Snowflake cost and performance management solution committed to providing the most seamless experience for optimizing a Snowflake data warehouse. SELECT is a SaaS product that helps Snowflake customers lower their costs, save time, and optimize performance. SELECT…

0 reviews

Keebo is a solution for Snowflake that provides continuous performance and analytics optimizations, helping users too boost performance and reduce or optimize utilization, lowering costs. Keebo automatically optimizes warehouse size, clustering, and memory, finds savings without…

0 reviews

SpendHound is a SaaS spend management solution offering a no cost software audit. Through a combination of software and human analysis, SpendHound offers personalized advice on how to cut wasted software spend.

0 reviews

Quolum is a "SaaS card" used to make SaaS purchases and backed by software that manages recurring expenses, disables product trials, and controls spending, from the company of the same name headquartered in Dublin, California.

G2 Track
0 reviews

G2 Track offers one platform to manage and optimize a company's software stack so that the company can achieve sustainable growth.

Productiv SaaS Intelligence Platform

Productiv SaaS Intelligence Platform is a SaaS spend and analytics management platform from the company of the same name in Palo Alto. The solution allows users to visualize all applications and intelligently allocate licenses, evaluate and rationalize spend, and gain SaaS engagement…

0 reviews

A SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that helps organizations automate, manage, optimize and reduce spending on their SaaS software, from the company of the same name in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

0 reviews

Trelica's SaaS management platform empowers IT teams to partner with users and shape those decisions. Users can keep license information in a single system of record that's shared with the line-of-business users responsible for apps, and pro-actively manage SaaS renewals with consolidated…

Spend Lemon
0 reviews

Presented as a Klarna for SaaS subscriptions, Lemon is a solution to keep track of SaaS subscriptions across a small or medium-sized business, available on a free plan.

0 reviews

Zluri is a data-driven enterprise SaaS management platform that facilitates discovery, management, optimization, and compliance of an organization's SaaS stack. The vendor states: Zluri can discover the entirety of a firm's SaaS ecosystem within five minutes of onboardingZluri helps…

Lightspeed Digital Insight

Lightspeed Digital Insight (based on CatchOn, technology acquired by Lightspeed Systems) is a K-12 IT edtech usage analytics tool used to understand app engagement, ensure the value and security of IT investments, and manage the digital learning ecosystem.

0 reviews

LicenceOne was founded in 2020 to make managing software subscriptions simple for SMEs. The vendor states that they have analyzed over 80M€ in software spend for over 500 companies across 41 countries, saving them between 15-30% on their subscriptions' budget. Access to the LicenceOne…

0 reviews

Hudled, headquartered in Sydney, provides a a full run-down of SaaS costs, spend, and subscriptions. This report is usedto find duplicate saas tools and optimization strategies to save money. Hudled's "SaaS Intelligence" aims to save companies on SaaS spend. Hudled offers a perpetually…

0 reviews

Zylo headquartered in Indianapolis provides a SaaS vendor management and software utilization solution.

Mesh Payments
0 reviews

Mesh aims to transform the way finance teams operate with a centralized and automated spend platform. Mesh gives finance managers with a whole new level of visibility over their entire business spend so they are equipped with insights to optimize and control their corporate payments.…

0 reviews

PayEm’s global spend and procurement platform was created to meet the needs of global finance teams.

Learn More About SaaS Spend Management Software

What is SaaS Spend Management Software?

SaaS Spend Management Software manages and monitors Software-as-a-Service procurement, subscriptions, licenses, usage, and costs. Its discovery and monitoring features enable SaaS visibility across an organization, providing information on the utilization and cost-effectiveness of those services. It identifies SaaS redundancies, along with unused and underutilized SaaS tools. These features contribute to effective decision-making regarding the ongoing use of a company’s SaaS tools.

SaaS Spend Management software centralizes and consolidates the procurement and payment of SaaS subscriptions and licenses. The information and analytics it provides enhance vendor management and bolster vendor negotiations, helping an organization obtain the best deals for their required services. The software is used by IT, procurement, and finance departments.

SaaS Spend Management Software overlaps with SaaS Management Platforms, which focus on SaaS operations, generally have more limited spend management features, and usually do not include procurement features. SaaS Spend Management differs from Cloud Cost Management Software which focuses on Cloud infrastructure costs as opposed to cloud-based SaaS spending.

SaaS Spend Management Software Features

SaaS Spend Management Software includes many of the following features.

  • Discovery
  • Usage monitoring, and user sentiment
  • Identification of redundant, unused, and underutilized tools
  • Cost tracking by license, subscription, and features
  • Spend, budget analysis, and forecasting
  • Historical trends
  • Procurement
  • Subscription management
  • License management
  • Contract management
  • Vendor management
  • Purchase requisition, renewals, payment automation, and workflows
  • SaaS database including vendor, contact information, tool, type of license or subscription, price, effective date, renewal date, contract and renewal terms, service level agreement, and user list.
  • Central control and administration
  • Dashboards, alerts, and reporting
  • Cloud-based

SaaS Spend Management Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing SaaS Spend Management Software solutions.

Scope: Depending on the SaaS Spend Management Software features desired, some spend management functionality can be found in broader SaaS Management Suites which include SaaS operations features.

Discovery: Some vendor products emphasize their robust SaaS discovery engine capabilities. This feature takes on increasing value for large companies that have deployed many SaaS tools across their organization.

Buyer Support: Some products will provide expert advice and negotiation assistance during the procurement process. This service may be valuable for some companies that are both looking to buy new or different SaaS products and do not feel comfortable doing so themselves.


Obtaining a custom price quote is required by most vendors. Pricing is driven by the features provided and the amount of SaaS annual spending that will be managed or by the number of users supported. Limited free versions and free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SaaS Spend Management Software do?

SaaS Spend Management Software manages Software-as-a-Service procurement, subscriptions, licenses, and costs. Its monitoring and analytics capture user sentiment and facilitate cost-effective and efficient utilization of SaaS tools. The software centralizes SaaS subscription, contract, and vendor management. It provides real-time spend tracking, usage monitoring, and spend forecasting.

What are the benefits of using SaaS Spend Management Software?

SaaS Spend Management Software facilitates procurement, enhances the visibility and control of the SaaS stack, and makes for more efficient use of SaaS resources. The information it provides helps eliminate redundancies, identifies underutilized services, minimizes risks associated with shadow IT, and supports productive vendor negotiations. The software saves time administering SaaS subscriptions and licenses, facilitates compliance, reduces costs, and improves decision-making.

What are the best SaaS Spend Management Software products?

Some of the top-rated SaaS Spend Management Products are:

How much does the SaaS Spend Management Software cost?

Price quotes based on the annual SaaS spend or the number of users are usually required. Limited free versions and free trials are available.