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Best Attendance Tracking Software include:

ACTIVE Education (ACTIVE Net).

Attendance Tracking Software Overview

What is Attendance Tracking Software?

Attendance tracking software allows school staff to record, track, and report on student attendance. It is commonly found in other educational technology for schools, such as Student Management Systems and Learning Management Systems. There are also a range of point solutions that specialize in attendance tracking for K-12 schools or higher education.

Some attendance tracking systems will include hardware like RFID scanners and other mechanisms for students to automatically sign in to school or specific classes. Others focus purely on delivering software that digitizes attendance data and automates various administrative attendance tasks.

Schools choose to adopt dedicated attendance tracking software for several reasons. A key reason is that it can save time during class that would otherwise have to be spent taking attendance. Most software can also automate some reporting, such as truancy reporting. Improved automation also increases student safety by identifying truant students in real time.

Attendance Tracking Software Capabilities

All attendance tracking software focuses on recording and tracking student attendance data. Beyond this central repository of student data, there are a range of more niche capabilities that point solutions can offer:

  • Seating charts

  • Lunch tracking

  • Guardian portal/absence reporting

  • Class scheduling

  • Prebuilt mechanisms for events that impact attendance, such as late buses

Some vendors are developing remote attendance tracking for remote learning. This is still an emerging functionality that is a standout exception rather than a norm for attendance tracking software.

Attendance Tracking vs. Time Tracking Software

There are some generic attendance tools that can work for schools, but there are also more tailored products designed to serve schools vs. other use cases, like hourly employees. Generic attendance and time tracking vendors may also have tailored student attendance tracking tools.

Many time tracking tools will use “attendance tracking language”, but there’s a sharp distinction between products that focus on student attendance versus professional or employee time tracking. Beyond the specific features listed above, student attendance tracking is primarily focused with tracking whether students are present in a given class, on a given day. In contrast, time tracking tools are used primarily by businesses or professionals, especially for hourly employees.

Attendance Tracking Software Comparison

Buyer should consider these factors when comparing different attendance tracking software:

  1. Student and parent accessibility: What tools does each product offer for students and parents to have visibility into attendance data? Some tracking software is designed mostly for internal school use, while others offer external portals. Some leading products even allow parents to report excused absences or submit other attendance information.

  2. K-12 vs. Higher Education: Most attendance tracking systems focus on K-12 schools, but some are tailored to higher ed. Higher ed platforms will lack the parental portal, but will include more advanced attendance verification tools, like 1-question quizzes to validate attendance.

  3. Hardware vs. Software: Many products are exclusively software, and most of these have been transitioning to SaaS or cloud-based platforms. However, some offer hardware options for physical verification, such as RFID scanners. These tools are ideal for schools that emphasize securing the physical space of the school and prohibiting unauthorized access as much as ensuring student attendance.

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Pricing Information

Pricing information depends primarily on whether the product is a point solution for attendance or part of a larger LMS or SMS. Point solutions are occasionally offered for free, with additional paid consultation or support. Most other solutions require buyers to engage with the vendor to get a specialized quote based on the size and scope of each unique deployment.

Attendance Tracking Products

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Hero, by Schoolmint

Hero is student behavior management software for K-12 schools and districts, from Schoolmint. Hero's goal is to enable consistent redirection of negative behavior, reinforcement of positive behavior and communication between educators, students, parents, and administrators across…


TimeCamp is cloud based, multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) time tracking and invoicing software.

GoGuardian Teacher

GoGuardian, headquartered in Los Angeles, offers GoGuardian Teacher, a classroom management and digital learning environment application featuring activity timeline, screen viewer, and other features.

Class for Zoom

Class for Zoom, from Class Technologies, is a toolset that helps K-12 schools and institutions of higher education create a virtual classroom environment from Zoom. This adds to Zoom the ability to take attendance, track and encourage student engagement and monitor class participation,…

ACTIVE Education (ACTIVE Net)

ACTIVE Network's ACTIVE Education solution is designed to provide up-to-date, user-friendly registration software which enables administrators and students to enroll and purchase merchandise with ease. The software supports loyalty building activities, increase registrations, and…

Rediker Administrator's Plus

Rediker's Administrator's Plus is a cloud-based PK-12 student information system that handles attendance, report cards, schedule building, discipline, and billing.


ClassDojo is a communication app for primary schools from the company of the same name in San Francisco. It helps teachers, families, and kids share more often and more positively about what's happening at school and at home - including photos, videos, messages, and positive feedback.…

Frontline Student Information System (SIS)

Frontline’s Student Information System (SIS), from Frontline Education in Malvern, is software designed to equip district administrators to confidently manage the in’s and out’s of the student experience such as class registration and planning, classroom management with attendance,…


TeacherKit is a teacher app boasting a million users, used to manage classroom time and activities, record attendance, log behavior, and track grades all with few taps.


MyAttendanceTracker (or MyAT) is a free attendance tracking app for teachers, schools, and students. MyAT offers more than attendance tracking. Teachers and instructors can report grades online, track student progress, message parents, and manage classes.


SchoolPass, from the company of the same name in Gaithersburg, is a K-12 platform that helps schools in 36 states manage campus movement, attendance, and campus wellness, in the cloud. With it, schools can consolidate and modernize the arrival, screening, and departure of students,…

aPlus+ Attendance

aPlus+ Attendance, from Cobek Software, offers a selection of attendance solutions from 'off the shelf' to more complex integrated systems. Options can be configured to integrate with an existing system.


Dyknow is a student device management app from the company of the same name in Indianapolis, allowing users to track student activity and attendance, communicate with students through the app, manage devices and block sites at the classroom level, and review distraction metrics at…


TrackCC is a lightweight classroom management app supporting engagement and attendance tracking, from the small company of the same name in Woodinville.


Acadly is a free smart class platform for instant roll calls and engaging live classroom activities, from the small company of the same name.


Presence is a student engagement and attendance tracking app from the company of the same name in St. Petersburg, Florida.


QuickSchools - Online Student Information System is a SIS for schools of all sizes. It supports tracking students and teacher information, as well as managing day-to-day operations from admissions through graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between attendance tracking software and time tracking software?

Attendance tracking software is designed for K-12 schools and higher education institutions. Time tracking software is used by businesses or professionals, particularly for hourly employees.

What are the benefits of using attendance tracking software?

Attendance tracking software saves time and improves student safety by identifying truant students. Some attendance tracking products offer automation features for administrative tasks, which further improve efficiency.

How much does attendance tracking software cost?

Point solutions are occasionally offered for free, with additional paid consultation or support. Most other solutions require buyers to engage with the vendor to get a specialized quote based on the size and scope of each unique deployment.

What is the best attendance tracking software?

The attendance tracking software with the most reviews on Trustradius is Hero, by Schoolmint. GoGuardian Teacher is another attendance tracking software with positive reviews for ease of use.