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Amadeus Sales & Event Management, Caterease, MONKEY, FoodStorm, CaterTrax, Total Party Planner, Platterz, Spoonfed, Infor Sales & Catering Event Management Software and Curate.

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Oracle Hospitality - OPERA

Oracle Hospitality features the OPERA 5 property management solutions, which allow hoteliers to orchestrate the many facets of their business—including reservations, loyalty, and sales and catering. OPERA 5 fits hotels of all types, from independent properties to international resorts.…


British company Spoonfed (formerly Aptus) offers their flagship catering software to medium-sized catering companies and restaurant chains as a comprehensive time management solution for events and catering services.

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Platterz in Toronto offers an office catering software platform emphasizing transaction and order facilitation.

Amadeus Sales & Event Management

Amadeus offers their Sales & Event Management platform as a catering solution for larger hospitality chains, with eproposal generation and signing, their "plannerportal", and other features.

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Smart Rest is a multifunctional business automation system designed for public catering and restaurants, aimed at business process management and regulation. It is designed to boost the efficiency of employees, coordinate their work, and guarantee full control of business processes…

EventMaster PLUS

CBORD, headquartered in Ithaca offers and supports EventMaster PLUS, a catering management platform emphasizing event operations automation and payment processing.

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Australian company Priava offers a cloud-based catering software solution emphasizing calendaring and automating management of events and revenue generation.

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Indian company Kott Software offers AeroChef, an inflight catering software system to assist airlines in menu planning and galley management.

Blue Link Event Catering Software

Blue Link in Ontario offers ERP systems, but also offers an accounting and inventory management package for caterers, with catering specific features included such as automated menu creation, beverage consumption documenting, and other features.

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British company Fretwell-Downing Hospitality offers Saffron, which is catering management software that emphasizes operational automation and health consciousness, with features like the store cupboard for (healthy) recipes and menu generation, an allergen profiling database, and…

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ResortSuite in Toronto offers an enterprise class cloud-based resort and hotel management software emphasizing front-desk automation, also sales and catering solutions for food service.

Pronestor Meeting Management Suite

Danish company Pronestor offers the Pronestor Meeting Management Suite, a software focusing on operations automation, particularly around resource and order management, and multi-location management. The suite includes Pronestor Planner booking system, Pronestor Visitor boarding…

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STS Cloud
0 reviews's STS Cloud provides l-featured Sales and Catering systems for hospitality.

Better Cater
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Better Cater is a catering software providing recipe & food costing, a centralized event calendar manager, and prepares custom proposals.

Oz Application

Oz Application is an ERP System designed exclusively for the events industry.

APICBASE Food Management

Apicbase is a cloud based food management platform which helps food service companies.

Flex Catering
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Flex Catering is a web-based food and catering management software.

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Learn More About Catering Software

What is Catering Software?

Catering software is a type of event and appointment management solution geared toward the specific needs of restaurant and hospitality catering. Catering software gives businesses an automated platform to handle orders, inventory, schedules, contracts, invoices, payments, and project management in a single platform. Additionally, catering software allows for e-mail and text message marketing, customer relationship management, loyalty program management, and reporting for sales and customer activity.

Catering software shares several features with customer relationship management, event management, project management, and workforce management solutions. Catering software specializes in the everyday needs of the food, restaurants, and hospitality service industries, including real-time inventory management, delivery support, automated restocking, separate dedicated messaging systems for customers and staff, and templates for menus and proposals. Catering software is often used on its own, as it manages almost everything, but some catering businesses (namely those based in hotels) may benefit from using catering software alongside other solutions.

Catering Software Features

These are the most common features across all catering software products:

  • Staff scheduling
  • Contract management
  • Project and event management
  • Inventory management
  • Online booking and order management
  • Order and sales tracking
  • Invoicing generation and deployment
  • Cost calculation and price quoting
  • Payment processing
  • Delivery scheduling and tracking
  • Delivery route optimization
  • Banquet ordering and proposal templates
  • Menu templates and management
  • Electronic signature
  • E-mail, SMS, text, and social media marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales and productivity reporting
  • Mobile optimization

Catering Software Comparison

When choosing the best catering software for you, consider these factors:

Type of business: While most catering software can be used with any food, restaurant, or hospitality business, some types of software may work better for you based on the type of catering business. AeroChef, for example, specializes in providing solutions for airline catering. Flex Catering and Spoonfed are geared for managing multiple branches and kitchens, making them better solutions for larger businesses.

On-premise vs. cloud: Choosing to use an on-premise or cloud-based solution will be a major consideration for you. Most catering software products are cloud-based, meaning that they can be used from virtually any device that connects to the internet. Caterease also offers an on-premise deployment option, meaning that it can be centralized to a specific device located on business grounds. This may be a better option for catering businesses with a storefront.

Ease of use: Catering software options vary significantly in their ease of use. Cloud-based options tend to have a mobile app that can be used by phones, tablets, and other remote devices, but their optimization may be limited. Calendar management, invoicing, and e-signature features also have to be optimized for the best user experience. Caterease and Total Party Planner tend to provide more control to the inventory, ordering, and menu options, but they can be complicated to use. Conversely, FoodStorm and MONKEY strive for streamlined user experience optimization through simplified interfaces and customizable dashboards but may lack some features compared to other options.

Payment processing: Not every catering management software provides payment processing within their product. Catertrax and FoodStorm offer automated payment processing. Total Party Planner and Caterease do not offer this feature, so make sure they can integrate with your point of sale systems or payment gateways.

Pricing Information

Catering software pricing can be a one-time fee or use a subscription model. At the lowest subscription tier, the average price for catering software tends to range between $69 and $500 per month. Most products have demos, free trials, or free plans with limited features. Vendors should be contacted directly for pricing plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does catering software relate to event management software?

These types of software share features such as registration, scheduling, and workforce management. Event management software offers support to a variety of industries, while catering software is designed specifically for food service businesses.

What are the benefits of using catering software?

Catering software saves time by automating inventory management and employee scheduling. It also improves staff communication and helps provide a better customer experience.

How much does catering software cost?

Catering software is typically available on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Many catering software vendors provide a standalone, comprehensive offering.

What is the best catering software?

The catering software with the most reviews on TrustRadius is Caterease, which also supports event planning. Oracle Hospitality OPERA- Sales and Catering is another software that has positive reviews from mid-size companies.