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Barcode Software Overview

Barcoding software generates machine-readable barcodes. It also supports devices used to read the code. Many barcode software products integrate with inventory management and point of sales (POS) systems that track and assist with managing stock.

Barcode Products

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Seagull Scientific in Bellevue offers BarTender, a barcode software solution, supports label design and printing, as well as barcode reading and RFID tools.


Acctivate is an inventory management software offering from Alterity, Inc. meant to integrate with QuickBooks, Intacct, and other platforms. It includes features such as barcoding & mobile, kitting & assemblies.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a cloud-based barcoding and asset tracking platform from the company of the same name headquartered in Frisco, Texas, that can possibly displace the need for scanners with standard (mobile phone, tablets) mobile devices in barcode scanning.

BarCloud Stock

BarCloud Stock is a cloud-based barcode software system from ASAP Systems headquartered in San Jose, California.

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory is an inventory management software offering from Archon Systems.

Fishbowl Manufacturing (FBM)

Fishbowl Manufacturing (FBM) is inventory management software targeted by the vendor as a low cost solution for SMB manufacturers, especially when integrated with Xero and Quickbooks as an end-to-end solution.

Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) Pro

Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS) Pro is a web and mobile application designed specifically to address the inventory management needs of SMEs moving up on the growth curve. Some key features include: Multiple Platform Compatibility, Real Time Synchronization and Currency, Themes…

Wasp QuickStore

QuickStore is a barcoding and point of sale (PoS) solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies headquartered in Plano, Texas.


HandiFox is a leading mobile inventory tracking and sales management solution. It enables businesses to automate their sales and supply chain pipeline and have comprehensive control over their inventory. HandiFox was created as an seamless extension of QuickBooks. It allows users…

HandiFox Online

HandiFox Online is a cloud inventory management app for small business. HandiFox Online is integrated with a leading accounting software QuickBooks Online. The app lets you access, track and manage inventory across multiple locations from your phone or tablet on the go. Using HandiFox…

DSI Cloud Inventory WMS

Data Systems International (DSI) in Kansas City offers Cloud Inventory WMS, a warehouse management system designed to maximize efficiency in the warehouse through automation and which can be extended greatly through DSI's Cloud Inventory app store, which features barcoding, consignment…

Zebra DNA

Zebra Technologies offers their line of scanners and and barcode scanning software, including Zebra DNA (formerly DataCapture DNA), the Zebra data capture app supporting inventory analytics and asset information and diagnostics.

Honeywell TotalFreedom

Honeywell offers the TotalFreedom barcoding, scanning and electronic data collection application and development kit.

Cognex MX Series

Cognex Corporation headquartered in Natick offers the MX series of mobile barcode readers.

Cognex DataMan

Cognex Corporation headquartered in Natick offers the DataMan series of handheld and fixed-mount barcode readers.

Label Flow

Jolly Technologies offers Label Flow, a barcoding solution.

Datalogic Magellan

Italian company Datalogic offers the Magellan line of scanners and barcode reader technology.

Datalogic Gryphon

Italian company Datalogic offers the Gryphon line of handheld scanners and supporting technology.

Honeywell SwiftDecoder

Honeywell offers SwiftDecoder, a barcode decoding SDK.

Accusoft Barcode Xpress

Accusoft in Tampa offers Barcode Xpress, a barcode SDK and management software solution.


CHALLENGE The marking of products and logistics units is an extremely demanding task, which must meet both the strict regulations of the various industries and the technical requirements for the business-critical marking processes. In addition, business models, customer expectations…


RapidRX-enabled multiscanners are designed to provide accurate serialization, data repository management, leading to quick turn around time in drug supply chain. Augmented Reality-empowered, the RapidRX software enables effective drug traceability. TrackTraceRX is known to deploy…


QTrak, from the company of the same name in Philadelphia, is an app-based scanning and cloud technology designed to allow for quick logging, recipient notification, and complete chain of custody tracking of all accountable mail, packages, and assets.

Rentman Asset Management

A solution to control assets with full visibility, and keep track of asset movement across locations, persons, or teams. With Rentman users can manage asset data and workflows in any preferred way, whether tracking laptops, machinery, or medical equipment. Rentman's cloud and mobile…

Texada SRM

Texada SRM is an equipment rental business management solution from Texada Software in Kitchener.

Learn More About Barcode Software

What is barcode software?

Barcoding software generates machine-readable barcodes. It also supports devices used to read the code. Many barcode software products integrate with inventory management and point of sales (POS) systems that track and assist with managing stock.

Barcode Software Features

Barcode software includes the following identifiable features:

  • Standard/custom barcode generator

  • Barcode scanning hardware

  • Label printer

  • Integrations with POS & inventory management software

Barcode Software Comparison

When comparing barcode software, consider the following factors:

  1. Inventory- Barcode software products are often tiered to meet the needs of businesses with small or large inventories.

  2. Budget- The price of barcode software largely depends on how many extra features a business would like to include in their inventory tracking system.

  3. Hardware- Businesses that use barcode software will also need to purchase a label printer and label reading hardware.

Barcode Software Price

Barcode software vendors can charge users a one-time fee, on a monthly/annually basis, or per user. Products that include point of sales, and inventory management, and barcode generating/scanning features can cost between $39/month and over $300/month. The price of barcode scanning software depends on the scale and budget of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses use barcode software?

Barcode software is used to create standard or custom product labels. It also can be integrated with point of sales (POS) and inventory management software.

What are the benefits of using barcode software?

Barcode software enhances productivity by allowing vendors to create and print large quantities of product labels. Businesses often combine barcode software and inventory management software to track purchases.

How much does barcode scanning software cost?

There are free versions of barcode generating tools available online. However, full-scale products that integrate with POS and inventory management software can cost between $39/month and over $300/month. Some vendors charge per user or just a one-time fee for their services.

What are the best barcode software products?

The highest rated barcode software products on TrustRadius are Asset Panda, BarTender, and Fishbowl Manufacturing. All of these products offer asset management, inventory tracking, and barcode generating/scanning capabilities.